Getting Wider Hips Naturally

Getting Wider Hips Naturally

May 05, 17


An hourglass figure is what every lady desires. Having a voluptuous body with wide hips has represented feminine beauty for hundreds of years.

In this age of the Kardashians and Jenners, there’s a lot of pressure to work on getting a perfectly curvaceous body. All those that aren’t born with the ultimate booty, look for ways to make their hips wider.

There are some who are willing to spend large amounts of cash and going under the knife in order to make their hips bigger. These surgeries may feel like the shortcut to the perfect body but they aren’t always successful, they don’t necessarily look natural and can be dangerous too.

Here are some natural ways to getting wider hips.

To get the wider hips, you require a combination of the right exercises and of course, diet.

Eating the right food:


  1. Healthy Fats

    If you are naturally thin and boney and you’re looking to get wider hips then your primary goal should be to eat healthy fats. But wait, this does not give you the green light to binge on ice cream and fries. Healthy fats means you can’t have any animal fats. Incorporate healthier fats into your diet. Replace regular butter with coconut butter. Coconut butter is known to help reduce waist size as well.

    Other good fats include avocado, nuts, and fish oil.

  2. The Right Carbs

    Burning carbohydrates keeps insulin at an optimum level to gain mass around the hips. Consuming carbs causes your body to start storing fats which is why it’s so important to exercise as you try to build muscle and tone your body. These exercises should target both your buttocks and your waistline since it’s this region that will be most affected by your carbs.

    Slow carbs like sweet potatoes, whole-wheat, fruits, grains and beans are rich in fiber and increase your metabolism.

  3. Proteins

    You can’t rely on just fats and carbs to gain weight, you need muscles to tone your body and you can’t build muscles without regular intake of protein.

    Switch your regular butter with some nut-butter. Mix in some chicken or turkey with your salad. Don’t reach out for a bag of chips the next time you’re looking for a snack, look for something light that is rich in protein such as Greek yogurt or low-fat cheese.


Exercises for bigger hips:


  1. Squats are your best friend

    Squats don’t just make your butt bigger, they also tone your thighs. If you do squats correctly, you should feel the burn on the inside of your thighs and the outer region of your hips.

    Try these variations of squats:

    • Dumbbell squats involve you standing with your feet spread a little wider than your shoulders and holding the dumbbell at waist-length. Bend your knees while balancing the weight in your arms and then return to your original position. Tighten your core as you exercise and keep your spine straight.

    • Spit-leg squats require you to place yourself in front of a bench that is at a bit of height. Place your left foot on the bench and then lower your body while bending your right knee. You can be holding small weights as you do the exercise to increase the pressure on your leg and buttocks. Do this as many times as you can and then switch sides.

  2. Side-Lying Hip Abduction

    Lie down on your right side, raise your head off the ground and rest it on your arm. Bend your right leg while keeping it against the floor. While keeping your left leg completely straight, use your core muscles to lift and drop it.

    Do this 20 times with each leg.

  3. Standing Side Abduction

    These are exactly like the side-lying abduction but you do them standing up. Use a wall or bench to balance yourself, while resting one leg, lift the other leg while keeping it completely straight.

  4. Donkey Kicks

    Get down on all fours. Stick one leg out in the air behind you until your thigh is aligned with the ground. Make sure your head remains still and that your buttocks are clenched. To make things harder, you even add ankle weights to your legs. Do this 15-20 times for each leg.



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