What is waist training?

Waist training is a gradual process of waist-reduction using a latex waist cincher or corset. This practice came to prominence during Victorian times. In recent times, waist training has been reinvented so that it is both safe and effective for personal use.

How does waist training work?

All of our waist training products aim to slim you down and with regular use, will help you trim a few inches off. This will be achieved most effectively when coupled with diet and exercise. Our trainers use steel boning to help hold you in place and force good posture.

How do I choose my correct size?

The best way to ensure you get your right size is to get hold of a tape measure and measure your waist. Refer to the sizing chart specific for the product you are interested in.

How do I choose my correct size

  • Measure waist at narrowest point
  • Measure hips at widest point

*Order waist trainers with primary respect to waist measurements. Please see this page for more information on how to properly measure yourself.

How can I pick the right waist trainer/corset for me?

Our Classic Waist Trainer is our most popular trainer. It is made of latex which helps stimulate thermal activity and perspiration (especially good for losing water weight in the midsection).

Our Latex Waist Cincher is very similar to the Classic – it just contains more latex and is better suited for those with longer torsos.

Our Steel Bone Corset is made of bamboo fiber and polyester, and is more discrete under clothing than our latex trainers - though it doesn't encourage perspiration the way the latex does. The material makes it lightweight and breathable.

Our Slimming Corset is very similar to the Steel Bone Corset, but designed for those with longer torsos. Again, it's lightweight and looks great under clothing.

Ordering the right waist trainer for you really depends on your lifestyle and what you're looking for. All of these trainers would be terrific to work out in - the latex will make you work harder, and the corsets will allow your body to breathe a bit. All of our trainers can double as shapewear under clothing, but the corsets will be more discrete.

I’m a beginner. How do I know how long I should keep my waist trainer on for?

We recommend starting off with wearing your trainer for three to six hours a day, gradually increasing the wear time for maximum results. Listen to your body! Wear it as much as you can, taking care not to over-exert yourself and be certain you are never compromising your breathing. Starting off small and upping your wear time gradually is what will ensure your safety, as well as allow you to reap the best, most efficient results that you will be able to maintain long-term.

When can I expect to see results?

Your exact results will of course depend on your body type, how often you wear the waist trainer, and your level of diet and exercise. 

Can I wear the waist trainers/corsets under clothing for a fancy night out?

Sure! All of our trainers can double as shapewear under clothing to give you a terrific, hourglass figure. Our Corsets will be the most discrete under tight clothing, however.

Can I wear my waist trainer or corset while working out?

Yes! All of our trainers would be terrific to work out in - the latex trainers will make you work harder and perspire more, and the corsets will allow your body to breathe a bit while still working your body harder than traditional exercise. Just be sure to take breaks as often as you need them, and take the trainer off if you find it’s making exercise too rigorous or if you have any trouble breathing.

How can I care for my waist trainer or other garments?

Hand wash on cold as needed. Hang or lay flat to dry.

Are the results only temporary? What happens when I decide to stop waist training – will my body just go back to the way it was?

When done properly, waist training will provide long-term results. With time and proper use, your body will transform into the desirable shape by gradually changing the movement of the diaphragm (just like having hiccups) and pushing the intestines around a bit (just like being pregnant). This was proven by taking an MRI of German burlesque star Eden Berlin. Crazy as it sounds, this is not harmful to your body and in fact exerts less internal pressure on organs than pregnancy. Over time, through proper waist training, the 11th and 12th (floating) ribs will take on the desired shape and retain it for long-term results. †

Does waist training hurt?

When done properly, waist training should not hurt. You will feel compression in your waist, abdomen, and midsection area. This pressure is not harmful to the body and if you do ever feel abnormal pain, you should discontinue use. Start off slowly, listen to your body, and gradually work your wear time up to make your waist reduction journey as comfortable as possible.

Is there any reason I should avoid waist training?

Avoid the Latex Waist Cincher and the Classic Waist Trainer if you have a latex allergy. Do not waist train while pregnant.

I have back/spinal problems. Can I still waist train?

Totally! Women absolutely love our waist trainers and corsets simply for back problems, scoliosis, and spinal issues. They force the back to stay straighter and thus promote excellent posture, all without the bulk of a medical brace. If you have any concerns, please consult your physician beforehand.

What are the side effects of waist training?

Most women notice that the compression in the midsection caused by waist training will help reduce food volume intake and allow them to feel full faster. This promotes the healthier practice of smaller meals, rather than three large meals a day. Fret not, however – you will still get hungry and be able to eat just fine!

You are likely to also notice an increase in perspiration – especially when working out and especially with the Latex Waist Cincher and the Classic Waist Trainer. This will help you lose excess water weight and increase your thermal activity so you can lose more weight while doing the same tasks as before.

I heard that women suffered from deformed organs, rib damage, and fainting spells due to corsets. Will this happen to me? 

Everything is dangerous when push beyond the recommended limits. The origin of these stories dates back centuries ago – from women who wore extremely restrictive, too-tight corsets on a very regular basis. You may remember from Titanic (set in 1912) when Rose’s mother was ‘helping’ her into her corset by yanking on the ties as Rose visibly cringed. Luckily, such corsets are mostly a thing of the past and Hourglass Express produces only safe, high-quality trainers with thoughtful, modern design.

Firstly, it is very important to be sure you are ordering the right size. Hourglass Express’s trainers are expertly made, and each product is accompanied by a sizing chart you should follow before ordering to avoid any potential issues. We also recommend you build your wear time up gradually - starting off with wearing your trainer for three to six hours a day (taking breaks as needed), and gradually increasing the wear time up to 12+ hours for maximum results.

Secondly, our waist trainers feature hook-and-eye closures – much less likely to be debilitating in the way the old-school ribbon ties were, and additionally, the three sets of closures allow you to properly size down as you progress, ensuring a much more comfortable and custom fit.

Is wearing a waist trainer or corset similar to a lap band?

A waist trainer can act like an external, less invasive gastric band, by putting pressure on your stomach so that it’s not able to expand as much during a meal. 

Is this safe?

With our waist trainers and by following some easy pointers - absolutely. Simply select which waist trainer best suits your lifestyle, follow the accompanying size chart (measuring yourself will ensure the best fit), and start off slowly, listening to your body and gradually building your wear time up. Corset training got a bad rep when people heard that women would faint and sustain organ damage (see above). This, in reality, is generally a thing of the past where women would have friends, family, and handmaidens tie the ties of their corsets extremely tight to where regular function was restricted. This was also majorly a problem during hot climates before air conditioning, and many of these women would also work outside and kept their corsets on at almost all times. Nowadays, this is not an issue as waist trainers have been re-designed to ensure safety while still promising efficacy. Hourglass Express only sells high-quality, comfortable waist trainers where bruising and damages are extremely unlikely - especially when you get the right size (not too small) and gradually work your wear time up.

Dr. Alexander Sinclair, a Los Angeles plastic surgeon, told ABC that he recommends waist trainers to clients as a “remarkable way to train your waist to be smaller,” during a gradual buildup from three to five hours a day to eventually 12. Some of his patients have lost up to 6 inches.* Sinclair says compressing the bottom ribs both up and in makes the space between your ribs and hips look smaller, with a possible side effect of making you eat less.

* Individual results may vary. Diet and exercise recommended. † Your results may vary