All of our waist training products work more effectively when coupled with diet and exercise.

Feeling confused about which waist trainer you should get?

    • Our Classic Waist Trainer is our most popular trainer. It is made of latex which helps stimulate thermal activity and perspiration (especially good for losing water weight in the midsection). 
    • Our Latex Waist Cincher is very similar to the Classic – it just contains more latex and is better suited for those with longer torsos.
    • Our Steel Bone Corset is made of bamboo fiber and polyester, and is more discrete under clothing than our latex trainers - though it doesn't encourage perspiration the way the latex does. The material makes it lightweight and breathable.
    • Our Slimming Corset is very similar to the Steel Bone Corset, but designed for those with shorter torsos. Again, it's lightweight and looks great under clothing.

Ordering the right waist trainer for you really depends on your lifestyle and what you're looking for. All of these trainers would be terrific to work out in - the latex will make you work harder, and the corsets will allow your body to breathe a bit. All of our trainers can double as shapewear under clothing, but the corsets will be more discrete.

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* Individual results may vary. Diet and exercise recommended. † Your results may vary