The 10 Do's and Don'ts of a Waist Training Diet

The 10 Do's and Don'ts of a Waist Training Diet

Feb 08, 19

Getting a perfect figure has always been on everyone’s mind. Hitting the gym and working out for hours to get that perfect figure is a lot of hard work, especially when you have a job. But if you really want to focus on the waist and allow yourself to transform into a diva with an excellent hourglass body shape, then waist training is just the right thing for you.

Stubborn belly fat is one of the biggest problems women face when they are trying to exercise and tone their muscles. Women tend to see results faster around their back, legs and thighs than their tummy. The use of the waist trainer is not limited to a specific time of the day, but can be worn all day and especially during exercises. The waist trainer provides the belly with the appropriate amount of resistance for the muscles to see results faster.

Centuries ago, corsets were introduced for women to get thinner waists and an accentuated figure. Many used corsets as a temporary fix to immediately pull the stomach in, so that the garments worn on top do not show a tummy bulge. Over time, women noticed that their bodies were changing in the shape of the corsets they wore. This gave rise to a huge number of women wearing corsets at all times of the day with every dress.

The corsets are now high functioning, and versatile waist trainers made to transform your waist to give you your long awaited goal physique. But your food intake and how you schedule your diet has to go side by side.

The secret of the adequacy of waist training won't exist for long, in light of the fact that we have found that when you supplement it with a decent exercise, and the ideal eating regimen, you will, in the end, accomplish the long haul benefits. Picking the most appropriate eating regimen for your body while you are wearing corsets or waist trainers is a basic choice that you need to make.

Incorporating a proper diet into your way of life isn't quite a bit of a test in the event that you are already prepared. You can really observe the outcomes in merely weeks on the off chance that you pursue the proper procedure effectively. Have you seen that if you ever got a corset, you would be able to visibly see the differences in your waist right before your eyes?

Here are some important Do’s and Don’ts’ for your diet;

The Do’s

Get More Fiber

Eating more Fiber should be a crucial part of your diet. The waist trainer tends to push down on your stomach that may cause constipation. Eating fiber will enhance your digestive system.

Get Your Hands On Probiotics

Probiotics are important in keeping not only your body healthy, but also keep the digestion rolling to the flow. It also helps with constipation, bloating and keeping your immunity strong.

Eat in Portions

You can’t eat a lot in one time when you’re wearing a waist trainer and you can’t allow this to make you under nourished and weak. To get your full nutrient requirement, eating in smaller amounts avoids the stomach to explode and keep the waist trainer in place. Divide what you eat in a day into 6 portions.

Increase your water and salt intake

The material of the waist trainer will make you sweat, no doubt, which means you are constantly losing water. Keep your water intake up to the required level so you don’t get dehydrated and dizzy. Sweat also makes you lose a lot of salts from the body, so foods that are rich in potassium and minerals, are highly beneficial. Bananas and spinach are excellent examples of mineral rich foods.

Take the corset off if it makes you uncomfortable

Wearing a corset or a waist trainer is never supposed to be uncomfortable or painful for you, especially while you eat your food. If it happens, get a new size.

The Don’ts’

Don’t Drink Carbonated Drinks

Sodas are bad for everyone, especially for people trying to lose weight. The carbonated drinks tend to make you bloated because of its excessive gaseous content. If you have a severe craving, the best trick is to let the bubbles disappear before you drink it.

Don’t Drink Alcohol

Avoid alcohol at all costs, especially when you’re wearing a waist trainer. Apart from its side effects on your digestive system, it is loaded with sugar and calories. If you feel a craving kicking in, try vodka with water.

Don’t drink coffee

Coffee is okay if you’re just dieting, but with a waist trainer on, it’s not such a good idea. Coffee will dehydrate your body and won’t give you much energy, plus you’ll look bloated.

Don’t eat too much sodium

Sodium is good, but too much sodium, like in processed foods, will make your waist trainer uncomfortable. Stay in a 1500mg sodium range

Don’t eat too fast

Digestion starts from the mouth. Eat slowly. It’ll help you get full quicker.

So before deciding to wear a waist trainer, make sure you are informed about the advantages as well as the disadvantages.


Do Butt Shapers Really Work? Breaking The Myths Around Butt Shapers
Do Butt Shapers Really Work? Breaking The Myths Around Butt Shapers
Jan 01, 19

Let’s face it, not a lot of women are blessed with a glorious butt and not a lot of women are happy with the one they’ve got. Even after spending months in the gym and grinding yourself through squats with streams of sweat, you are still never fully satisfied with the results.

Imagine having a fun night at the club and always feeling a tad bit insecure about your butt and your friends remind you of how it’s “just in your head” even so, just because it’s in your head doesn’t mean it’s not real.

For women who aren’t satisfied with the results squats have given them and those who do not want to go through expensive butt filler injections, there’s a new sheriff in town; The Butt Shaper.

Butt shapers or butt lifters are shape garments that are worn under your clothes and help accentuate your buttocks by pulling them upwards and making them firm. They not only make the butt and the area around it firm and lifted while you wear it, but also over time, shape the skin to retain its strength of holding itself together in place.

A lifted and a more full butt gives you immense amount of self-confidence and a spontaneous self-esteem boost mostly because it shift’s the viewer’s attention from your waist or other body parts to your thighs. The butt shapers don’t usually come with padding but are designed to lift and contour the booty.

Do Butt Shapers Really Work?

Butt shapers help you get an insanely curvy figure right away. It collects the tissue and the fat, including the butt muscle and readjusts it to give you a more full booty. Many women even love to call it a butt bra. Even doctors recommend the use of butt lifters for people who get butt filler injections.

The results of butt shapers really tend to speak for themselves as they offer a very natural and painless way of making your booty seem bigger and giving it an instant lift without having the need to spend thousands of dollars. In quite simpler words, all a butt shaper does is that it collects your butt volume in one place to give it the shape that you need. Long term wear then leads to an overtime shift of the main butt fat to an upright and more firm position to give you a bulkier look. Though the effect of a butt shaper is semi-permanent since the fat relocates itself once you stop wearing a butt shaper, but even then you could totally go a few weeks without it and look your very best for a summer beach vacation.

Some Common Myths Revolving Around Butt Shapers

People tend to form an opinion about certain products, especially the ones out of the ordinary, before trying them on first and solely based upon either what they have heard from their friends and family or what they think the product would be like. It’s time to shed a light on some very common myths revolving around butt shapers and tossing them away one by one;

Always go a size down since that gives you better results and more control

This is never true. A perfectly made size of a butt shaper will definitely fit you perfectly and give good results. You’ll never feel the need to move a size down. Going a little low on the size scale means you will be wearing something that is going to be very tight and small for you. Though theoretically it makes sense to believe that it will give faster and better results, realistically it is just uncomfortable and sometimes even painful. A lot of women have a hard time moving or end up tearing their garment. If somehow they survive all that chaos, there are increased chances of getting body sores or rashes. It is really important to make sure that the size you buy fits you perfectly and makes you feel comfortable

Shapers are always uncomfortable and roll under your clothes

If a butt shaper is uncomfortable or rolling up under your clothes as you walk, there’s a fair chance that it’s either not the right type or the right size for you. It depends upon your body shape. For people who are curvy and have thick thighs, shapers with extra stretch and more thigh support seems like a great option.

Butt shapers are only for models

Butt shapers are meant to accentuate your buttocks and make them appear more round and full. This has nothing to do with what your profession is or who you are. Any person who wants to accentuate their buttocks and show them off a little can wear butt shapers.

Butt shapers are out of style

Since people have started resorting to surgical procedures, people have started believing that the use of butt shapers has gone extinct but on the contrary they could never be more in. butt shapers act as really sexy undergarment, so it’s definitely a win win situation!

Finding a comfortable butt shaper has never been this fun before! There are many exercises you can do to get a rounder butt.

What Other Workouts Should I Pair with My Arm Strength Training
What Other Workouts Should I Pair with My Arm Strength Training
Dec 19, 18

One obvious advantage of toned arms is that you will look great in sleeveless dresses. You can wear a sleeveless dress to a party with full confidence when you have perfectly toned arms. But looking good is not the only advantage of arm strength training

The training will also help improve your posture. Hunching over our laptops at night and sitting behind a desk throughout the day has created a huge problem with our posture. We have almost forgotten how to sit straight. This has led to other physical problems like consistent back pains and headaches. Bad postures can cause even bigger health issues. To save yourself from these issues, it is better to improve your posture, and one of the best ways to do that is by working on your arms.

Arm strength training is also necessary if you want to do other exercises. If your arms are weak, you won't be able to do pushups properly. Planking will also be a huge problem with weak arms. So to be able to get a fully toned body, you must first build arm strength.

What are the advantages of Strength Training?

Strength training is a great way to tone your muscles and improve your body strength. The biggest advantages of strength training are:

Improved Body Image:

Hating one's body is very common among young people, and it can often lead to eating disorders and destructive tendencies. By doing strength training, people can tone their bodies, and they will be able to like their curvy body.

The improved body image will also boost women's self-confidence, and they will be able to wear all kinds of clothes without having to worry about their body.

Increased Bone Density:

Strength training helps to increase the levels of calcium in your bones and subsequently makes your bones stronger and healthier. When the density of bones decreases, it can cause a lot of health issues and result in weaker bones.

Strength training is the ideal way to ensure your bones remain healthy even in old age.

Lesser Risk of Injury:

By making your bones stronger, strength training saves you from minor injuries. It even protects you from significant damage in case of accidents.

Better Posture:

As stated already, strength training improves your posture and keeps you safe from becoming a victim of chronic back pain.

Elevated Sense of Well-being:

Strength training increases your sense of wellbeing by making you healthier and fit. It has positive effects on you physically and psychologically.

Arm Strength Training: 

Stronger arms mean not having to wait for the man of the house to get home so they can open a jar for you. Arm strength training gives you those strong arms and stronger back that will keep you going even after 50.

Here are a few arm strength building techniques that you can try at home. Please note that you can do all of these while wearing a waist trainer.

With Weights:

Side Raise:

Hold a 5 pounds dumbbell in each hand, stand straight and make sure your palms are facing towards your body. Then raise your arms out until they are level with your shoulders.

In this position, your palms should be facing the floor. Lower your arms to your sides and repeat the action for 8 to 10 reps.

Traditional Curls:

Hold the dumbbells in your hands with your palms facing forward. Without moving your upper arms, bend your knees a bit, and curl the dumbbells towards your shoulders.

Then slowly go back to the starting position. Do 15-20 reps without taking a break.

Overhead Extension:

Stand with slightly-bent knees while gripping the dumbbell with both of your hands. Bring the dumbbell over your head and then lower it behind your head. Your elbows should be towards the ceiling in this position and keep your arms close to your head.

Take the dumbbell over your head to complete one rep and then repeat this for ten reps.

Without weights: 


The best way to build arm strength without weights is via pushups. Pushups are of many types, and if you can't do the standard pushup, you can try doing one with a table or wall pushups. If you keep doing wall pushups regularly, your arms will build enough strength for you to do regular pushups easily.


Get in the pushup position and maintain it for thirty seconds to work your arm. To get the most out of a plank, make sure that your body remains in the same position throughout the plank.

Arm Circles:

Start by holding your arms out in a horizontal line and then start moving them in small circles. Make the circles larger if you want to make an extra effort.

Exercises to Pair with Arm Strength Training: 


When you work on one muscle group at the same time, you can get the most out of your workout. Pairing the right kind of exercises with your arm strength training will increase the effectiveness of your workout routine and helps you build overall strength quickly.

Doing upper body exercises with arm strength training helps you burn your arm fat faster and build upper body strength quickly too. Some upper body exercises like pushups and planks also engage your core so you can build your arm strength and get abs at the same time.

Doing upper body exercises along with arm strength training will make your chest, arms, and shoulders more defined and sharp. Here are the exercises you can pair with arm strength training:

Plank Taps:

This exercise will work your shoulders, abs, and core. Start in the plank position while keeping your feet hip distance apart. Then keeping your hips still tap your right hand to your left shoulder. Then place your right hand in its previous position and tap your left hand to your right shoulder. This is one rep. Do 15 to 20 reps to work your core.

Diamond Pushups:

If you want to triceps, shoulders, core, and chest in one exercise, diamond pushups are the ideal choice. Starting with a high plank position, bring together your hands in a way that the fingers and thumbs form a triangle. Bend your elbows outward and lower your body to the ground while keeping your back and hips as straight as possible. Your core will be engaged during the pushup. You can do up to 10 diamond pushups in one go. Then take a break and do them again. Diamond pushups are easier to do than regular pushups and prove great for building triceps.

Plank Jacks:

Imagine jumping jacks but with a plank. These work your glutes, core, and your shoulders. Get down on the floor in the high plank position and then jump your feet out and in. See, just like jumping jacks. If these prove too tricky, you can get down in the position of forearm plank in the beginning and do plank jacks in that position.

Triceps Dips:

Using the things in your house to exercise will be highly beneficial if you do it right. You can do tricep dips with a box, steps, or with a chair. Sit on the ground with your back to the step. Place your hands behind you on the step in a way that your fingers are facing toward you. Use the strength of your arm to life your butt and legs off the ground. Keep your arms straight while doing this. Then slightly bend your elbows to lower your legs and butt to the ground (but don't let your butt touch the ground). Your elbows must remain behind your body and your heels must stay on the floor during this exercise. This will work your core, back, and triceps.

Inchworm to Pushup:



This exercise combines an inchworm and pushup for extra strength building. This works your shoulders, abs, and back. Start in the standing position while keeping your feet hip-width apart. Hinge forward from the hip and bring your palms to the ground. Place them on the map and then while walking with your hands, get in the plank position.

In this position, do one pushup and then go backward on your hands and stand up straight when your hands have reached your feet. Do ten reps and then rest for 30 seconds. You can do ten more reps after rest if you are up for it. But it's better to start with just ten reps and then increase the number.

These are few of the easiest upper body workouts you can pair with your arm strength training. As you become more comfortable with your workout routine, you can add more exercises to the mix. Superman holds with squeeze and dive bomber pushups are also good additions to the upper body workout.

Once you feel like you have built the necessary strength and can move on to the harder exercises, don't forget to try burpees and clap pushups. If you want to be successful at your strength building and body toning training, then you must push yourself every single day. If you limit yourself, then you won't achieve anything. Keep trying harder and be patient yourself. Don't expect results overnight and you will get there eventually.

The 10 Most Effective Waist Cinchers of 2018
The 10 Most Effective Waist Cinchers of 2018
Dec 12, 18

A life of sitting through the day has made our bodies lose all their right curves. Our tummies are not flat, and our legs aren't toned. Often because of this reason, we don't feel good about ourselves when we look in the mirror. Some people choose to diet to solve this problem, while others turn toward exercising and yoga.

Cardio workout is one of the best ways to lose weight, but there is one problem with the cardio workout and basic exercises: they help you lose overall weight but don't do much to reduce the size of your waist. At least not for the first few months. So what will you do until then? Would you show up to parties and formal events with a bulging tummy? What will you do if you can't even fit in your favorite dress?

There's one thing that can help you overcome this issue, and that is a waist cincher

Waist cinchers are a type of belt that can be worn around the waist to reduce the size of your waist and to achieve the hourglass figure. You can fit in your favorite dress once you've fastened a waist cincher around your waist. Corsets and waist cinchers can also help in reshaping your waist if worn regularly. Many women are choosing to pair their exercise routines with waist cinchers to get their waist in shape, as cinchers work really well with exercise and help you achieve the ideal hourglass figure faster.

If you're worried that cinchers may not be right for you, then you must know that they come in different fabrics, designs, and sizes, and there’s one perfect cincher for everyone. You just have to know what to look for.

What To Keep in Mind When Buying a Waist Cincher?

There are a few things to consider when you’re buying a corset or cincher, as we do not recommend buying a waist cincher without getting properly educated on it. You'll be able to get the one that's perfect for you if you know what things are useful in a cincher and what aren't.

Quality of the Fabric:

Imagine trying to achieve the perfect figure but ending up with a skin full of rashes, not an ideal situation, right? But that's what will happen if you choose a waist cincher with poor quality fabric. Hard fabrics can damage your skin.

When shopping for cinchers, you must always look for one that is made up of a smooth and soft material. The more sensitive your skin is, the softer the material of the cincher should be. Only a cincher of good quality will keep your skin safe from allergies, and you will be able to achieve the desired results.

The Style of the Cincher:


Even though you will be wearing the cincher underneath your clothes, it needs to have style. A cincher that does not have the appropriate style can ruin the look of the dress you’ll be wearing on top of it.

So you must shop for the cincher keeping in mind the design of the dresses you wear frequently. Your cincher should not only put you in shape but also make you look good, and for that, only a cincher with style can work.


The size of the cincher matter a lot. Cinchers should be the perfect fit, or they won't be beneficial. A perfectly fit cincher should come with hooks so you can adjust it when you lose weight. After all, you don't want to buy a new cincher every time your waist reduces by an inch.

To get the perfect fit, you can try the cinchers before buying them to make sure you don’t make a mistake. And if you're ordering online, you can follow the guidelines mentioned on the websites of corset and cincher sellers when measuring your waist.


Cinchers come at all prices but don’t let the ones with cheap rates fool you. A cincher that costs less may not be good enough in quality. Moreover, an expensive cincher might also not be a perfect choice just because it costs more.

When shopping for cinchers, you must ignore the price tag first and evaluate the quality and effectiveness. If you don't let the price deceives you, only then you will be able to buy the best waist cincher.

The Durability of the Material:

Cinchers should be made with durable material. You don't want to buy waist cinchers again and again simply because you wear them regularly and they suffer damages because of it. A good waist cincher should be able to endure constant wear.

Because cinchers should be worn regularly, so a cincher that's not fit for frequent use is not a good one. When buying a cincher, you must make sure that the one you select is made of a durable material.

Shopping For Waist Cinchers:

Now that you know what to look for in cinchers, the next step is buying the perfect cinchers. There are two ways you can buy them:

  • Online. There are plenty of websites that offer waist cinchers and corsets of all types and sizes. They also have a good return policy and accurate size system.
  • Shops. If you buy cinchers from a shop, you have the added benefit of being able to try different cinchers and get the ones that fit you.

10 Most Effective Waist Cinchers:

To help you make your selection, here is a list of 10 most effective waist cinchers of this year:

Camellia's Women's Waist Cincher:

This cincher is made of the softest fabric that’s even suitable for hand wash. This free of latex cincher keeps your skin safe from irritation. It comes with Velcro adjustment so you can easily adjust it according to your size.

The belt of this cincher is its most remarkable feature. It generates heat to burn the fat around your waist and has a back covered in mesh that provides support to your back and improves your posture. By helping you sit straight, the belt of this cincher will help you avoid back pains. The neoprene material of the cincher makes it very stretchable and comfortable.

Ann Cherry's Faja Deportiva Waist Cincher:

Ann Cherry’s multilayer cincher is one of the best-selling cinchers of 2018. It comes with internally built boning that correct body postures and reduces waist size. The cincher has an inner layer of cotton and a surface made of latex.

The surface layer is very flexible and adjusts according to your posture. Another great thing about this cincher is the three rows of hooks that make it suitable for all sizes and gives it the perfect grip.

Squeem Women’s Perfect Waist Cincher:

This is another multilayer cincher that comes with all cotton layers with increased durability. The material is soft and comfortable and prevents skin allergies. It comes with 14 vertically placed hooks that make it quite easy to adjust the cincher according to your size.

This cincher also comes in strapless designs and is perfect to be worn under party dresses.

Lover-Beauty's Women's Underbust:

This cincher is made of a combination of latex, Spandex, and cotton that make it extremely durable and comfortable. The material of this cincher also increases its breathability. It also comes with three hook system that makes it ideal for all sizes.

It corrects your posture, reduces your waist sizes, and help you get into your slim dress. This cincher is very stylish and can be worn under party dresses with confidence.

Colombian Latex Waist Cincher:

The quality that has made this cincher a favorite of many is that it reduces five inches from your midsection immediately without making you feel uncomfortable.

It's highly comfortable and gives the results each time. It comes with two columns of hooks that allow for easy adjustment.

Maidenform Flexes Women’s Waist Cincher:

This cincher from Maidenform Flexes is made of very light cotton that allows for easy adjustment under all clothes. It comes with a mesh design that lets the cincher correct your body posture.

It has a static-free design that ensure no gliding across the skin. It is also very breathable. This cincher comes in various colors.

YIANNA Women's Underbust Latex Waist Trainer:

This is the type of cincher that you can wear under both your everyday clothes and formal wear. With three hook-and-eye closure, this cincher is perfectly adjustable for all sizes and shapes.

It has a nine spiral steel bonned construction that will correct your posture along with shaping your waist.

Hourglass Waist Trainer:


This waist cincher comes with extreme compression feature that helps your waist get in shape instantly. It also has nine reinforced steel bones that make this tight cincher comfortable to wear.

Its outer layer is made of latex which makes it durable. This waist trainer is also good for maintaining the right posture.

Charmian Women’s Latex Waist Cincher:

This affordable waist cincher is another best seller of this year. It is perfect for women who are just beginners when it comes to waist training.

It helps you quickly adjust with waist training thanks to its steel bones and straps in the front. It is shaped like a vest and provides extra support to your back.

La Reve Women’s Waist Cincher:

This multipurpose cincher will not only help you get your body in shape post-partum but is also very helpful during a workout. It helps engage your core when you are exercising so you can get the most out of it.

It is made of nylon, instead of latex, and that's what makes it more comfortable and easy to hide under clothes. It is ideal for day-long use. It will make you adjust with the somewhat uncomfortable task of waist training.

Now that you know the 10 most effective waist cinchers of 2018, you can head out for shopping or surf online and get the one that fits your requirements perfectly.  

Here's how to know what size waist trainer you need
Here's how to know what size waist trainer you need
Nov 23, 18

If you have been hearing a lot about waist trainers lately, you aren't the only one. They are trending these days. But they are not merely a fashion statement. Waist trainers help people in reducing the size of their waist. Waist trainers make the difficult goal of achieving the hourglass figure a bit easier.

However, you must not confuse the waist trainers and corsets of today with the corsets of old times. Back then, women's clothing was made without paying attention to their comfort and ease. Women were never able to relax in those tight corsets, but they had to wear them because that was the norm. They had that tiny waist but at the cost of their comfort.

Today, when a woman decides that waist training is something she wants to try, she can do so without having to worry about her comfort. But comfort is not the only thing the waist trainers of today are offering.

Here is what's great about the waist trainers of today:


You can't really look good in something if you don't feel good in it. Waist trainers and corsets of today are not made to make you stiff and they won't make it hard for you to breathe easily. They offer enough support so you can breathe easily. They don't limit your breathing or your movement. So you can have a tiny waist without having to compromise on anything.


When you keep wearing a waist trainer, your waist will begin to shrink. As your waist shrinks, you will need a tighter waist trainer. But modern waist trainers come with hooks that you can use to adjust the trainer to your size. You won't need to buy a new waist trainer every time your waist losses a few inches.

Good Fabric:

Although you can still find waist trainers made of fabric that's not very comfortable, most waist trainers of today have the right kind of fabric that you can comfortably wear under your clothes, whether you are going to the gym or a party. If your skin is sensitive and you get rashes easily, then you can find a waist trainer made of the best quality fabric that will be suitable for your skin. From latex and satin and cotton to polyester, these days you can find waist trainers made from all kinds of clothing materials.

If the features of modern waist trainers and corsets haven't convinced you to get one, then wait till you learn about their benefits. You may think that corsets help with shaping your body and losing some inches from your waist, but that's not just it.

You should start waist training because it has many benefits:

1. Improve Posture:

Do you spend too much time sitting behind a desk? Well, so does everybody else. The biggest disadvantage of the desk life is our bad posture. We are always slouching and consequently leading ourselves to a future that's filled with back pains and other physical issues. Waist trainers help people sit up straight and improve their posture . By doing so, they also protect us from health issues.

2. Reduce Back Complications:

Everybody, at a certain age starts experiencing back pain. We have learned to ignore it as an age-factor when it really isn't because many people have begun experiencing back pains at a young age too. Not sitting straight, bending down to look at our computers and phones, slouching on the couch to relax, these habits have been causing us problems and we don't even realize it. It begins with back pain and can lead to a whole lot of other problems that will make our future not-so-comfortable

By improving posture and keeping your back straight, body shapers help you avoid back complications. They will strengthen your back that will, in turn, help with your old back injuries. Waist trainers also relieve back pain and muscle tension.

3. Minimize Period Cramps:

Every woman knows how worse the menstrual cramps can get and no matter how many ibuprofens you pop in, they just don't go away. You lie in the fetal position for hours, drink hot chocolate, use a hot water bottle, you do everything just for a few minutes of relief from the pain that feels like its ripping you apart from the inside.

But here is an unbelievable fact, waist trainers can reduce menstrual cramps. Waist trainers put pressure on the abdominal area which helps with the uterine contractions and alleviates pain while keeping your posture erect.

4. Fewer Headaches and Migraines:

When you don't take care of yourself properly, you get a headache. It is a sort of reminder from your brain that you need to eat and sleep properly and you need to sit in a good posture. Headaches can get pretty bad if the stress in your shoulders and neck muscles doesn't get released. Constant stress in your muscles is not good for your overall health either. Waist trainers take the tension off of your neck and shoulder muscles which in turn reduces your headaches. If you get severe headaches and migraines, corsets can reduce their intensity by a considerable margin. By preventing the spinal cord from getting squeezed, body shapers lead to fewer migraines.

5. Improve Psychological Health:

There are no short-cuts to a cure when you are struggling from a psychological issue. You will have to give it time and commit yourself fully to the treatment. But with the help of a few little things, you can get engaged with your recovery process and improve your psychological health along the way.

A good appearance can have a positive effect on your mind. When you look in the mirror while wearing a waist trainer and see your thin waist, it will make you feel better about yourself. Your self-confidence will improve and your new look will motivate you to keep wearing a waist trainer so you can lose a few inches.

What Kind is The Right Kind?

waist trainers

Now that you know all about the advantages of waist trainers, you must be wondering what kind and size of waist trainer you should get. To choose the right type of waist trainer, you must know a few things in advance.

● Waist trainers come with hooks that you can use for adjusting the size.

● They come in different types of fabric with latex waist trainer being one of the most famous ones.

● They can also help with reducing belly fat.

● Both steel boned and plastic boned waist trainers are available in the market. People often prefer steel boned waist trainers for their durability.

The Right Size:

waist trainers

The thing that confuses people the most about waist trainers is their size. Buying a waist trainer is a little different from buying clothes. You have to know your waist's measurement for sure before you buy a waist trainer. Since you will be wearing the waist trainer for long periods of time, it should be the right fit, or it won't help you. Getting the wrong size of a waist trainer can do more harm than good.

If you get a smaller size, you will have difficulty moving and bending. If you get a size too tight, you will even feel difficulty breathing.

If you get a bigger size, the trainer will not give you the perfect hourglass figure. Your instant look will not be as good as you expected it to be with a bigger waist trainer and you can forget about the long-term results.

How Do I Know Which Size is The Perfect Fit for Me?

waist trainers

The answer to this question is simple: measure your waist. Your measurements should be so accurate that you can bet your life on them. Here are a few tips on how to get the most precise measurement:

● Remove all layers of clothing before measuring your waist.

● Take the measurement thrice to be sure. If the measurements aren't the same all three times, take their average.

● Look at the sizing chart but don't consider it the final word.

● If you feel confused between two different sizes, get the larger one. Because if you get the smaller one and it's too tight, you will have to get it changed, but if it's slightly bigger than your waist, you can adjust it with the help of hooks.

● If you are getting your waist trainer from a store, try it on before making the purchase. Wear your clothes over it to see how you feel. Test the trainer by moving around and see if it lets you breathe properly. But if you are shopping online then try it on as soon as it arrives at your doorstep so if there is a problem, you can get it exchanged as quickly as possible.

● No matter how tempted you feel, don't get the size you want to be. You have to start with your current size, and then you can work on reducing it.

Taking the Measurement:

Running workout

This is the most crucial step of your waist training, and you must not mess this up. Follow the procedure mentioned below to get the right measurement of your waist:

  1. Remove your shirt and any other clothing that is covering your waist.
  2. Use your fingers to find the tip of your hip bone. Then move your fingers upward and locate the bottom of your ribs. The soft abdominal area between these two is your waist.
  3. By using a measurement tool, measure your waist from a little above your bellybutton. Before you measure, stand up straight and don't forget to exhale once. The measuring tape should fit without being too tight. Make sure you are using a flexible measuring tool, or the measurement will not be accurate. If you don't have one of those measuring tools, you can use a piece of string. Mark your waist's size on the string and then measure it with the help of a hard measuring tool.
  4. Take the measurement two more times before deciding the final size of your waist. Repeat the same process each time by standing straight and exhaling once before the measurement.

The size of your waist trainer will be a little different from your regular clothing. Usually, it is one size above your regular size but if you wear clothes too tight then get a waist trainer that's two sizes above your regular shirt size. If you end up with a waist trainer that's slightly bigger than your size, don't panic because that's precisely what the hooks are for. You can easily adjust little size differences with the help of the hooks.

If you are getting a lace-up corset, then your size is going to be a little different than your waist trainer size. Once you have measured your waist, subtract four inches from it, and that will be your lace-up corset size.

So have you decided about starting waist training? Remember it is not a latest invention, it is something that has been useful for reducing the size of one's waist for many years. But to make sure it is helpful, you have to be very careful about the kind of waist trainer you are getting. There are plenty of different types of waist trainers available in the market. Having an accurate measurement of your waist will be a lot of help when choosing the right waist trainer for yourself. But size is where most people make a mistake and end up with a waist trainer that's not the right fit for them. Although you can get it changed if you don't know how to take the proper measurement, you won't know for sure which size to get. Keep your head clear, take the right measurement of your waist and then consult the size chart. Give yourself a couple of centimeters' margin because the hooks on your waist trainer will take care of lighter adjustments. Get the right waist trainer today so you can achieve the hourglass figure and stop worrying about your body all the time.

5 Leg Slimming Workouts For Your Morning Fitness Routine
5 Leg Slimming Workouts For Your Morning Fitness Routine
Nov 13, 18


The struggle of getting those skinny jeans to go up is real. You are halfway into them and you realize that they won’t budge up. When you finally get them buttoned up, which is an epic win, you realize that you’re about to suffocate yourself really bad. Walking in those jeans is going to be hell-like torture and there’s no point in even thinking about sitting in them.

One solution to this mess is to rip them off and wear something comfortable. You can easily put the blame on your dryer for shrinking them up; that’s what any sane woman would do to avoid going on a diet or avoid all of those tiring workouts. Or you can be a bigger, better person and take on a life changing approach. Yes, we know that not many of us feel like changing our lifestyle. It is really frustrating but we do know deep inside that unless we work out regularly and be more watchful about what we eat we cannot possibly hope for fitting in most of our clothes forever.

Mostly people find it easier to achieve an hourglass figure since you have the help of good waist trainers and most exercises focus on how to lose that belly fat and slim down the waist. But when it comes to the legs, getting them to slim down is a challenge. There aren’t many exercises with key moves targeting the most troublesome area of the body, the thighs, and you cannot keep struggling to slide in those jeans all your life. So we are here to help you banish that unwanted thigh bulge and fortunately for you, getting those slimmer and sexier legs is not as impossible as it seems. We have come up with five, very simple fat-kicking workouts for your thighs which can be done every morning when you wake up.

Why Workout in the Morning, You Might Ask?

Morning workout

Not everyone is a morning person; even you might not be one. A morning workout probably seems impossible to you. Not everyone likes to start the day by waking up and working out. But just read on with an open mind and who knows you might change your perception.

An early morning workout has a lot of benefits which are not available at any other time of the day. Yes, waking up early needs discipline and lots of will power but there’s no denying that your health and daily schedule profit from it. You also need to be focused when you work out and not just be a zoned out zombie going through it. It will take some time and patience, but after a while, morning exercise will become a part of your daily life.

If you still need more convincing, then we have listed down some of the most important benefits of a morning workout.

A fantastic metabolism

After a workout, your body is more inclined towards burning calories. Yes, your body will use up everything you eat after your workout even if you just keep sitting on your desk. Whenever you eat, your body does one of these three things. It can use your food as an energy source or it can replenish your body with it. It can also just store it for later use and that’s what fat is. Now when you eat after you exercise, your body uses up everything, there is no body harming storage anywhere. So a morning workout works for you better than the one you do later in the day.

More consistency and self-discipline

Exercising in the morning works out great for you, since there are no daily tasks of yours that need to be done first or are more urgent. You don’t feel tired at that time and there are no errands that you need to run first. No interruptions that might delay or cancel your workout. Waking up early and getting your workout done also has a good effect on your self-discipline. You are more likely to get all of your work done on time since you will feel energized and powered up to be more punctual.

More energized and better sleep

A good morning workout is going to feel better than a cup of coffee. Moving your body can become a great source of energy to you. You will feel more refreshed and rejuvenated the whole day and have ample amount of physical and mental energy to handle the hardest tasks. Waking up early is also helpful when you have those sleepless nights. Working out in the morning helps curing insomnia. Exercise early and enjoy your healthy sense of fatigue at night which will lure you to a deep, restful sleep. No more tossing or turning in bed or surfing the internet all night.

In short, morning exercise is definitely the way you will reach your fitness goals much faster. It is really worth it to wake up from your sleep early in the morning and moving your body, giving yourself the best bout of energy which will last all day. So even though it may not seem really fun to get out of bed and exercise but it is definitely worth it. Apart from it being so much healthier, your brain will love being in its happy place when you work out.

5 best workouts for those smart, slim legs

The right moves can grant your wish of having slim legs. There’s no magic or miracle involved, but these small and very easy to do workouts might just be the closest things to being magical.

Squat your way out of those bulging thighs

Squats are the easiest way to get those toned legs . Doing squats properly is the best way possible to tone your thighs and build lean, healthy muscles. If you are just starting out, traditional squats are perfect for you. Otherwise you can be more carefully adventurous and try out the squat jumps.

Squat workout


How to do traditional squats: If you’re a beginner, it’s best to use a wall for support. Keep your shoulders wide apart and your knees have to be 90 degrees bent. Hold this position for a minute and then take a half minute break. On the first day do 10 reps and keep on increasing five every day. When you become more confident about holding your balance, then try doing squats by just using your arms as an anchor for support.

5 Leg Slimming Workouts


How to do jump squats: Every muscle in your lower body is targeted including your glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps and calves. Your metabolism is going to become super awesome and there’s going to be a spike in your calorie burning process. Squat jumps are better for a middle level squat(er). First stand straight and make sure your feet are hip width apart from each other. Now lower yourself into a squat and keep your weight on your heels and not on your toes. Your chest should be lifted and your knees are supposed to be behind your toes. Give a brief pause and jump up with your legs fully extended. Softly land on your mid foot and slowly transfer your weight back to your heels. Don’t wait up and lower yourself into the next squat. Your back has to be straight the whole time and you should be able to feel your abdominals engage. First go for small jumps and then gradually increase your height as you get a firmer grip on this exercise. Do 10 to 15 reps and increase each day by 2 or 3 reps.

Lunges for toned legs

Lunges are excellent for your glutes and thighs. Instead of shying away from muscle toning exercises, thinking they will just increase your thighs is wrong. You need to know that muscles take up less space than fat and lunges are excellent to lift up that butt and burn quite a lot of calories. Lunges utilize multiple muscle groups and are a very important lower body exercise. Lunges will make sure that your thighs are strong and a more definite shape and tone.


Lunges for toned legs


How to do simple lunges: With your hands placed firmly on your waist, get ready for the most perfect lunge. Also keep your feet together, unlike the way you kept them apart in a squat. Breathe deeply and lunge forward using one foot and keep your body balanced. Hold that position for half a minute and then go back to standing. Repeat the same thing on the other leg. Start from 10 to 15 reps and keep increasing each day.


Leg Exercise


How to do dumbbell lunges: Once you become perfect in your regular lunges, go for these dumbbell lunges. For these type of lunges, your feet need to be wide apart and aligned with your shoulders. With a dumbbell in each hand, lunge sideways while keeping yourself balanced. Do 10 reps the first day and increase by 2 reps each day to get those toned calves.

Step up, tone up

This very simple exercise will mainly show the changes on your quadriceps and also help firm your butt. You can increase the sculpting finesse by adding to the step height, weight or both. First start out easy, with lower step height and no hand weights.


Squat workout


How to do step ups: Get on the floor on all fours with your wrists placed under your shoulders and your knees under hips. Now move yourself into a plank position by stepping one foot back and then the other. Engage your core by keeping in a straight line and not sinking your hips. You can think about pulling your elbows to your toes to further wake up your core muscles. Now all there is left is the lift and tap while breathing in from your nose and exhaling the air from your mouth. You will be lifting your one hand and tapping it to your opposite shoulder and bring it back to the ground. Repeat it with the other hand and make sure you do 15 reps each side.

There’s nothing better than embracing cardio



Cardio is the ultimate way to slim down those flabby thighs. You can take your pick, from power walking, to jogging or running. It is not even compulsory to go out of the house to do cardio. You have the option to buy a treadmill to do cardio at home and save money. You can scout gyms that are shutting down and buy one at cheap rates. Every morning doing a 45 minutes cardio workout can change your legs forever . Make a pact with yourself to do cardio 5 days a week and don’t make the mistake of taking breaks in between your 45 minutes of moving your body. Instead of overdoing yourself while you speed walk or jog or even run, keep a steady pace where you are able to breathe normally.

Stand and lift those legs

Leg lifts are easy to do and they firm up those quads.

Squat workout


How to do leg lifts: Stand with your right knee bend 45 degrees and your hands firmly placed on your hips. Keep your chest high and bend forward from your waist for balance. Now extend the left leg with pointed toes and lift it up as high as you can to the side. Lower down with control and repeat the move 10 times. Now do the same with the opposite side. Keep increasing the reps each day as you see fit.

The workouts mentioned are your easiest holy grail to have the best fit and toned legs ever. The more you keep doing them, the better are your chances to fit in your skinny jeans and look sexy in a mini dress you have long set your eyes on. Also for best and quick as ever results you also need to watch your eating habits and make sure you consume clean and healthy food. Reach your true perfect body potential and be smart and happy!

Oct 25, 18

With women constantly under the pressure to retrieve their pre pregnancy bodies the minute after they give birth, it is no wonder body shaming happens at ridiculous levels everywhere. There is an unrelenting expectation to have women “go back” to the size they were before they probably hit puberty. There seems to be little understanding of the kind of trauma the human body has to go through when experiencing childbirth and it is reflected in the comments women receive right after pregnancy.

Since the body experiences so many changes, the adjustment period varies from person to person. There is no fixed time period by which you can go back to looking the way you “should” and there is no need to force yourself to try and do that for anyone. The latest fad that women can now choose to put themselves through is by using waist trainers to literally train your body into getting a smaller waist. However, if you are a new mom, you deserve to look and feel great. We have laid out the benefits of waist trainers and other similar corsets for getting the coveted slim trim look. Whatever you are using to get back in shape, understand that you need to uphold the concepts of body positivity for yourself. Any change that you desire should be for yourself only.

How Does Waist Training Work?


Traditionally waist trainers were steel boned corsets which were worn by women in the olden days to exaggerate an hourglass figure and imply a smaller waist. This was done by literally cinching the waist to an extent where it could potentially harm the internal organs. However, now it implies having a better body shape is a way of trying to combine a healthy workout routine and diet plan along with a corset of moderate fitness to accentuate the figure. Take some inspiration from celebrity moms like the Kardashians and Amber rose who actively employ the use of these trainers in their post pregnancy workout regimes.

There are less extreme measures of achieving the body you want and ones that do not require extensive damage to your health. Remember that waist training has a semi-permanent effect and is not for the long term. Understanding these waist trainers can be a lot complex for a person who has just found out about its existence. It is mainly because you do not understand how they affect your body.

Something that we wear on our bodies, needs to be thoroughly understood so that everyone knows its advantages and disadvantages. Most of the time, women invest in something because they are desperate for a quick fix. So do not be one of them as it is better to be safe than sorry. Therefore, some facts regarding how waist training works might be helpful in the long run.

How Safe Is It?

waist training

Safety should be the first priority and it is a concern for many women who want to try waist training. Because of water retention in the body, post birth can be highly uncomfortable and there is a lot of bloating in the belly. Too many celebrities have resorted to endorsing the use of waist trainers to cinch the belly and the mid-section, especially for extended periods of time during work outs and other wise. They claim this has really affected how quickly their bodies have reverted to how they used to look. Naturally, this trend is also being picked up by non-celebrities as well whose bodies are not on display as much but health fads, who are eager to relive the glory days of when they were at their optimum fitness.

When is the right time for new moms to jump on the bandwagon of also wearing waist-trainers? While most physical therapists recommend the use of compression shorts to treat the trauma area, most new moms are in favor of the product! They claim it makes your back feel straight and can be more comfortable to wear than expected. Explore regarding what works and what does not work for you for constructing a more sustainable health regime in terms of safety. Your pregnancy can also have multiple types of complications and therefore, it is important to consult your doctor before trying a waist trainer after your pregnancy.

Which Ones To Buy?


Each person’s needs will vary and that is how the world works, so therefore there is not only one kind of waist trainer that suits all women. The pregnancy experience can be unique and so will the tendency for your body to react to the changes made. There is such a wide range of options for you to choose and select the best one which can suit your needs. Whether you want to wear it daily while running errands, doing chores or only to look your best in your favourite little black dress on a night out. Being a mom is a big responsibility, as moms need to be everywhere. Use different types of trainers for different equations to look your best at all times.

If you are looking for a way to make your post-natal workouts ten times more effective, then you might consider investing in a proper waist trainer. It is very important to know that you should make this investment and you should try to not compromise on the quality at all. If you are thinking about settling for a more economical option, you might be putting yourself at risk of not getting the same results, which might not do its job effectively, so spend smart! Products that you wear on your body should be chosen wisely. Choose your waist trainers from a wide range of options available at your disposal that will assure your satisfaction.

Consult your doctor and fitness expert when making decisions about your body because you want to, not only look and feel good but make sure that you can do so for a long time. Wearing girdles and trying to physically alter your waist are two different things, so make sure you choose the option which you think is more convenient for you. Making choices results in long term habits as well, so make sure you do your research. This means that while making a decision regarding which waist trainer to buy, you should take a professional suggestion as well as these things are extremely intricate.

Supplement With Your Fitness Regime

Fitness Regime

Keep in mind that just waist training in isolation is probably not going to be as effective. You will have to consult your dietician, nutritionist and your fitness expert to have a holistic approach to getting healthier and looking the way you want to. You will have to make a conscious effort to alter your ways of living along with your eating habits. Again, this should be done only after consulting your nutritionist and doctor, so that you can also see what works best for you. If you are breast feeding your baby, then you will have to be careful and eat proper so that it does not affect the baby in any way.

It is advisable to drink copious amounts of water to get rid of the water retention and avoid foods, which can retain water. Steer clear from alcohol and foods with high sugar content. There is an exorbitant array of workouts and exercises you can try along with the waist trainer which will boost the compressive qualities and give you that Kardashian hourglass figure as soon as possible. Try multiple workouts that will complement the waist trainer and give you the figure that you desire. Most fitness experts suggest to try dead lifts and squats because they target the mid-section and build muscles and oblique alongside strengthening the core, which is our prime focus with waist training. Amp up the cardio to really work all muscle groups in wholesome ways and sweat those curves out. Try out Zumba classes in your locality if you want to have a fun workout and if hitting the gym seems redundant and too much effort for you.

Now that you have a clear idea of what a waist trainer is and how it works, you can make a suitable decision for yourself, if you are someone who recently is done with their delivery. However, the aim should be to be healthy and maintain body positivity, than to have a zero figure. Moreover, doctors should be part of these decisions regarding when to start waist training. Above everything, you should love yourself and your body. There are things that will not workout but remember to not give up at all. The journey is painstaking but worth it as you deserve to be healthy in every phase of your life.

The 5 kinds of diet to try while using lower tummy control shapewear
The 5 kinds of diet to try while using lower tummy control shapewear
Oct 10, 18

Losing lower belly fat is a tough one and requires commitment, dedication, and proper education especially if waist trainers will be part of your fat loss routine. But once you decide to do it, you must go all the way. Don’t try one thing and give up.

Wearing lower tummy control shapewear is one way of toning your belly. But simply wearing the shapewear is not going to do much. Shapewears are not made by wizards and therefore they cannot magically give you the perfect body you dream of without any effort from your side. Along with the shapewear, you will need to make some changes in your diet. Adopting a healthy lifestyle is not only good for your figure but also for your overall health. And so, adopting a new diet should not be as hard as you are imagining it to be.

While wearing a waist trainer, you should avoid foods that are harmful to your body like sodas, alcohol, and processed foods. Limiting your unhealthy carb intake will also help. So, what can you eat? Well, here are five kinds of diets you should try while using lower tummy control shapewear:


1. Fibre Rich Diet:

Fiber Rich Diet


Fibre should be an essential part of your diet whether you are doing waist training or not. Fibre has numerous benefits: A fibre rich diet is known to lower the risk of heart diseases and type 2 diabetes. It also lowers the risk of obesity. Fibre can be found in vegetables, fruits, nuts, and wholegrain foods. You must not rely on only one source of fibre.

To create a balance, consume different sources like oats, cereals, beans, berries, and lentils. Fibre rich foods reduce the chances of constipation. Shapewears compress your tummy and can sometimes cause constipation. Fibre will keep you safe from any inconveniences while you try to get your lower tummy in shape.


2. Seafood Diet:

Seafood diet


Seafood provides lean protein and omega-3 fatty acids. Both are important and keep us safe from cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. In a seafood diet, the seafood will become your primary source of protein. Fish comes in different types and in the seafood diet, you can choose a different fish for each meal. You can add vegetables and yogurt in your meal to add variety. Seafood increases metabolism and energy. It also fights fat. Which is why it is an ideal choice when wearing a lower tummy control shapewear.

Salmon, trout, cod, perch, tuna, lobster, shrimp, and crab are few of the seafood items that burn fat and help you to achieve your body goals. A seafood diet should not feel like a diet at all. Thanks to all the delicious fish recipes you will be consuming, you will feel like you are on a long vacation. A vacation on which your food will be fighting your fat and helping your shapewear tone your lower tummy.


3. Vitamin A and C Diet:

Vitamin A and C diet


Vitamin A and C reduce oxidative stress hormones, improve your overall metabolism. They also burn fat and fight heart disease risk factors. Following this routine will not be a problem as Vitamin A and C can be found in plenty of different foods. To get your required amount of Vitamin C, add fruits and vegetables in your diet like oranges, strawberries, kiwi fruit, kale, and spinach. Vitamin A can be found in meat, poultry, dairy products, apricots, carrots, and sweet potatoes.

Vitamin C reduces belly fat and a diet rich in vitamin C is perfect to boost the work of the shapewear. If you are having difficulty adjusting to this diet, you can seek help from a blender or juicer and turn your meal into a smoothie or juice. Consuming juices is easier than eating a bunch of different vegetables and fruits. Just keep in mind that this juice burns fat and you will find it incredibly delicious.


4. Potassium Rich Diet:

Potassium Rich diet


Wearing a shapewear will make you sweat a lot and that can lead to dehydration. To keep yourself safe from dehydration and its subsequent complications, adopt a high potassium diet. Potassium prevents bloating and belly fat and it also reduces the risk of kidney stones. Potassium supports muscle strength and that’s why it is helpful for those using lower tummy control shapewear.

A potassium rich diet will help the shapewear do its job more efficiently. Your lower tummy fat will lose quickly with the help of potassium and your shapewear. Potassium can be found in bananas, dates, potatoes, cucumbers, spinach, and edamame.


5. Probiotics Diet:



Good and bad cannot survive in this world independent of each other. But did you know that the same can be said for your body? There needs to be a balance of good and bad bacteria in your body which is why we make probiotics a part of our daily diet to get that good bacteria for our body.

Probiotics keep our digestive tract and our immune system healthy. They keep our metabolism working. While wearing a shapewear for lower tummy control, your digestive system might get disturbed. But adopting a probiotic diet will help. As your food will get digested regularly, you won’t feel the need to take off your shapewear every half hour. Probiotics can be found in yogurt, pickles, and some types of cheese. Yogurt has friendly bacteria (AKA probiotics) in it that has numerous health benefits. It can prevent heart diseases and helps in maintaining a healthy blood pressure. Yogurt can cure diarrhoea in children caused by antibiotics.

If you have opted for shapewear to sculpt your lower tummy in shape, you should adopt a diet to aid the process. You can either choose one of the above mentioned diets or you can mix two or more types of foods and make your own diet plan. All the diets mentioned have foods with various health benefits and choosing them will not only help you make the most out of your shapewear but also improve your health and keep you safe from future illnesses.


How to wash a latex waist trainer? - Maintenance and Care for Your Fitness Gear
How to wash a latex waist trainer? - Maintenance and Care for Your Fitness Gear
Oct 05, 18

Looking the best version of yourself is important for everyone. If you’re a woman, learn to be confident about who you are, be comfortable in your own skin and enjoy everything that life has to offer. This is the only way you can achieve your goals and truly enjoy yourself. Looking smart and fit is an important thing as it shows how active you are and how serious and careful you are about your health and fitness.

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