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Who Rules the Age of Flatter Mid Riffs?

With all the waist-training products in the market, you may be wondering which one to go for and whether there is a way to decide which one is the best suit for you. There isn’t much difference in a waist trainer/waist cincher and a corset other than the boning of the garment.

Improve Your Workouts With These Simple Tips

Everyone knows that exercise should be an integral part of your life. People exercise for different reasons, for some, it’s to lose weight, for others it’s a way relieving stress. Either way, everyone can benefit from making their workouts more effective.

Why Postpartum Bands Are a Must for Late Pregnancies?

A woman can remain fertile till around the age of 40 and in some women, this external limit might even get extended to the age of 45, so there is definitely a possibility of a woman conceiving in her late thirties and early forties. These kinds of pregnancies are termed “Late Pregnancies”, because while the body still has time some to reproduce perfectly, the other bodily systems are in the process of slowing down due to the factors of aging kicking in, hence the term “late”.

Why Being Hourglass Is the Perfect Way to Promote More Body Positivity

Human beings come in all shapes and sizes because Mother Nature doesn’t have a predefined caricature for us. But the general perception, heavily perpetuated by the mass media, has always wrongfully advocated a certain body type as the only way a human body can look beautiful. Being thin, skinny or petite is not a problem in itself but when the mass media starts portraying that if you are not thinner, you might not be desirable, it's woefully wrong as it allows women, who don’t belong to that stereotyped body image, to feel bad about themselves.

Why You Need to Use a Belly Band during Pregnancy

Depending on the style and the type of products you use, belly bands generally are made to support your growing belly and your aching back while you’re pregnant. These stretchable garments are especially effective after women enter their second trimester.

Here’s why you should definitely get a belly band to help you through your pregnancy:

3 Ways to Avoid Falling into the Unhealthy Lifestyle Trap Again

It doesn’t matter how big of a fitness buff you are, every human is prone to laxness. We all know that eating the right kind of foods, exercising regularly and meditation and yoga are some of the best ways through which you can remain fit and healthy, but committing to all of these activities requires a constant push from your side day in and day out. Many of us who are fit and healthy find ourselves on the wrong side of the fitness curve, without even noticing how we got there.

Exercise to Make your Butt Bigger

Your butt consists of the largest muscle groups in the body. Your torso, pelvis and legs are all anchored by buttocks. You also won’t be able to do the most basic of physical activities if you had somehow managed to injure yourself.

For many decades thick, round buttocks are considered a symbol of good health and beauty. Having weak buttocks can affect your ability to stand/sit upright and your overall body strength.

Don’t just lose weight, Get in Shape!

Getting fit is the new fad nowadays as people try their best to mold their bodies and physiques into the ultimate silhouette, but what is this ultimate silhouette anyways? For most people, getting rid of unwanted bulges will suffice as their ultimate fitness goal, but is that enough? Certainly not! Because this is not a correct measure of your performance during your fitness journey. Let me elaborate on this matter a bit further.

Using a Waist-Trainer to Fix your Bad Posture

Over the last decade in the US, the majority of the jobs require you to be hunched over a desk or stand for really long hours. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that 8 out of 15 of the most common jobs in the country fall into this category, forcing employees to remain in stationary positions for a really long time.

This restriction of movement for such long hours of the day impact your cardiovascular health since you aren’t burning any calories and on top of that, you consume food and then resume your stationary positions. Consuming calories and not burning them off leads to weight-gain, which is very common amongst those with desk jobs.

Teas That Promote Weight Loss

In the midst of trying to eat a balanced diet and exercising your butt off, there’s a little more that can help you through your weight loss journey – drinking the right tea!

Switch your coffee for some of these delightful beverages that not only taste great but will help you shed belly fat.