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How to Dress for a More Hour Glass Looking Figure

Women are always trying to look their prettiest selves while enhancing their figures to add a bit of sexiness. Ever since the hourglass figure became all the rage, ladies have been in the pursuit of getting their bodies in shape to flaunt and amplify their curves. An hourglass body naturally has a fuller chest, hips, and thighs with a well-defined waist, making it stand out.

Exercising, diet and lifestyle are all important components that must be fulfilled to achieve this shape but there is another weapon that women can use to their advantage to further enhance a shapely body, and that is clothes.

How to Get in Shape with a Tight Schedule

<p>Managing time to get in shape and stay fit all the while having a tough job or an academic schedule is one hell of a tiresome ride. This is why many people  can’t seem to manage their time and end up short on their body goals. Many people want to get slim and trim for an upcoming wedding or travel plans for the  summer. There is hardly anyone who doesn’t desire a sexy shape that makes them look attractive but many times people are not able to achieve that. Here are  some ways in which you can stay in shape and manage your schedule.</p>

<p><strong>Sneak in quick workouts</strong></p>
<p>A practice commonly thought of but rarely acted upon. Sneaking in a small work out, a few sets of jumping jacks and a couple of pushups between lunch break or those 5 minutes before you leave for work. Prioritize your body over the latest sitcom. Prioritize your fitness over scrolling through your social media. Take the stairs, flex a little at work, and walk home instead of taking the bus. The problem for many young people is separating time for a work out so sneaking one in your daily activities is an efficient cheat that gets the job done just as well.</li></p>

Watch What You Eat to Get the Hourglass Body

Back in the days of Marilyn Monroe, most women adorned hourglass figures. Today this isn’t so much the case. The hourglass figure is what we all strive for because today most women are either rectangular shaped or pear shaped. Scientists believe that this has happened due to the large intake of processed, calorific foods and being less active overall.

An hourglass figure is the ideal body shape but very few women are naturally born with it. Most women are going to have to spend hours exercising and eating right.

An Hourglass Figure – A Drug for Men

A study has found that watching curvy women has similar effects to drugs and alcohol on men’s brains. Scientists suggest that this study can also explain men’s fascination with pornography since the women found in these videos have exaggerated curves, hence the perfect hourglass body.

It is known that wider hips in women are interpreted as better fertility and improved health and so it makes evolutionary sense for men all over the world to be attracted to women with an hourglass figure.

Post-Pregnancy Waist Training

Waist-training and corsets are the hottest trend for new mamas who want to do everything it takes to get their pre-pregnancy bodies back.

Waist training involves wrapping up your midsection with a waist-trainer, corset or belly band in hopes of getting a slimmer waist. Many women opt for wearing Spanx but they don’t actually help you reduce your waist, they just tuck in the bulges so you can fit into your dress.

How to Get a Big Butt?

Getting a bigger butt has become the biggest body fad of the day. Scores of women spend hours daily at the gym, eat all sorts of supplements that promise to enhance that butt or go down the drastic part of plastic surgery or butt implants. But before you employ any of these, it’s necessary to know how can your diet, lifestyle, and training play a role in it; and are any of these ways legit to get a big butt?

Exercise is a natural and legitimate way to get a bigger butt but it’s not going to give you the Kim Kardashian butt that pops out from your back. Exercise will enhance your look to the extent that your muscles can possibly grow. To obtain a big butt your exercise regime should focus most importantly on your three main hip muscles the gluteus medius, gluteus minimus, and gluteus maximus.

The Benefits of Using a Corset to Better Your Posture

A benefit of corsets that is not talked about often is its ability to correct your posture. Most of us do not even realize how badly we have ruined our posture over the years and its negative implications on our health.

If you’re like the most of us, you’ve unknowingly been standing up, walking around and sitting all wrong. You’re not going to realize until you see yourself in the mirror, your back is likely hunched, your shoulders are probably slouched and your belly is probably sticking around. Can you imagine how long you’ve been walking around like this?

How to Retain your Skin’s Firmness During your Weight Loss Journey

Most of us want to get a desirable body and while many of us might have different perceptions of what that look is, one theme is common among all of us i.e. weight loss is a key to getting one. Some of us might want a bigger bust, while the others would like a tantalizingly slim waist but all of the extra flab at the wrong places is impeding our fitness goals.

There are a number of ways to successfully reduce unwanted weight which includes eating a healthy diet, exercising, meditating and yoga among others but even if you settle on a fitness regimen that suits you and you want to start your weight loss journey, there is big problem that you might not know now but it will surely come to haunt you later on. The problem is of loose skin which is leftover as the body sheds weight while the skin retains its original surface area, resulting in sagging that looks horribly bad.

How Skinny Girls can get an Hourglass Figure

Having a thin body was every woman’s dream about a decade back but this isn’t the case anymore. Today, a skinny body is considered shapeless, one which requires pushup bras up and butt-lifting tights.

Nowadays curvy women are appreciated; those that boast bodies shaped like the classic Coke bottle, where the bust and hips are of almost the same dimensions along with an itsy-bitsy waist. To get this curvaceous body, many skinny girls opt for surgeries but this isn’t always safe and neither does it look natural.

Steps to Take to Strengthen Your Body During Pregnancy

Going through pregnancy will leave you with mixed feelings. While the initial news will leave you overjoyed (hopefully), in the months that follow you’ll experience cravings, hormonal imbalance, mood swings and probably exhaustion, but the one thing that will affect you most is the physical change your body is undergoing. Pregnancy brings with it a world of discomfort like you would have never experienced before. Although there will be enough people telling you that it will be all worth it once the baby comes, the nine months will require a lot of patience and strength.

After you give birth, you’ll need to wait around 6 weeks before you can begin exercising and working on your body but there are measures that you can take before delivery that will ensure your body doesn’t get out of hand.