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Men's Compression Belt


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Reversible Neoprene Shaper for Men


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Hey, looking good isn’t only women’s prerogative! Men just as much deserve to look their very best. Do you wonder how you can tone that tire down? Or do you want to improve your sagging posture? We at Hourglass Express know precisely what it takes to make sure that you lose weight in just the right places and have an amazingly toned body! From male waist trainers to shaping wear, we have something for everyone.

Compression Belts

These are the perfect apparel. Compression belts not only bring out your abs but also help you ensure that your tummy goes in and you achieve a waistline that is exceptionally desirable. Once you realize how beneficial they are for you, you will be wearing them throughout the day!

Our reversible neoprene shaper for men is one thing that all men need. They tone the chest, the midriff as well as help your back from bending. Within no time your stature will improve, and you will see that you start walking straighter. You won’t even notice, and your stomach would be all taut!

Technologically Advanced

At Hourglass Express, we design waist trainers for men with the latest technologically advanced trends. Using a combination of thermal technology and high compression, our men’s waist trainers are excellent for weight loss. They also provide back support and help improve posture.

What makes them even more interesting is the fact that they look amazing even when you wear just them. Your friends at the gym are going to pester you with questions once they see you wearing our male waist trainers, they genuinely look that good.

So head over to our product section and see which type of male trainers you need to make a part of your life! We guarantee you will not be disappointed.