An Hourglass Figure – A Drug for Men

An Hourglass Figure – A Drug for Men

Feb 28, 17

A study has found that watching curvy women has similar effects to drugs and alcohol on men’s brains. Scientists suggest that this study can also explain men’s fascination with pornography since the women found in these videos have exaggerated curves, hence the perfect hourglass body.

It is known that wider hips in women are interpreted as better fertility and improved health and so it makes evolutionary sense for men all over the world to be attracted to women with an hourglass figure.

Researchers examined 14 men with the average age of 25, rate photos of women’s buttocks before and after a surgery that made their buttocks appear more sculpted. The toned buttocks were not a result of weight loss but the redistribution of fat from the waist to the buttocks.

Brain scans revealed that seeing the sculpted buttocks with the greater waist to hips ratio, triggered parts of the men’s brains that are associated with rewards, including some regions that are stimulated when using drugs and consuming alcohol.

Evolution has wired men’s brains to respond to bodies they find attractive.

In another study, psychologists from the University of Texas found that love-struck men really only have one thing on their minds – the waist-hip ratio, which is calculated by the circumference of the waist over the circumference of the hips.

You can be a thin woman or a curvy woman, as long as you have a waist that is noticeably smaller than your hips, you are attractive to men. According to Professor Devendra Singh, this ‘belle-curve’ is ingrained in the male brain.

Professor Singh also investigated literature from the 16th to 18th century to find evidence that what men find attractive today was true centuries ago too.

From the literature, they found that three parts of the body were constantly associate with attractive; the waist, hips, and thighs.

The investigative team also found specific references of the hourglass figure in ancient Indian and Chinese literature. Ancient Chinese sixth dynastic Palace poetry, associated attractiveness to a ‘wasp waist’.

In fact, references to the ‘beautiful, slender waist’ were made by English writers to Asian writers implying that a slim waist was appreciated across the world. This made the scientists conclude that even without having the knowledge of healthy benefits of an hourglass figure, men are naturally drawn to it. The chances of ancient cultures that are different from each other in most ways to randomly agree on what makes women attractive are minuscule, scientists say.

Professor Singh along with many scientists believe that men are genetically conditioned to seek out women with a waist to hip ratio between a very curvy WHR of 0.67 to a more tubular 0.9.

According to medical science, the hourglass figure in women has been linked to higher levels of oestrogen which make them healthier mates in terms of fertility.

On the contrary, a big belly in women is associated to decreased levels of oestrogen, more susceptibility to diseases and reduced fertility.

So ladies, if you’re looking to draw the attention of the men in your lives, use a waist trainer to help you get that hourglass figure and tuck in that belly fat!

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