How Skinny Girls can get an Hourglass Figure

How Skinny Girls can get an Hourglass Figure

Jan 20, 17

Having a thin body was every woman’s dream about a decade back but this isn’t the case anymore. Today, a skinny body is considered shapeless, one which requires pushup bras up and butt-lifting tights.

Nowadays curvy women are appreciated; those that boast bodies shaped like the classic Coke bottle, where the bust and hips are of almost the same dimensions along with an itsy-bitsy waist. To get this curvaceous body, many skinny girls opt for surgeries but this isn’t always safe and neither does it look natural.

Plus-size women may have to reduce weight and shed some inches off to get the perfect hourglass figure but skinny girls are going to have to do the opposite. Skinny girls will actually have to increase their intake of certain foods to put on weight and then exercise to strengthen muscles and sculpt their bodies accordingly. Using a waist trainer while exercising is certainly going to help them in getting an hourglass figure.

Weight Gain Basics


It isn’t healthy for you to hog everything in your sight to gain weight. You don’t want to put on weight with fatty foods and carbs that are unhealthy. They will distort your body and will be difficult to convert to muscle. According to nutritionists, gaining a pound or 2 in a week is a decent rate to gain weight. A weight gain plan should require an intake of around 2,100 or 3,400 calories. Dieticians suggest that you eat 6 meals per day instead of the usual 3 and ensure that you that include foods from all groups to get all of your required nutrients.

  • A Big Breakfast

    When you’re on a mission to gain weight, you’re going to have to eat a big breakfast in the morning. Make sure that the breakfast consists of lots of protein as this will help you build your muscles. At the same time, don’t consume too much cholesterol and saturated fats. The AHA suggests that if you’re consuming 2000 calories per day then only 120 of them should be gained from saturated fats (about 13 grams)

  • Lunch and Mid-day meals

    For lunch and your mid-day meals, pump up your intake of fruits and vegetables. You can have a 3 ounce chicken meal on some whole-wheat bread with a slice of Swiss cheese and some vegetables to add some freshness.

    For your mid-day meals you can have fruits like a banana, pear, apple or some high-calorie snacks like whole-wheat crackers and bagels. Nuts and seeds are also great for muscle building so go ahead and spread some peanut butter on your crackers!

  • Dinner

    You’re going to want to include proteins in your dinner as well. Just so you don’t get bored, use different types of protein in your meals. Try combinations of lean meat, eggs, beans and cheeses with vegetables.

    Before you get to bed, end your day with another high-calorie snack like a cup of nuts or some low-fat yogurt.

Exercises to get that hourglass figure


Once you put on weight, you need to exercise to burn any excess fat that you may have building up. The focus should be to flatten your waist and to tone your hips and thighs.

  • Flatten your waist

    To flatten your waist and strengthen your core you should try exercise routines consisting of crunches, sit-ups, planks and hip-thrusts.

  • Wear a Waist trainer

    To speed up the process of getting the hourglass figure you desire, try working out with a waist trainer. Make sure you ease your body into it by wearing it for short amounts of time for a few days prior to exercising with it. Ensure that the corset doesn’t prevent you from breathing normally; if it does then exchange it for a bigger size.

  • Tone your lower-body

    If you want to gain muscle around your buttocks, weight lifting and weight strengthening is a must. Barbell squats are your best friend when it comes to shaping your butt along with a combination of sumo dead lifts and barbell lunges. The heavy weight of the barbells requires you to use your gluteus muscles to lift them up which helps shape your buttocks.

    If you are naturally thin, don’t fret, by increasing your intake of proteins, popping on a waist trainer and adopting an intense lower-body workout, you too can have curves.

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