Snacks to Avoid to Get That Slim Waist

Snacks to Avoid to Get That Slim Waist

Apr 06, 17

When you’re working towards getting that sexy hourglass body you’re going to have to make some sacrifices, especially with your snacking habits. There’s no point of working your butt off in the gym if you’re going to be chowing down a tube of Pringles later on, knowing that it will go straight to your belly.

If you want that slim waist and perfect hourglass body then here’s a list of foods you should definitely avoid.

1) Potato Chips

Potato Chips top the list of foods that increase belly fat. They are loaded with saturated fats that cause abdominal fats. On top of that, they are coated with salt which causes even more bloating. But what makes them worse, is that chips do nothing to stop you from being hungry, they are simply something you munch on with no benefit to your body. Because they don’t stop you from feeling hungry, you can scarf down an entire bag without feeling full at all.

A study found that daily consumption of chips can add 2 pounds of belly flab every four years, meaning if you just quit eating chips altogether then you could lose half a pound of belly flab without doing anything else.

When you get the craving for a light snack, try healthier alternatives such as baby carrot sticks, baked taro chips or cinnamon sugar radish chips. You may not have noticed but there are healthy snacks available at the grocery store too.

2) Diet Soda

So you thought as long as you’re drinking a diet version of your favorite soda, you’re not going to be adding any pounds, right? Wrong. Recent studies have linked diet sodas to increased waist sizes. Those that drink diet sodas have a greater percentage of belly fat in comparison to those that drink regular carbonated drinks. The reason for this is because their subconscious gives the green signal to consume more food just because they are having a diet soda.

Instead of unhealthy carbonated drinks, go for natural juice instead.

3) Pizza

Hanging around at your favorite pizza joint is great fun but it will throw you off your mission of getting that hourglass body you desire. Pizza is another food loaded with saturated fats that are mostly likely going to pile up in your belly. The next time you’re headed towards a favorite pizza place, know that you are going to be eating food that will probably clog your arteries one day.

Bruschetta is a much healthier alternative to pizza. It consists of the same type of flavors as pizza but is healthier and will make you feel refreshed instead of feeling bloated.

4) Fries

The perfectly crisp and salty fries make the yummiest sides to any meal but aren’t the greatest for your health and definitely not for your waist. A study conducted by Harvard found that those who ate fries regularly gained around 3 pounds of weight for 4 years. At the end of study which lasted 20 years, participants that ate fries regularly added 15 pounds of belly fat to their bodies.

The next time you’re at a restaurant which offers you fries as sides, go for healthier options like brown rice or steamed veggies.

5) Fruit Juice (that isn’t fresh)

All boxed/bottled juices stocked in grocery stores contain large amounts of sugar and preservatives (even if they say they are natural). In order for such juices to remain on shelves they HAVE to have added preservatives. The brands that claim to be ‘all-natural’ still have approximately 36g of sugar in them. Having these juices every now and then is alright but do not make them a part of your everyday diet.

A healthier alternative to bottled juices is homemade juice or fruit smoothies where you know exactly what the ingredients are and the amount of sugar is limited.

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