How to Get a Big Butt?

How to Get a Big Butt?

Feb 10, 17

Getting a bigger butt has become the biggest body fad of the day. Scores of women spend hours daily at the gym, eat all sorts of supplements that promise to enhance that butt or go down the drastic part of plastic surgery or butt implants. But before you employ any of these, it’s necessary to know how can your diet, lifestyle, and training play a role in it; and are any of these ways legit to get a big butt?

Exercise is a natural and legitimate way to get a bigger butt but it’s not going to give you the Kim Kardashian butt that pops out from your back. Exercise will enhance your look to the extent that your muscles can possibly grow. To obtain a big butt your exercise regime should focus most importantly on your three main hip muscles the gluteus medius, gluteus minimus, and gluteus maximus.

These three muscles are what the butt is made of essentially and any workout should be targeted at growing them. Squats, static lunges, Glute Bridges elevated or on Floor, Donkey Kicks and Side Lying Clams are some great exercises, to begin with. High-intensity cardio that focuses on those 3 muscles like running uphill and climbing stairs are great to lift and enlarge that butt.

Many people forget to rest between their workouts which makes their muscle growth harder and their efforts don’t come to fruition. During intense exercise, the muscle fiber tears which is why they are sore afterwards, hence the muscles need repair and restorative time before they can be torn again and gain size.

Fat percentage is another factor that counts when working up that little butt towards greater heights (good pun intended). It might be helpful in some cases, like for very skinny women, to increase their calorie intake so that the layer of fat on the gluteus muscles also increase. However, for some women with a higher fat percentage, it might be that the excess fat on your butt is the reason that your muscles won’t show any definition. So it’s another factor to be considered.

Diet in itself cannot just increase the size of your butt and neither can pills or other supplements. But they can either work with your exercise routine or against it. Where muscle growth is concerned protein is the definite go-to element. It’s the most important macronutrient to aid in building muscle. What you want to lower though is, not your fat content necessarily, but your carb intake. That will in itself help with your fat levels.

Other than exercise there are also some unconventional ways which are becoming very popular however their risks, costs and side effects may also be high. Butt implants are one of those methods which include the placement of a gluteal implant under the gluteus maximus muscles. This procedure involves usually 4-6 weeks of healing after which normalcy may be resumed.

Other than implants there are also surgical procedures like Lipoinjection that remove fat from the lower back, thighs, and abdomen and inject them into the buttocks to increase their size. While many celebrities have allegedly done this, it doesn't paint a very natural looking picture of a butt. In addition to that, the body’s fat-management chemistry does resorb (break down and eliminate) some amount of the injected adipose fat tissue which might even diminish the augmentation.

However for those who require an approach quicker and less consuming than exercise but not as drastic as surgeries can try out butt training using lifters that work on lifting your butt. The results with these can be seen right away as they instantly lift your backside and they are also great for helping with a more long term effect as they can be worn while exercising to maximize the gain. They also come with an added tummy tuck effect if that’s an area that needs some help as well.

While it’s good to care about your body and desire a sexy outlook, going too far on the trend bandwagon has proven to be disastrous. So ladies, do just feed the ego with the bigger butt but also remember to care of your butt and your entire body in the most gentle, healthy and natural way possible.

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