5 Reasons to Get Educated On Waist Training before Starting a Routine

5 Reasons to Get Educated On Waist Training before Starting a Routine

Sep 07, 18

Waist training is actually centuries old, but it became a trend again after celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose made it popular by posting about it enthusiastically on their IG posts. The hype about waist trainers is real and before you hop onto the new trend for that hourglass figure, follow the #1 rule which is to do your research before starting something new.

We have lately seen this disturbing trend going around that everyone from social influencers to bloggers who have actually worn a waist trainer but for a very small time period. There are medical professionals who offer their unsolicited advice about wearing a waist trainer, with no proper experience or knowledge to back up their statements.

As a website who has sold several waist trainers and corsets, we have taken the liberty to clear up the misinformation surrounding the waist training and educate people about waist training before starting to follow a routine. We have received a number of feedback from women about their waist training experience.

First, what exactly is waist training?

Apart from watching the Kardashian sisters wearing a corset and having an hourglass figure, do you actually even know what waist training is all about? Does it really work? Let us go through a few basics of waist training and why it’s so famous among women.

Getting a perfect figure is everyone’s dream but with our busy schedules, it’s nearly impossible to work out for several hours every day. Waist training is an excellent way to transform yourself while doing only a little workout daily and have that excellent hourglass body shape!

In waist training, you are required to wear a corset or a cincher which is usually made of latex and steel bones. They help you slim down and tone your waist by burning that extra tummy fat while you do your regular workout. Most waist trainers have a material called neoprene which makes your body perspire more than usual while you work out, allowing you to burn more calories. Randomly, starting waist training can have negative effects on your body. Only get into waist training if you’re very serious about it and are ready to start a new, ‘tight’ life.

When waist training, what is your corset really modifying?

A very common question which is asked by people is what part of our body is actually changing due to the waist trainer? Well, most people tend to believe that the size of their hips will also change but it’s really not true. Your hip bones will stay put. Even though your hip bones will not change, the bottom two ribs, which are known as floating ribs, might change. It depends on how high your corset is. If it is high enough to cover your two lower ribs, then with time and exercise these two ribs will be pulled down along with your waist to give you an hourglass figure.

Keep in mind, though that waist training is not permanent and it only modifies your waist, back, and stomach area.

Maintenance is necessary.

Keep in mind that waist training is not permanent and it only modifies your waist, back, and stomach area. If you don’t exercise, maintain your diet and stop using your waist trainer once you have your desired figure, your hourglass shape will be lost in the ever-present and threatening fats. Make sure to wear the waist trainer just for an hour or two regularly to remind the muscles to remain in shape.

5 reasons why you really need to know about waist training before you get yourself into a painful jam


1.  If you don’t know your body well, you can very easily suffer from severe body pain

First thing first, not properly measuring your body and buying a waist trainer on the measurements you took two weeks back is an invitation to the worst body pain ever! Your waist size changes in a few days’ time, at least some inches do change so please take fresh measurements before you pick out your new corset. Ill-fitting corsets are very uncomfortable, so please don’t live in a fantasy thinking that if you wear a corset that’s too small than your actual size then you’ll get faster results. Your waist will only shape properly when you get the right sized waist trainer. If you see yourself between sizes, it is always best to buy a size up rather than a size down. If you don’t feel comfortable in your waist trainer you will probably not get flattering results. Invest in something with awesome compression!

2.  Time and Right seasoning is very important for a great shape

 The most common mistake people make is to wear a corset for long hours just when they have started the routine. Breaking out your new waist trainer is very important. When you are new to wearing a corset it is better to wear it for 2 to 3 hours a day and slowly increase your hours to maximum of 8 hours. Wearing a body binding corset longer than that can cause health complications. It is always nice to push your boundaries but if stating inside your comfort zone can bring good results then why give yourself a hard time? The more you force yourself into wearing tighter than necessary waist trainer, the more quickly you’ll want to take it off. Be consistent in whatever you decide to try out.

It will be hard the first time you try it on. Make sure you have extra time because settling in a waist trainer takes time. Since it is a little tighter than normal garments, you need time to lace it or clip it close. Also, you need to take a few deep breaths to check that you can still breathe after compressing your waist.

3.  Pick the right design or later you’ll be blaming your waist trainer for whatever is bad in your life

There are three designs women usually go for:

Hourglass shape gives you the right curves you need while starting from your lower ribs to just above your hips. For beginners, it is easier to wear and it also does not give drastic results.

Conical Shape has straight edges and an inverted cone-like shape. These are very tough to wear since they reshape your floating ribs. Beginners who have just started wearing a corset should avoid this particular waist trainer. Yes if you have already used a corset and are now updating to a new shaped waist trainer then, by all means, shift to this one. It will give good results in 8 months or a year at most!

A Waist Cincher is a small corset covering only your stomach area of the waist. This type of waist shaper is more focused on losing belly fat. People who want to first tone down their stomach usually opt for a waist cincher or waspie.

Carefully pick out the design you think you’ll be most comfortable in because having rashes or small bruises on the skin, later on, is not going to be fun. Also while measuring yourself for the right size, don’t suck in your tummy thinking the smaller the size the better the compression. Too tight is actually uncomfortable and spirit breaking.

Snug but comfortable.

When you will wear a new waist trainer you’ll feel a little tight but after a few days, your body will get accustomed to the compression.

Feeling pain is not normal.

If you feel that the pain or the tightness is getting unbearable after wearing your corset for a few days, then immediately take it off. Give your body time to relax. Always listen to your body and slowly ease your body into the waist training routine.

Useful Tip: It is best to wear a sports bra with a waist trainer to keep your lower ribs area comfortable.

4.  Exercise is a must; don’t be a lazy bum!

Best results only happen when you work for them. Same goes for waist training. You have to exercise to help shape your waist otherwise just wearing a waist training corset has no point to it. You also need to make sure you exercise in a safe manner.

Aerobics exercises are best for you and don’t suffocate yourself doing anaerobic exercises.

Anaerobic exercise includes sprinting, which means very less oxygen intake and since your stomach and waist are already compressed by your waist trainer you will simply pass out from the lack of oxygen. The constriction caused by your waist trainer will prevent breathing deeply and very easily you can get short of breath and raise your heart rate.

Aerobics exercise which usually includes long, slow jogs is perfect for you. Stick to gentle and steady cardio exercises which do not put a strain on your breathing while you are wearing your waist trainer.

Wearing a waist trainer and not exercising will not cinch your waist the right way. If you just keep wearing your waist trainer without moving while working out, then you have an 80% chance of losing the muscle tone you have. Abdominal exercise thrice a week will have the superb result.

5.  You have to keep your diet in check or one day you’ll find yourself very weak

One of the reasons waist trainers are an excellent option to lose weight is because the compression it has on your midline makes you full earlier than usual.

Burning fat is not the only reason waist trainers come in handy.

When you are wearing a shape, wear one which squeezes your abdomen, you are less likely to eat a lot. You’ll be able to feel how much food you are eating and you’ll get full faster. With you wearing something tight around your abdomen you will find it impossible to overeat.

But you have to watch your calorie intake.

Eating less is all good since you’ll shed some good pounds but a squeezed in the stomach also means you won’t feel hungry at the right time the way you do normally. You’ll start feeling weak so it is better to have some good multivitamins with you to keep you strong and healthy.

Investing in good quality probiotics and enzymes is a good idea.

You might find out that your stomach is bloating. There’s no need to worry. To find out the correct cause of bloating it is best to keep a food diary and a close watch to what you eat. Checking the bloating level after each meal will help you find the culprit food.

It will be best for you to buy some good probiotics to replenish your guts with the correct amount of good bacteria and enzymes which will help you digest the food the proper way. Say no to bloating and indigestion!

Not to forget the MOST IMPORTANT REASON of all why you should first improve your knowledge about waist training and then start a body shaping routine:

Cleaning your waist trainer is a MUST

Your waist trainer is made of latex and neoprene which ensure that your body makes enough heat than normal and sweats more than regular while you exercise. The waist trainer does not absorb sweat but it does start to get smelly after a day or two depending on your workout. Even when it does not absorb sweat it does get sticky or just changes its texture. Not knowing all of this can make your body have an allergic reaction caused by wearing a dirty waist trainer.

Cleaning your waist trainer is very easy. You can just use a mild shampoo and use hot water to make the soapy mixture. Soak your waist trainer in it for a few minutes and then wash it with cold water. Do not make the mistake of twisting your waist trainer to dry it out. Simply spread it out on a drying rack and let it dry in open air.

Happy figuring out how to have a good figure!

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