How do you define the perfect hourglass body? Shape, Measurements and More

How do you define the perfect hourglass body? Shape, Measurements and More

Jun 13, 18

When you talk about feminine body shapes, hourglass has been the center of attraction for centuries. You will find models and celebrities flaunting their hourglass body in magazines and on their Instagram and Snapchat profiles.

Other body shapes that are common include rectangular, inverted triangle and spoon. The hourglass shape has become an ideal for many, and women would do everything it takes to get that envious figure.

Hourglass body is broadly defined as:

The measurements that are 36” for bust, 24” for waist and 36” for hips. But this is just a paradigm and only 8.4% of women have that figure in real.

Research reveals that three types of women bodies have perfect hourglass shape:

Waist measurement equal to height x 0.375

The bust measurement equal to waist x 1.5

The hip measurement equal to the bust measurement

The thighs should be a bit bulky. Heavy busts and hips are regarded as determinants of fertility in some cultures. Women with thicker hips and thighs have a higher reproductive advantage as omega-3 fatty acids are stored in such areas. Bigger breasts store more milk for the baby.

A research conducted in 2012 presented very different conclusions of how men and women think of a perfect hourglass figure. Women like tall and skinny figures with few curves whereas men believe women with bigger breasts, bigger hips, and smaller waist are more beautiful and attractive.

General mistakes that women make in achieving a perfect figure is crash dieting amidst too much cardio, excessive workouts and not using strength training . Skipping meals may cause the body to lose weight for a week two. It will, however, disturb your body when you return to regular eating habits causing more weight gain. If you are not overweight likewise cardio is not a good choice. It will make your body consume more sugary foods. Not using weights will mostly blob under your skin.

To achieve a perfect hourglass shape, some famous trainer recommends five exercises three times a week. No rest in between the exercises and performing each circuit three times resting only 15 seconds between each.

  • Side plank lift: Lie on one side and position yourself on elbow and side of the foot. Lift your hips to align with ankles, hips, and shoulders. Lower to the floor, pause, and return.
  • Plank with hip drop: start in plank position with feet hip-width apart. Keep the upper body still and drop the hips, then return.
  • Twisting V-up: Lie face up with arms by your side. Lift left leg to about 45 degrees lifting the upper body from the floor together, twist from waist making your right arm reach the left leg. Return to starting position and continue with left arm and right leg.
  • Side plank with leg lift: Lie on your side positioning yourself on the elbow and side of the foot. Lift your hips to align with ankles and shoulders. Keep your body stable, elevate your leg without bending the knee. Don’t let the hips lower.
  • Plank with leg kick: Position the elbows under the shoulders and feet hip-width apart. Lift leg to hip height and kick in opposite direction. Come back to start and repeat with the other leg.

Besides exercise, there are some diet plans to help you achieve the sought-after figure. Before you start the diet plan research and understand your body because every body type is different, reacts uniquely to diverse meals. Get organized and detox your body. Most importantly stop expecting that one day you will wake up and magically witness your body in shape. You have to work long-term to gain the success.

For breakfast, you can have fruit juice, breakfast cereal or oatmeal. Be sure to consume enough fiber, less sugar, and sodium-packed foods. Also, you can have the breakfast with a poached egg.

For lunchtime avoid ready to eat items to cut down on fat, sodium, and sugars. You can try whole wheat pita with turkey, tuna or salmon salads. Avoid white bread, rice or pasta. Pop in a few nuts. An omelet filled with sauteed vegetable also a good idea.

For dinner, steamed vegetables, grilled steak, and brown rice are a good idea. Omega-3 fatty acid rich foods such as seafood, beans, and legumes are ideal as they contain more good proteins than red meat. Avoid entrees that are loaded with sugar or heavy cream and cheese. Avoid ice creams, pies, and cookies. Instead, opt for fresh fruits.

As a snack time you can always eat hummus with raw vegetable sticks and, brown rice cakes spread with nut butter or raw nuts, whole fruits or almond. Eat regular intervals to keep hunger at bay. Watch your portion sizes otherwise losing weight to achieve the hourglass will become an unachievable dream.

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