Waist Trainer and Exercise: Results and Experiences

Waist Trainer and Exercise: Results and Experiences

Jul 19, 18

Is waist training the secret to getting a tiny waist? Well, a waist trainer can instantly give you an hourglass figure, combining exercise with a waist trainer can offer you more benefits than you think.

Waist training is gaining popularity around the world for all the right reasons. Exercising with a waist trainer helps tighten your core. The stretchable fabric cinches your waist and you can lose inches faster. Exercising with a waist trainer is also popular with celebrities, including Beyoncé, Jessica Alba, Blac Chyna, JWOWW, Kim Kardashian, and more. But the question is - is it really for everyone? Is waist training the most effective way to get an hourglass figure?

It definitely is - as long as you follow the rules.

Want to Exercise with a Waist Trainer – Know the Rules

Here are top seven rules you must remember before you get ready to exercise. 

1. Pick the right gear

Always wear a breathable tank top underneath your waist trainer. Avoid wearing crop tops though. The sweat produced by your body during exercise gets trapped if your waist trainer is too tight. Since the waist trainer will constantly rub against your skin, you might notice a few rashes. Wearing a nicely fitted tank top can prevent irritation, rashes, and acne.

Waist trainer is excellent for weight training

Waist training can strengthen your core muscles and tone those abs. During weight training, a well-fitted waist trainer ensures your back is straight, and abs remain tight and engaged.

The good thing is that waist trainers help maintain the right posture and avoid putting extra stress on your bones and muscles. Also, it helps you sweat more as you indulge in the routine so that you lose weight quickly. 

2. Waist trainer may not be suitable for high-intensity cardio

While we highly recommend putting a waist trainer on for exercise, it's best to avoid it when doing high-intensity cardio. Intense exercises boost your heart rate and the tightness of a waist trainer could restrict you from taking deep breaths. This can become problematic for some people.

During any high-intensity workout, there's a chance of losing your breath, and with a waist trainer on, breathing can become very uncomfortable. Avoid wearing any sort of tight or restrictive garments if you expect exercise to elevate your heart rate. 

3. Waist trainer for more strength and perfect posture

Waist trainers may seem restrictive in the beginning, but you’d feel comfortable if you use it regularly. A waist trainer will adjust to your body. Wearing a waist trainer during exercise can strengthen your muscles and improve your posture. Whether you are doing a full body cardio or yoga, the right posture can make all the difference in the results you achieve.

Here’s an important thing that you need to remember. If a waist trainer limits your mobility, you may not be wearing the right size. 

4. Never wear a waist trainer for too long

As tempting as it may seem, it is not advisable to wear a waist trainer more than eight hours. In fact, wearing waist training products for insanely long durations can be counter-productive for some people.

Avoid wearing a waist trainer for too long. Instead of helping you lose inches or getting the ideal hourglass figure, it could do a lot more harm to your body. Also, don’t expect your body to adjust to shapewear right away.

Allow your body to adapt to the waist trainer. If you try too hard too soon, it could become stressful for your body. Also, wearing a waist trainer for too long can cause excessive sweating, which leads to skin problems. 

5. Invest in only high-quality waist trainer for exercise

If you plan to train with a waist trainer on, make sure you invest in a high-quality waist trainer . You need a waist trainer that supports your spine and core and ensures your body is in the right posture as you work out.

The right quality determines the comfort, effectiveness, and durability of your waist trainer. 

Bottom line

Picking the right size is the key to gaining all the benefits a waist trainer has to offer when you exercise. If it is excessively fitted, it could become uncomfortable. Waist trainer shouldn't be too ill-fitted either. If it is too loose, it may not fulfill the purpose you are wearing it for. In short, the size should be just right. Thus, it is important that you carefully pick your size and invest in the right brand to achieve all the amazing benefits of wearing a waist trainer for exercise.

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