The Benefits of Using a Corset to Better Your Posture

The Benefits of Using a Corset to Better Your Posture

Feb 03, 17

A benefit of corsets that is not talked about often is its ability to correct your posture. Most of us do not even realize how badly we have ruined our posture over the years and its negative implications on our health.

If you’re like the most of us, you’ve unknowingly been standing up, walking around and sitting all wrong. You’re not going to realize until you see yourself in the mirror, your back is likely hunched, your shoulders are probably slouched and your belly is probably sticking around. Can you imagine how long you’ve been walking around like this?

To make it worse most of us spend hours a day sitting at a desk staring at a screen, forcing us to bend our back and hunch our shoulders. Not only does it lead to unnecessary back and shoulder pain but the posture starts becoming natural to us.

Negative effects of Bad Posture

Over time our bad posture will begin to take a serious toll on our spine, shoulders, hips and knees. Bad posture can lead to an array of structural flaws that will cause back pain and shoulder pain, limit flexibility and reduce muscle strength.

In the worst scenario, bad posture causes nerve constriction. Our spine changes with shape, if we have adopted a posture that is unnatural, the spine is forced up against our nerves which results in severe pain and dysfunction in our nervous system.

Bad posture leads to spinal conditions such as scoliosis, kyphosis, and lordosis. Scoliosis occurs when your spine is no longer straight in the center of your back and is instead curved towards one side. People with kyphosis develop an abnormally hunched back. In lordosis, the spine curves significantly inwards in the lower back.

How Corsets Improve your Posture

Corsets help you better your posture and realign your back. If you’ve experienced a spinal injury you can use a corset as a brace. It will stop you from excessively bending your back, which can prevent you from developing scoliosis. People who are already suffering from scoliosis will find that regular use of a corset restructures their spine and reduces the pressure on their back.

For those who have a tendency to hunch their shoulders will benefit from a corset that is high in the back. The corset will help them keep their entire back in position and force their shoulders upright.

As the alignment of our bones and joints is fixed, we relearn the proper use of our muscles too, meaning we are less likely to slouch as we become accustomed to our new posture.

The support given to our lower back with a corset decreases pressure on our ligaments which brace our spine. Regular use of a corset will prevent the development of osteoporosis and certain forms of arthritis like fibromyalgia in the future. Also, the upright position decreases the position in our lungs, allowing us to breathe openly, which in turn reduces fatigue that is caused by bad posture.

Of course, bad posture alters your appearance and your body language. Having bad posture will expand your waistline and cause your belly to hang out. But bad posture also has more serious consequences that will impact you in the long-run. With the help of the corset your body regains its original shape, keeping your spine strong, your waist slim and your tummy tucked in.

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