Do waist trainers work for weight loss?

Do waist trainers work for weight loss?

May 31, 18

Waist trainers or clinchers are a modified form of a corset. Made from latex, they are wrapped around the waist and gradually tightened with lacing or Velcro to help you achieve an hourglass shape.

The corset itself has been used throughout history for centuries. In the sixteenth century, they became a rage, particularly within the French court. Women of different regions and generations have used corsets to lift the bust and accentuate a tiny waist. Also, the corset was a symbol of class, dignity, and decorum within royal women.

Modern waist trainers are designed on the same concept. They force the belly in and highlight the natural curves of the hips and thighs. The idea is that by using a waist trainer regularly, you can achieve an attractive hourglass figure.

Many celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Halle Berry swear by waist training. They claim that it helps women attain the perfect hourglass figure. We admit that some before-and-after waist training pictures on social media are very impressive. But can waist training help you get an enviable figure?

Simply put, if you combine waist training with low-calorie diet and exercise routines, you can see quick results. Let's look at how waist trainers can help you lose weight and get a thinner mid-section:

1- Look Thinner Instantly

The human skeleton is covered by layers of muscle and flesh, which is soft and malleable. When you wear a constricting garment like a waist trainer, you can contour your body instantly.

You notice that your belly is pushed in and your posture improves after wearing a waist trainer. But make sure that your waist trainer is the correct size. It may feel like a squeeze at first, but a waist trainer ‘ that fits’ will not make it difficult to breathe. So, buy a waist trainer that is snug but doesn’t cause distress.

If you are a plus sized individual, then it is safe to go for a waist trainer that is around seven to ten inches smaller than your current waist size. Your weight around the mid-section will be redistributed once you wear it, making you appear thinner instantly. Get ready for loads of compliments coming your way!

Once you have found the perfectly sized waist trainer, use it daily and gradually increase the time with each passing day.

2- Increases the core temperature of your belly area

Another benefit of waist trainers which contributes toward weight loss is that it increases the core temperature of the body. This process is known as thermogenesis and it refers to the process of increasing the overall temperature of the body to speed up your body's metabolic rate.

Since all enzymatic reactions in the body depend on thermogenic chemistry, an increase in temperature will mean that a higher amount of energy is being used. This results in an increased caloric burn. Ingredients such as green tea and cayenne pepper are also known for their fat burning properties, based on the same concept of thermogenesis.

A waist trainer will make you sweat and help you lose water weight.

3- Helps remove toxins from the body

It's a known fact that sweat contains toxins. As we discussed in the above-mentioned point, that waist trainers can help your mid-section sweat more. This means that you'll be flushing out impurities from the body along with burning extra calories.

4- Better posture during workout sessions

Thanks to our jobs, most of us don’t walk or move around a lot. Almost all jobs fall into this category. Whether you are an office clerk, a customer representative, a secretary or a manager- you'll be required to sit on your desk all day long.

But while computers and modern technology have helped us in getting work done faster, it also has its repercussions. Most people suffer from back pain and poor posture due to sitting at their desks all day. Wearing a waist trainer can help you overcome this problem as the compression around your belly area will support your back and you'll feel your posture improving almost instantly.

What's more, you will also be able to perform specific exercises with an improved form. Wear your waist trainer during your workout session to keep your core engaged and flex those muscles even more! Regular abs-training exercises coupled with the waist trainer will help you achieve results quickly.

5- Helps reduce hunger

Last, a waist trainer can help you eat less. Wearing a constricting garment decreases the capacity of the stomach. You'll feel full after having a little food. It is one of the greatest benefits offered by a waist trainer that can lead towards guaranteed weight loss.

But don’t rely on the waist trainer alone. It's not a magic pill that will help you achieve your desired figure with no hard work. If you want to lose weight and maintain it in the long run, then restrict the number of calories you take every day. Instead of starving, opt for healthy food choices that will help you lose fat.

A nutritious diet will keep your energy levels high, so you can follow a fat-burning exercise program too. Incorporate these tips into your daily routine and don a waist trainer to achieve your dream figure within no time!

Have you gotten your hands on a waist trainer yet? If not, hop on the bandwagon of women who swear by waist training and witness miraculous results within a few weeks.

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