5 Leg Slimming Workouts For Your Morning Fitness Routine

5 Leg Slimming Workouts For Your Morning Fitness Routine

Nov 13, 18


The struggle of getting those skinny jeans to go up is real. You are halfway into them and you realize that they won’t budge up. When you finally get them buttoned up, which is an epic win, you realize that you’re about to suffocate yourself really bad. Walking in those jeans is going to be hell-like torture and there’s no point in even thinking about sitting in them.

One solution to this mess is to rip them off and wear something comfortable. You can easily put the blame on your dryer for shrinking them up; that’s what any sane woman would do to avoid going on a diet or avoid all of those tiring workouts. Or you can be a bigger, better person and take on a life changing approach. Yes, we know that not many of us feel like changing our lifestyle. It is really frustrating but we do know deep inside that unless we work out regularly and be more watchful about what we eat we cannot possibly hope for fitting in most of our clothes forever.

Mostly people find it easier to achieve an hourglass figure since you have the help of good waist trainers and most exercises focus on how to lose that belly fat and slim down the waist. But when it comes to the legs, getting them to slim down is a challenge. There aren’t many exercises with key moves targeting the most troublesome area of the body, the thighs, and you cannot keep struggling to slide in those jeans all your life. So we are here to help you banish that unwanted thigh bulge and fortunately for you, getting those slimmer and sexier legs is not as impossible as it seems. We have come up with five, very simple fat-kicking workouts for your thighs which can be done every morning when you wake up.

Why Workout in the Morning, You Might Ask?

Morning workout

Not everyone is a morning person; even you might not be one. A morning workout probably seems impossible to you. Not everyone likes to start the day by waking up and working out. But just read on with an open mind and who knows you might change your perception.

An early morning workout has a lot of benefits which are not available at any other time of the day. Yes, waking up early needs discipline and lots of will power but there’s no denying that your health and daily schedule profit from it. You also need to be focused when you work out and not just be a zoned out zombie going through it. It will take some time and patience, but after a while, morning exercise will become a part of your daily life.

If you still need more convincing, then we have listed down some of the most important benefits of a morning workout.

A fantastic metabolism

After a workout, your body is more inclined towards burning calories. Yes, your body will use up everything you eat after your workout even if you just keep sitting on your desk. Whenever you eat, your body does one of these three things. It can use your food as an energy source or it can replenish your body with it. It can also just store it for later use and that’s what fat is. Now when you eat after you exercise, your body uses up everything, there is no body harming storage anywhere. So a morning workout works for you better than the one you do later in the day.

More consistency and self-discipline

Exercising in the morning works out great for you, since there are no daily tasks of yours that need to be done first or are more urgent. You don’t feel tired at that time and there are no errands that you need to run first. No interruptions that might delay or cancel your workout. Waking up early and getting your workout done also has a good effect on your self-discipline. You are more likely to get all of your work done on time since you will feel energized and powered up to be more punctual.

More energized and better sleep

A good morning workout is going to feel better than a cup of coffee. Moving your body can become a great source of energy to you. You will feel more refreshed and rejuvenated the whole day and have ample amount of physical and mental energy to handle the hardest tasks. Waking up early is also helpful when you have those sleepless nights. Working out in the morning helps curing insomnia. Exercise early and enjoy your healthy sense of fatigue at night which will lure you to a deep, restful sleep. No more tossing or turning in bed or surfing the internet all night.

In short, morning exercise is definitely the way you will reach your fitness goals much faster. It is really worth it to wake up from your sleep early in the morning and moving your body, giving yourself the best bout of energy which will last all day. So even though it may not seem really fun to get out of bed and exercise but it is definitely worth it. Apart from it being so much healthier, your brain will love being in its happy place when you work out.

5 best workouts for those smart, slim legs

The right moves can grant your wish of having slim legs. There’s no magic or miracle involved, but these small and very easy to do workouts might just be the closest things to being magical.

Squat your way out of those bulging thighs

Squats are the easiest way to get those toned legs . Doing squats properly is the best way possible to tone your thighs and build lean, healthy muscles. If you are just starting out, traditional squats are perfect for you. Otherwise you can be more carefully adventurous and try out the squat jumps.

Squat workout


How to do traditional squats: If you’re a beginner, it’s best to use a wall for support. Keep your shoulders wide apart and your knees have to be 90 degrees bent. Hold this position for a minute and then take a half minute break. On the first day do 10 reps and keep on increasing five every day. When you become more confident about holding your balance, then try doing squats by just using your arms as an anchor for support.

5 Leg Slimming Workouts


How to do jump squats: Every muscle in your lower body is targeted including your glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps and calves. Your metabolism is going to become super awesome and there’s going to be a spike in your calorie burning process. Squat jumps are better for a middle level squat(er). First stand straight and make sure your feet are hip width apart from each other. Now lower yourself into a squat and keep your weight on your heels and not on your toes. Your chest should be lifted and your knees are supposed to be behind your toes. Give a brief pause and jump up with your legs fully extended. Softly land on your mid foot and slowly transfer your weight back to your heels. Don’t wait up and lower yourself into the next squat. Your back has to be straight the whole time and you should be able to feel your abdominals engage. First go for small jumps and then gradually increase your height as you get a firmer grip on this exercise. Do 10 to 15 reps and increase each day by 2 or 3 reps.

Lunges for toned legs

Lunges are excellent for your glutes and thighs. Instead of shying away from muscle toning exercises, thinking they will just increase your thighs is wrong. You need to know that muscles take up less space than fat and lunges are excellent to lift up that butt and burn quite a lot of calories. Lunges utilize multiple muscle groups and are a very important lower body exercise. Lunges will make sure that your thighs are strong and a more definite shape and tone.


Lunges for toned legs


How to do simple lunges: With your hands placed firmly on your waist, get ready for the most perfect lunge. Also keep your feet together, unlike the way you kept them apart in a squat. Breathe deeply and lunge forward using one foot and keep your body balanced. Hold that position for half a minute and then go back to standing. Repeat the same thing on the other leg. Start from 10 to 15 reps and keep increasing each day.


Leg Exercise


How to do dumbbell lunges: Once you become perfect in your regular lunges, go for these dumbbell lunges. For these type of lunges, your feet need to be wide apart and aligned with your shoulders. With a dumbbell in each hand, lunge sideways while keeping yourself balanced. Do 10 reps the first day and increase by 2 reps each day to get those toned calves.

Step up, tone up

This very simple exercise will mainly show the changes on your quadriceps and also help firm your butt. You can increase the sculpting finesse by adding to the step height, weight or both. First start out easy, with lower step height and no hand weights.


Squat workout


How to do step ups: Get on the floor on all fours with your wrists placed under your shoulders and your knees under hips. Now move yourself into a plank position by stepping one foot back and then the other. Engage your core by keeping in a straight line and not sinking your hips. You can think about pulling your elbows to your toes to further wake up your core muscles. Now all there is left is the lift and tap while breathing in from your nose and exhaling the air from your mouth. You will be lifting your one hand and tapping it to your opposite shoulder and bring it back to the ground. Repeat it with the other hand and make sure you do 15 reps each side.

There’s nothing better than embracing cardio



Cardio is the ultimate way to slim down those flabby thighs. You can take your pick, from power walking, to jogging or running. It is not even compulsory to go out of the house to do cardio. You have the option to buy a treadmill to do cardio at home and save money. You can scout gyms that are shutting down and buy one at cheap rates. Every morning doing a 45 minutes cardio workout can change your legs forever . Make a pact with yourself to do cardio 5 days a week and don’t make the mistake of taking breaks in between your 45 minutes of moving your body. Instead of overdoing yourself while you speed walk or jog or even run, keep a steady pace where you are able to breathe normally.

Stand and lift those legs

Leg lifts are easy to do and they firm up those quads.

Squat workout


How to do leg lifts: Stand with your right knee bend 45 degrees and your hands firmly placed on your hips. Keep your chest high and bend forward from your waist for balance. Now extend the left leg with pointed toes and lift it up as high as you can to the side. Lower down with control and repeat the move 10 times. Now do the same with the opposite side. Keep increasing the reps each day as you see fit.

The workouts mentioned are your easiest holy grail to have the best fit and toned legs ever. The more you keep doing them, the better are your chances to fit in your skinny jeans and look sexy in a mini dress you have long set your eyes on. Also for best and quick as ever results you also need to watch your eating habits and make sure you consume clean and healthy food. Reach your true perfect body potential and be smart and happy!

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