Here's how to know what size waist trainer you need

Here's how to know what size waist trainer you need

Nov 23, 18

If you have been hearing a lot about waist trainers lately, you aren't the only one. They are trending these days. But they are not merely a fashion statement. Waist trainers help people in reducing the size of their waist. Waist trainers make the difficult goal of achieving the hourglass figure a bit easier

However, you must not confuse the waist trainers and corsets of today with the corsets of old times. Back then, women's clothing was made without paying attention to their comfort and ease. Women were never able to relax in those tight corsets, but they had to wear them because that was the norm. They had that tiny waist but at the cost of their comfort.

Today, when a woman decides that waist training is something she wants to try, she can do so without having to worry about her comfort. But comfort is not the only thing the waist trainers of today are offering.

Here is what's great about the waist trainers of today:


You can't really look good in something if you don't feel good in it. Waist trainers and corsets of today are not made to make you stiff and they won't make it hard for you to breathe easily. They offer enough support so you can breathe easily. They don't limit your breathing or your movement. So you can have a tiny waist without having to compromise on anything.


When you keep wearing a waist trainer, your waist will begin to shrink. As your waist shrinks, you will need a tighter waist trainer. But modern waist trainers come with hooks that you can use to adjust the trainer to your size. You won't need to buy a new waist trainer every time your waist losses a few inches.

Good Fabric:

Although you can still find waist trainers made of fabric that's not very comfortable, most waist trainers of today have the right kind of fabric that you can comfortably wear under your clothes, whether you are going to the gym or a party. If your skin is sensitive and you get rashes easily, then you can find a waist trainer made of the best quality fabric that will be suitable for your skin. From latex and satin and cotton to polyester, these days you can find waist trainers made from all kinds of clothing materials.

If the features of modern waist trainers and corsets haven't convinced you to get one, then wait till you learn about their benefits. You may think that corsets help with shaping your body and losing some inches from your waist, but that's not just it.

You should start waist training because it has many benefits:

1. Improve Posture:

Do you spend too much time sitting behind a desk? Well, so does everybody else. The biggest disadvantage of the desk life is our bad posture. We are always slouching and consequently leading ourselves to a future that's filled with back pains and other physical issues. Waist trainers help people sit up straight and improve their posture . By doing so, they also protect us from health issues.

2. Reduce Back Complications:

Everybody, at a certain age starts experiencing back pain. We have learned to ignore it as an age-factor when it really isn't because many people have begun experiencing back pains at a young age too. Not sitting straight, bending down to look at our computers and phones, slouching on the couch to relax, these habits have been causing us problems and we don't even realize it. It begins with back pain and can lead to a whole lot of other problems that will make our future not-so-comfortable

By improving posture and keeping your back straight, body shapers help you avoid back complications. They will strengthen your back that will, in turn, help with your old back injuries. Waist trainers also relieve back pain and muscle tension.

3. Minimize Period Cramps:

Every woman knows how worse the menstrual cramps can get and no matter how many ibuprofens you pop in, they just don't go away. You lie in the fetal position for hours, drink hot chocolate, use a hot water bottle, you do everything just for a few minutes of relief from the pain that feels like its ripping you apart from the inside.

But here is an unbelievable fact, waist trainers can reduce menstrual cramps. Waist trainers put pressure on the abdominal area which helps with the uterine contractions and alleviates pain while keeping your posture erect.

4. Fewer Headaches and Migraines:

When you don't take care of yourself properly, you get a headache. It is a sort of reminder from your brain that you need to eat and sleep properly and you need to sit in a good posture. Headaches can get pretty bad if the stress in your shoulders and neck muscles doesn't get released. Constant stress in your muscles is not good for your overall health either. Waist trainers take the tension off of your neck and shoulder muscles which in turn reduces your headaches. If you get severe headaches and migraines, corsets can reduce their intensity by a considerable margin. By preventing the spinal cord from getting squeezed, body shapers lead to fewer migraines.

5. Improve Psychological Health:

There are no short-cuts to a cure when you are struggling from a psychological issue. You will have to give it time and commit yourself fully to the treatment. But with the help of a few little things, you can get engaged with your recovery process and improve your psychological health along the way.

A good appearance can have a positive effect on your mind. When you look in the mirror while wearing a waist trainer and see your thin waist, it will make you feel better about yourself. Your self-confidence will improve and your new look will motivate you to keep wearing a waist trainer so you can lose a few inches.

What Kind is The Right Kind?

waist trainers

Now that you know all about the advantages of waist trainers, you must be wondering what kind and size of waist trainer you should get. To choose the right type of waist trainer, you must know a few things in advance.

● Waist trainers come with hooks that you can use for adjusting the size.

● They come in different types of fabric with latex waist trainer being one of the most famous ones.

● They can also help with reducing belly fat.

● Both steel boned and plastic boned waist trainers are available in the market. People often prefer steel boned waist trainers for their durability.

The Right Size:

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The thing that confuses people the most about waist trainers is their size. Buying a waist trainer is a little different from buying clothes. You have to know your waist's measurement for sure before you buy a waist trainer. Since you will be wearing the waist trainer for long periods of time, it should be the right fit, or it won't help you. Getting the wrong size of a waist trainer can do more harm than good.

If you get a smaller size, you will have difficulty moving and bending. If you get a size too tight, you will even feel difficulty breathing.

If you get a bigger size, the trainer will not give you the perfect hourglass figure. Your instant look will not be as good as you expected it to be with a bigger waist trainer and you can forget about the long-term results.

How Do I Know Which Size is The Perfect Fit for Me?

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The answer to this question is simple: measure your waist. Your measurements should be so accurate that you can bet your life on them. Here are a few tips on how to get the most precise measurement:

● Remove all layers of clothing before measuring your waist.

● Take the measurement thrice to be sure. If the measurements aren't the same all three times, take their average.

● Look at the sizing chart but don't consider it the final word.

● If you feel confused between two different sizes, get the larger one. Because if you get the smaller one and it's too tight, you will have to get it changed, but if it's slightly bigger than your waist, you can adjust it with the help of hooks.

● If you are getting your waist trainer from a store, try it on before making the purchase. Wear your clothes over it to see how you feel. Test the trainer by moving around and see if it lets you breathe properly. But if you are shopping online then try it on as soon as it arrives at your doorstep so if there is a problem, you can get it exchanged as quickly as possible.

● No matter how tempted you feel, don't get the size you want to be. You have to start with your current size, and then you can work on reducing it.

Taking the Measurement:

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This is the most crucial step of your waist training, and you must not mess this up. Follow the procedure mentioned below to get the right measurement of your waist:

  1. Remove your shirt and any other clothing that is covering your waist.
  2. Use your fingers to find the tip of your hip bone. Then move your fingers upward and locate the bottom of your ribs. The soft abdominal area between these two is your waist.
  3. By using a measurement tool, measure your waist from a little above your bellybutton. Before you measure, stand up straight and don't forget to exhale once. The measuring tape should fit without being too tight. Make sure you are using a flexible measuring tool, or the measurement will not be accurate. If you don't have one of those measuring tools, you can use a piece of string. Mark your waist's size on the string and then measure it with the help of a hard measuring tool.
  4. Take the measurement two more times before deciding the final size of your waist. Repeat the same process each time by standing straight and exhaling once before the measurement.

The size of your waist trainer will be a little different from your regular clothing. Usually, it is one size above your regular size but if you wear clothes too tight then get a waist trainer that's two sizes above your regular shirt size. If you end up with a waist trainer that's slightly bigger than your size, don't panic because that's precisely what the hooks are for. You can easily adjust little size differences with the help of the hooks.

If you are getting a lace-up corset, then your size is going to be a little different than your waist trainer size. Once you have measured your waist, subtract four inches from it, and that will be your lace-up corset size.

So have you decided about starting waist training? Remember it is not a latest invention, it is something that has been useful for reducing the size of one's waist for many years. But to make sure it is helpful, you have to be very careful about the kind of waist trainer you are getting. There are plenty of different types of waist trainers available in the market. Having an accurate measurement of your waist will be a lot of help when choosing the right waist trainer for yourself. But size is where most people make a mistake and end up with a waist trainer that's not the right fit for them. Although you can get it changed if you don't know how to take the proper measurement, you won't know for sure which size to get. Keep your head clear, take the right measurement of your waist and then consult the size chart. Give yourself a couple of centimeters' margin because the hooks on your waist trainer will take care of lighter adjustments. Get the right waist trainer today so you can achieve the hourglass figure and stop worrying about your body all the time.

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