How to wash a latex waist trainer? - Maintenance and Care for Your Fitness Gear

How to wash a latex waist trainer? - Maintenance and Care for Your Fitness Gear

Oct 05, 18

Looking the best version of yourself is important for everyone. If you’re a woman, learn to be confident about who you are, be comfortable in your own skin and enjoy everything that life has to offer. This is the only way you can achieve your goals and truly enjoy yourself. Looking smart and fit is an important thing as it shows how active you are and how serious and careful you are about your health and fitness.

Fitness cannot afford flabbiness; you have to really strive to be the best fit version of yourself. Before summer season starts, most of the women start working out at the gym or at home to have a toned and well-proportioned body so they can look like their dream selves when it’s bikini time at the beach. If you’re planning to have a slimmer waist and a tucked in stomach that’ll look good in your bikini, having a good quality latex waist trainer can help.

Maintaining your waist trainer is an important thing, as you really don’t want to be known as The Smelly in the gym. You should know how to clean your latex waist trainer and safely store it away after you have hit your fitness target and avoid getting it all balled up and wrinkly, whether you use it the whole year around or occasionally. Knowing how to keep your waist trainer clean will avoid any smelly embarrassments plus it will also help you practice good hygiene.

Rigorous workouts and sweaty exercise routines can make our waist trainers go out of shape and become a bit moist and icky with time. It is very frustrating and annoying to have a waist trainer all ruined up because of ill maintenance. Naturally, you get used to a certain type of corset as it suits your body well and it is hard to find the same level of comfort in a new waist trainer.

There’s a lot of time, money and effort invested in finding yourself the right waist trainer so why not take care of it and keep it clean and well stored so that you can keep using it for a long time? It is a fitness fact that finding suitable fitness shapewear and gear is hard and getting used to new stuff can be very discomforting so taking care of your current gear is essential.

Your waist trainer helps you look great so why not make sure to give the special treatment and proper care it deserves. Maintaining your waist trainer is pretty much the same way you take care of regular garments, however, you do have to pay attention to how you clean your waist trainer.

You must, for instance, make sure not to use any expensive and high amount of chemicals and instead use a mild textured baby shampoo. For drying it you can just spread it out and leave it hanging on the drying rack or rope, whichever you prefer. Regular cleaning is a must if you use your waist trainer on a daily basis.

What is Latex?

Before diving into a detailed step by step guide on how to clean and maintain your latex waist trainer you should probably educate yourself on latex. It is a white sticky substance found in rubber trees, spurges and poppies. Latex is usually released when the rubber tree is cut and the texture inside the tree, when exposed to air, starts to congeal. This material is used as the main ingredient in making rubbers. The waist trainers’ manufacturers use the same material to give that tight yet flexible stretch in the garments you wear for workouts which provides restricted mobility while still allowing you to move and exercise.

How to Clean a Latex Waist Trainer?

Now that you know the importance of keeping your waist trainer clean and well-kept, you need to follow these simple steps which will make your waist trainer last for a long time.

1. Never put your Waist Trainer inside a Washing Machine

Your waist trainer is made of a different type of fabric; it is designed to not absorb sweat and instead gives enough heat in the midsection area to boost up the fat burning process. With time and usage the waist trainer does start to smell and gets a little sticky due to being regularly exposed to sweat. To keep it smelling nice and fresh, you will need to clean it daily. Also the waist trainer has these steel bones, which will break in the washing machine and that will be the end of a once perfectly fine waist trainer. So cleaning it in the washing machine is a big NO.

2.Hand Wash it Gently with Mild Shampoo or Baby Shampoo

What your waist trainer needs is a gentle hand washing instead of machine washing. You can use a shampoo with very less chemicals or, t be safe, just use a baby shampoo. If you’d like to be more specific, then there’s even a special lingerie detergent available to wash latex type fabric. Hand washing the waist trainer will make sure that it is clean and it has no bad odor. This way you’ll get to keep your waist trainer for a longer while and feel fresh whenever you wear it.

3. Let your Waist Trainer Dry out in the Open

It’s best not to squeeze your waist trainer a lot to drain out all the water after washing it. Leave it out in the open for a few hours and it will dry on its own. Using a dryer is totally a negative. Waist trainers have a large amount of latex and a dryer will shrink it so much that it won’t be wearable anymore. Also, the steel bones in the waist trainer are not suitable for the dryer.

4. Do Not use a Sponge to Scrub your Waist Trainer

When you are washing your waist trainer or drying it, do not use a sponge to vigorously scrub it because that way you’ll only end up with an ugly discolored garment. Scrubbing will also damage the latex fabric, making the waist trainer retire earlier than usual.

It is crucial to clean your waist trainer if not daily then after every two days. The waist trainer is designed to make you sweat a lot and, even when it does not actually absorb the sweat, it still gets smelly and dirty on the whole.

Dirty waist trainers do not function properly and you feel uncomfortable in them physically as well as psychologically. Waist trainers which are not cleaned in time, when donned on can feel itchy and make you smelly.

You’ll be the smelly person in the gym who people will avoid working out with or around you and it can get very inconvenient for you and everyone around you.

Tip for Washing your Waist Trainer in a Fast and Effective Manner

If you want to clean your waist trainer quickly but also have it really clean you should soak it in hot soapy water for at least 5 minutes. Finish a chore while the hot water cuts out the dirt. Since you have used a mild shampoo to make the water soapy, the soaked fabric will only get cleansed and will remain damage free. You can then rinse it with cold water and place it on a rack or hang it on a rope to dry itself. Yes, it will take a few extra hours to dry off, but you will have a more durable and clean waist trainer in the end.

How to Make Sure your Waist Trainer is Worn Right?

Even though cleaning your waist trainer is important but using it in the right manner also prolongs its effectiveness and durability. When you first start wearing a waist trainer, wear it daily for just 2 to 4 hours and then each day add an hour to it. In a few days you should be comfortable wearing your waist trainer for a good straight 6 hours. Read more about how often you should safely wear your waist trainer here .

How to Store your Waist Trainer in your Drawer or Closet?

Keep it Flat

It is imperative that you lay your waist trainer in a flat way so that it doesn’t lose its shape. Never try to fold or stuff it somewhere small if you are putting it away for some time period.

Do Not Expose to Direct Sunlight

Hang it in a dry cool place where it is not in contact with direct sunlight. Direct sunlight can damage the latex, making your waist trainer useless.

Place Moth Balls on Top of it

If you are storing it away for a long time, it is best to put some moth balls with it. The moth balls will protect the waist trainer from fabric eating pests.

Do Not Iron it

Keeping your waist trainer straight and wrinkle free helps because you cannot iron it. The waist trainer has a lot of latex which will melt away when hot iron is placed on it leaving you with a half dismantled leftover of something (not a waist trainer for sure)

In addition to these tips on how to keep your waist trainer safe, clean and not rot and get mold, there’s one more tip we’d like to share with you:

Buy More than One

Buying the perfect waist trainer is a tricky business and finding the right one is a personal achievement. Do not hesitate even the slightest bit to get two or even three of the same pieces. You can change the colors if you want, though. Having more than one waist trainer will ensure that you will always have one at your disposal if the other gets damaged. We have a detailed guide for you to find the right shapewear for your body here .


We know and understand your desire to have a good curvy body which you want to be able to flaunt during beach season. Bikinis are bought with excitement ahead of the summer season and the race to getting fit starts. Special workouts and exercise routines are planned out and various diets are followed to have the body lose fat. Winter binge eating is cursed upon and vows are made to never eat unhealthily.


There’s nothing wrong with yearning and working hard to get fit as long as it is not self-harming. Waist trainers are a personal favorite of women from around the globe as it helps them trim down that belly fat, give them an hour glass figure and keep their bodies fit and bulge less. A waist trainer promises them the curves every woman covets and actually fulfills the promise. With its latex fiber and steel bones, it helps shape the body the right way.


Wearing the waist trainer while exercising helps shed more sweat which is actually your calories burning away. However, with time and frequent use, the waist trainer can stop working as well and loosen its stretch. So to keep it working properly you have to clean and maintain it like your other fitness gear. Excess use of anything can give bad results and using the waist trainer excessively will also be harmful for your body.


Machine washing is harmful for the waist trainer and hand washing it and drying it in the open is ideal for it. Storing it in a netted lingerie bag and keeping it straight will have wonderful results. Following the tips of cleaning the waist trainer and storing it in a good manner will ensure that your waist trainer remains perfect; and this way it will be able to keep you in perfect shape for a long time.

Happy curves and all that is good for you!

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