What Other Workouts Should I Pair with My Arm Strength Training

What Other Workouts Should I Pair with My Arm Strength Training

Dec 19, 18

One obvious advantage of toned arms is that you will look great in sleeveless dresses. You can wear a sleeveless dress to a party with full confidence when you have perfectly toned arms. But looking good is not the only advantage of arm strength training.

The training will also help improve your posture. Hunching over our laptops at night and sitting behind a desk throughout the day has created a huge problem with our posture. We have almost forgotten how to sit straight. This has led to other physical problems like consistent back pains and headaches. Bad postures can cause even bigger health issues. To save yourself from these issues, it is better to improve your posture, and one of the best ways to do that is by working on your arms.

Arm strength training is also necessary if you want to do other exercises. If your arms are weak, you won't be able to do pushups properly. Planking will also be a huge problem with weak arms. So to be able to get a fully toned body, you must first build arm strength.

What are the advantages of Strength Training?

Strength training is a great way to tone your muscles and improve your body strength. The biggest advantages of strength training are:

Improved Body Image:

Hating one's body is very common among young people, and it can often lead to eating disorders and destructive tendencies. By doing strength training, people can tone their bodies, and they will be able to like their curvy body.

The improved body image will also boost women's self-confidence, and they will be able to wear all kinds of clothes without having to worry about their body.

Increased Bone Density:

Strength training helps to increase the levels of calcium in your bones and subsequently makes your bones stronger and healthier. When the density of bones decreases, it can cause a lot of health issues and result in weaker bones.

Strength training is the ideal way to ensure your bones remain healthy even in old age.

Lesser Risk of Injury:

By making your bones stronger, strength training saves you from minor injuries. It even protects you from significant damage in case of accidents.

Better Posture:

As stated already, strength training improves your posture and keeps you safe from becoming a victim of chronic back pain.

Elevated Sense of Well-being:

Strength training increases your sense of wellbeing by making you healthier and fit. It has positive effects on you physically and psychologically.

Arm Strength Training: 

Stronger arms mean not having to wait for the man of the house to get home so they can open a jar for you. Arm strength training gives you those strong arms and stronger back that will keep you going even after 50.

Here are a few arm strength building techniques that you can try at home. Please note that you can do all of these while wearing a waist trainer.

With Weights:

Side Raise:

Hold a 5 pounds dumbbell in each hand, stand straight and make sure your palms are facing towards your body. Then raise your arms out until they are level with your shoulders.

In this position, your palms should be facing the floor. Lower your arms to your sides and repeat the action for 8 to 10 reps.

Traditional Curls:

Hold the dumbbells in your hands with your palms facing forward. Without moving your upper arms, bend your knees a bit, and curl the dumbbells towards your shoulders.

Then slowly go back to the starting position. Do 15-20 reps without taking a break.

Overhead Extension:

Stand with slightly-bent knees while gripping the dumbbell with both of your hands. Bring the dumbbell over your head and then lower it behind your head. Your elbows should be towards the ceiling in this position and keep your arms close to your head.

Take the dumbbell over your head to complete one rep and then repeat this for ten reps.

Without weights: 


The best way to build arm strength without weights is via pushups. Pushups are of many types, and if you can't do the standard pushup, you can try doing one with a table or wall pushups. If you keep doing wall pushups regularly, your arms will build enough strength for you to do regular pushups easily.


Get in the pushup position and maintain it for thirty seconds to work your arm. To get the most out of a plank, make sure that your body remains in the same position throughout the plank.

Arm Circles:

Start by holding your arms out in a horizontal line and then start moving them in small circles. Make the circles larger if you want to make an extra effort.

Exercises to Pair with Arm Strength Training: 


When you work on one muscle group at the same time, you can get the most out of your workout. Pairing the right kind of exercises with your arm strength training will increase the effectiveness of your workout routine and helps you build overall strength quickly.

Doing upper body exercises with arm strength training helps you burn your arm fat faster and build upper body strength quickly too. Some upper body exercises like pushups and planks also engage your core so you can build your arm strength and get abs at the same time.

Doing upper body exercises along with arm strength training will make your chest, arms, and shoulders more defined and sharp. Here are the exercises you can pair with arm strength training:

Plank Taps:

This exercise will work your shoulders, abs, and core. Start in the plank position while keeping your feet hip distance apart. Then keeping your hips still tap your right hand to your left shoulder. Then place your right hand in its previous position and tap your left hand to your right shoulder. This is one rep. Do 15 to 20 reps to work your core.

Diamond Pushups:

If you want to triceps, shoulders, core, and chest in one exercise, diamond pushups are the ideal choice. Starting with a high plank position, bring together your hands in a way that the fingers and thumbs form a triangle. Bend your elbows outward and lower your body to the ground while keeping your back and hips as straight as possible. Your core will be engaged during the pushup. You can do up to 10 diamond pushups in one go. Then take a break and do them again. Diamond pushups are easier to do than regular pushups and prove great for building triceps.

Plank Jacks:

Imagine jumping jacks but with a plank. These work your glutes, core, and your shoulders. Get down on the floor in the high plank position and then jump your feet out and in. See, just like jumping jacks. If these prove too tricky, you can get down in the position of forearm plank in the beginning and do plank jacks in that position.

Triceps Dips:

Using the things in your house to exercise will be highly beneficial if you do it right. You can do tricep dips with a box, steps, or with a chair. Sit on the ground with your back to the step. Place your hands behind you on the step in a way that your fingers are facing toward you. Use the strength of your arm to life your butt and legs off the ground. Keep your arms straight while doing this. Then slightly bend your elbows to lower your legs and butt to the ground (but don't let your butt touch the ground). Your elbows must remain behind your body and your heels must stay on the floor during this exercise. This will work your core, back, and triceps.

Inchworm to Pushup:



This exercise combines an inchworm and pushup for extra strength building. This works your shoulders, abs, and back. Start in the standing position while keeping your feet hip-width apart. Hinge forward from the hip and bring your palms to the ground. Place them on the map and then while walking with your hands, get in the plank position.

In this position, do one pushup and then go backward on your hands and stand up straight when your hands have reached your feet. Do ten reps and then rest for 30 seconds. You can do ten more reps after rest if you are up for it. But it's better to start with just ten reps and then increase the number.

These are few of the easiest upper body workouts you can pair with your arm strength training. As you become more comfortable with your workout routine, you can add more exercises to the mix. Superman holds with squeeze and dive bomber pushups are also good additions to the upper body workout.

Once you feel like you have built the necessary strength and can move on to the harder exercises, don't forget to try burpees and clap pushups. If you want to be successful at your strength building and body toning training, then you must push yourself every single day. If you limit yourself, then you won't achieve anything. Keep trying harder and be patient yourself. Don't expect results overnight and you will get there eventually.

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