Dos and Don’ts of Working at a Hair Salon

Dos and Don’ts of Working at a Hair Salon

Jan 01, 19

As a hair stylist your number one responsibility is to make your client feels comfortable and relaxed. But there may be some rude and unruly clients who might make things difficult for you.

Being aware of the salon etiquette can make it easier for you to interact with different kinds of clients and handle difficult circumstances. A lot of such etiquette is usually taught during harkursus. But in case you have forgotten, here are a few dos and don’ts you need to remember while working in a hair salon:

Try not to be late for your appointment

If there is one thing clients hate, it is waiting for their hair stylists in the waiting room wondering where they might be. As far as possible, try not to be late for your appointments. In unavoidable circumstances it would be better to call and inform your clients so that alternative arrangements can be made. Time is precious, not just for you, but for your clients too. Show respect for your client’s time and be professional.

Promise only what you can deliver

It might be tempting to reply with a “Yes” to every request your client places. But if your client is asking for something that is beyond your capabilities and what you have been trained for, it is better to say “No.” Alternatively, you can refer the client to a stylist who can deliver her requests successfully. Not doing this will only reveal your deficiencies, thereby displeasing your client. Make sure you don’t set expectations that seem unrealistic.

Have patience and be courteous to your clients at all times

Listening to the needs of your clients is the first thing you need to do, as soon as a client walks into your salon. Get all the necessary information before giving any suggestions or finding the right stylist who can fulfil the client’s wishes. If you don’t have the right solution for the client’s needs, make sure you offer a suitable alternative. Explain how this alternative will satisfy the need and try your best to convince the client. Whatever you do, don’t sound like you don’t want to do what you are requested to do.

Avoid using your cell phone while you are with a client

Using your cell phone on the floor might seem very unprofessional. As far as possible leave it with the receptionist or keep it on silent mode. Tell the receptionist to disturb you only if it is an emergency. But don’t make this a habit. If you have to take the call, excuse yourself, and find a private place to finish your personal business. Make sure you don’t take too much of your client’s time.

Exceptional service is the only thing that can set a hair stylist or a hair styling salon apart. Of course you would need your creativity to impress your clients. But it is ultimately the quality of service that you provide that defines who you are.

Give maximum importance and attention to your clients while you serve them. Take care of their every request and need. It is their satisfaction that will take you towards your success.

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