Waist Training After C Section - Things You Should Know

Waist Training After C Section - Things You Should Know

Jul 05, 18

Your little bundle of joy comes with a lot of responsibilities, not just towards the baby but also towards your own self. You need to take care of yourself and work towards mental and physical wellbeing.

Most women believe that the C-section belly is the one that likes to stay longer. Workout and diet alone won’t make it leave as soon as you would like. You need to complement it with a postpartum corset, also known as the belly wrap or a mommy girdle.

Yes, waist training is once again catching up as an effective way to send the belly away. Kim Kardashian isn’t the only mommy who swears by waist cinchers. Celebrities who have used waist trainers to reclaim their glorious figure after childbirth include Jessica Alba, Ciara, and Brooke Burke. If you want to be as quick in getting back in shape, waist training is not only effective but also safe.

Before you jump into that girdle, here are a few things you need to know.

Things You Need to Know About Post-Partum Belly

Pregnancy expands your uterus to the size of a huge watermelon when it really is the size of a small pear. It takes nine months for the tummy to expand that much, you can’t expect it to go back within a matter of hours.

When you are pregnant, the cells in your body tend to swell up. They are filled with fluid that they eventually release after the birth. This fluid is released via urine, sweat, and other secretions. Post pregnancy waist trainers can help expedite the process to an extent. High-quality trainers are designed to burn fat at the same time. So you can expect to see drastic results.

Finding the Right Waist Trainer Is Important

Waist trainers are made of different material and they come in various types. Some are only great for the cosmetic purpose. They will make your waist seem smaller and tummy flatter for as long as you are wearing it, but they won’t have any long-term effect on your inches. Others are made of a thermogenic material that actually burns fat while you are wearing it.

It is best to go for waist trainers specifically made for postpartum belly reduction . These are made from comfortable and hypoallergenic fabric that doesn’t infect the incision. Keep in mind that your skin tends to be more sensitive due to all the hormonal changes it went through for months. Instead of an excessively tight corset made from a stiff material, go for a belly band that is soft and breathable.

Waist Cinchers Shouldn’t be Too Tight

You have to realize that your postpartum belly has been through a lot. You can’t be brutal to it. While typically women would tell you to make it as tight as possible, experts would advise against it. If you feel any sort of discomfort i.e. pain in the ribs or breathing difficulties, consider loosening it up a bit.

Remember, a corset or a wrap that is too tight might displace your internal organs if worn for too long. With your uterus already trying to get back into its shape, you cannot afford to make an unnecessary movement inside your body. This is one reason experts recommend using pregnancy bands that work overtime instead of tight corsets that give you instant shape.

Different Women Need to Wear It for Different Period

There is no rule as to how long you should wear your waist trainer each day and for how many days. First, your own comfort matters. Regardless of the material and quality of the trainer, some women cannot keep the belly wrapped for more than two hours a day. Others can keep it that way for a good 6 to 8 hours. Some women only prefer wearing it during postpartum workouts as they allow them to sweat more.

Even with a waist trainer, recovery time varies. There are certain conditions such as diastasis recti that increase the recovery time. Women suffering from this condition require waist trainers for supporting their abdominal muscles. They can wear the wrap for longer hours and for as long as they recover from the problem.

Waist Trainers Alone Won’t Help You Lose Weight

This is a much-needed disclaimer. It would be misleading to tell any woman that they can lose weight with waist training alone. Remember, waist trainers can only support your weight loss effort. They help you get into the shape and aim for that hourglass body. However, you need a proper workout and diet plan to see any real difference, real fast.

Seek professional help about safe post-partum exercise and workout. Let your body ease into the process of getting back in shape. Use pregnancy waist trainers to make sure your weight loss is more focused on your problem area i.e. your belly for a few weeks.

Reclaim Your Confidence and Posture

Childbirth brings many changes in your life. Nine months of carrying a baby can affect everything from your gait to your posture. While these are the things that may not bother you while you are carrying a baby, they can affect your confidence once you are done with the C-section.

With a waist trainer, you can get an instant tummy tuck along with all the long-term benefits. You can fit into your pre-pregnancy clothes without a worry. You can walk in your old shoes with proper support to your back. So, the benefits are not just limited to your belly.

Waist training after C-section is safe as long as you are using the right product made of high-quality hypoallergenic material. With the right product, you will see a clear improvement in your posture and an immediate difference in the appearance.

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