Postpartum Belly Band: Benefits You Can Expect

Postpartum Belly Band: Benefits You Can Expect

Apr 26, 18

Pregnancy and motherhood are wonderful phases of a woman's life. Not only you enjoy the new feelings of excitement but you also look forward to your child growing up. However, amidst all this enthusiasm and pleasures, new moms often are anxious about weight gain and how they will get back their pre-pregnancy body. While there’s plenty of post-pregnancy shapewear to choose from, you should invest in something that has more than just one benefit.

This is where postpartum belly bands come in. These bands or wraps available in a wide range of types allow you to wear them after you’ve given birth, so your uterus is pushed back into its original size. Other than making your abdomen appear thinner, these bands also help with joint pain that is often experienced after childbirth.

In fact, there are many benefits to wearing a postpartum belly band, and this is why we’ve made it our mission to tell you about them. So, let’s dive straight into the benefits of postpartum belly bands and discuss what you can expect when you wear them.

They Provide Support

During pregnancy, your muscles and ligaments go through a lot of stretching and pulling. Once you’ve given birth, these strained muscles take time to heal. Wearing a belly band after delivery will ease your comfort and give your body the support it needs to function properly and care for the newborn. These postpartum bands can also benefit you if you have diastasis recti or the separation of abdominal muscles.

Belly wraps are designed to ‘push’ the muscles back into place. However, remember that this is only a temporary fix and you’ll need proper exercise to heal.

They Help C-Section Moms

If you’ve gone through a C-section, then the postpartum belly band is perfect for you. This ingenious wrap can speed up the recovery process because it allows you to have greater mobility and this results in increased blood flow to the healing tissues. The band will also help the incision heal faster and hold the muscle firmly in place.

The gentle pressure of the band eases swelling, pain and reduces the ‘pulling’ feeling that moms often experience after a C-section. If you want it to work effectively, you need to make sure that wear the band for 6 months after delivery.

Here’s a friendly reminder. Get a green signal from your doc before using belly bands.

They Help You Get Back into Shape

Though belly bands shouldn’t be used as a shortcut to getting into shape, they do help tone your body. Remember, your body goes through immense changes both before and after pregnancy. And when you wear a postpartum band, you don’t have to struggle with the loose skin and flabby abdomen that usually follows delivery.

Wearing the right post-pregnancy shapewear and belts can help you tuck in the tummy and become comfortable hitting the gym. Believe it or not, many mothers avoid going to a fitness center simply because they’re ashamed of their hanging belly and this is when the band will give you enough confidence to get yourself into shape.

They Help relieve Pain

Another great benefit of wearing a belly band postpartum is that it helps you cope with aches and pain. Most women go through a series of back pain, pelvic pain, and joint pain post-delivery and a belly wrap can bring you comfort in such a situation. Because the band supports your abdominal region, it will help you find relief from the body aches. In fact, this is why these girdles or belts haven’t just gained popularity now but have been used by women for centuries. So, if you want to get rid of the pain that won’t let you sleep even when your baby is finally asleep, consider investing in one of these bands.

They Make You Feel Confident

Finally, one of the biggest benefits of postpartum belly bands is that they make you confident and increase your self-esteem. No matter how quickly we lose the baby weight, most women go through issues with self-assurance after giving birth. Because new-moms can’t fit into their old clothes, they feel depressed and anxious.

While there is no reason to feel this way, these bands will help you in feeling more confident. When you wear the band, you will give your body the hourglass shape you’ve always wanted, and this is sure to boost your confidence. As a result, you’ll not only look more beautiful but also feel less depressed and concerned.

Some Things You Should Remember

Before you wear a post-partum belt or band, there are a few crucial things you need to remember.

  • Make sure you talk to your physician before wearing a belly wrap or doing any exercise post-pregnancy.
  • Don’t wear the band for more than 2-3 hours at a time otherwise; it will put a lot of stress on you and your body.
  • Don’t tighten the band too much otherwise, it will put a lot of pressure on your abdomen, and this can be dangerous

Remember that to regain the hourglass figure after delivery requires clean eating and exercise. So, you shouldn’t just depend on the band when you want to get in shape. Also, choose the right post pregnancy shapewear appropriate for your situation.

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