How to Choose the Best Post-Pregnancy Shapewear

How to Choose the Best Post-Pregnancy Shapewear

Feb 02, 18

When you reach closer to delivering your baby and look at your cute ‘baby’ bump, that's precisely when you start wondering how you will ever be able to get back into your pre-pregnancy clothes again. Well, Post-pregnancy body shapewear is the answer you’re looking for.

Whether you call it post pregnancy shapewear, belly band, belly binder, belly wrap, or a postpartum girdle, the primary function remains the same - to support your body and bring your belly back in shape. It is very common to find post-pregnancy shapewear on the shopping list of new moms or moms-to-be. However, it can be a little confusing when it comes to which one is the best and most effective.

So before you select the best shapewear, find out why you really need it in the first place.

Why Should You Choose Post-Pregnancy Shapewear?

In addition to using it as a novelty to bring your belly back to its pre-pregnancy shape, post-pregnancy shapewear is often prescribed by doctors for abdominal support.

It is a great way to help with your posture - which might be affected due to pregnancy and excess body weight - and also helps alleviate back pain. The shapewear - whether you use a belly wrap or a gilder or anything else - addresses back problems post-delivery.

The belly wrap gently compresses your abs and even helps the uterus get back to its original size quicker. As a result, you can see a significant difference in the appearance of your body with the regular use of post-pregnancy shapewear.

How to Pick the Right One?

Just search for 'postpartum belly wrap,' and you will be bombarded with thousands of results. There are various popular styles to choose from. These include girdles, wraps, bands, support belts, cinchers, and body shapers.

Once you finalize the type you need, it's time to jump into the details. The tips here will manage the chaos for you so that you are able to pick the best post-pregnancy shapewear. So before you make your mind, check out some excellent advice.

Set a Goal

Before you even prepare your list of 'must-buys,' it is essential to establish a postpartum goal for yourself. Now ask yourself this simple question: Why do I really need to buy shapewear?

In most cases, the answer is to get extra support for the midsection post-delivery, to trim the waist and get the belly back in shape. A lot of women turn to postpartum wraps and shapewear for these reasons.

The best part is that even moms who have had a C-section can opt for shapewear. The belly bands and wraps do not mess with your stitched belly but can in fact also help you get rid of the c-sec pouch. If you look around, you can find the most comfortable and quality belly wraps for moms who delivered via a cesarean section.

However, if you are planning to indulge in a workout routine with your shapewear on, it is best to consult your doctor to avoid any risk.

What Style Are You Looking For

As mentioned earlier, there are different styles of shapewear for new mothers. Wraps that come with a Velcro are a good pick as it can be adjusted according to the changing sizes. You can pull them tighter as your waist begins to shrink. Also, wraps are a great way to achieve both back support and waist tightening. You also have waist cinchers and girdles in the list. They are also useful and allow smooth movement without making major adjustments. Regardless of the style you choose, make sure your favorite shapewear fits you well.

What about the Size?

This factor is crucial to ensure you actually gain all the listed benefits. Whether you are picking a girdle or a belly wrap, you need to choose the right size, or it might impact your body negatively.

To pick the right size, it is best to buy shapewear soon after you have given birth. This way, you don't have to make any assumptions about the size. You can pick one that corresponds to your body measurements. Also, don't forget to check the measurement details provided by the retailer.

How to Identify the Best Material?

For new moms, comfort should always be set at the highest priority. Therefore, it is essential to pick the material wisely. It is also imperative that you focus on your personal preferences and goals. Look for a belly wrap that is elastic and has a comfortable, breathable material.

The belly wraps available for new moms are made of innovative fabric, so they keep the odor and sweat away too - regardless of how long you keep wearing them. They also allow you to exercise in them without becoming uncomfortable.

In short, select a material that does not only help you achieve your goal but also keeps your body comfortable throughout.

Don't Ignore the Quality

A one-size-fits-all approach will not work for you. If a product works for someone, it doesn't necessarily mean it's perfect for you. Therefore, it's best to do your research and check out the reviews on the selected items. Pick high-quality post-pregnancy shapewear that not only falls within your budget but also meets your needs.


Choosing the right post pregnancy shapewear is an important decision that needs a little time and research. You don't want to pick the wrong type and put your body under more stress. Shapewear that's too tight or ill-fitted can hurt your spine, weaken your muscle, and even impact your digestive system badly. So use the advice shared here and do your research before adding the best post-pregnancy shapewear to your shopping list!

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