Regaining the Hourglass Body after Giving Birth

Regaining the Hourglass Body after Giving Birth

Sep 27, 17

Pregnancy can change your body pretty drastically. But this does not mean you cannot get your beautiful hourglass figure back. Of course, there are certain tips and tricks you will need to pay heed to, but first, throw the despair out of the window and believe that you can do it.

Yes, regaining the hourglass body is possible and you ‘the new mommy’ can accomplish it too, even with your little one around. Just follow the instructions given below diligently and see the difference within a few weeks.

Before starting any kind of diet or exercise regime, be sure that you do so once 4-6 weeks have passed. Giving birth takes a huge toll on your body, and you need some recovery time before getting into any kind of restrictions. What’s more, your little one is dependent on you for nourishment, so give yourself some break and then begin with your efforts for a healthy and fit hourglass figure.

Diet or Not?

This is something that you need to be clear about from the start. Whether you are a nursing mother or not, your hormones are fluctuating post delivery, and you are exhausted, which means that you need the right amount of food. Therefore trying to leave food or not eating enough is not going to work for you.

It’s best not to go down the starvation road. If you do try to eat less or restrict the quantity of food your body demands, you will end up consuming more than normal. Yes, starvation can lead to binge eating.

Clean Eating

In simple words, starving yourself is not the solution. What you must do instead is opt for something known as clean eating. This way you will be getting the right amount of nutrients as well as end up feeling full for longer periods of time.

Now comes the part where you need to select food.

When it comes to healthy eating, everything like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, beans and lean meats come in. These things help in satiating your hunger and at the same time, ensure that you only get the right nutrients. The best part is that all these things do not increase weight but also get to increase your milk supply.

Cleansing Drinks

Cleansing elixirs or detox drinks are perfect to get your body rid of all the toxins that accumulate due to unhealthy or junk eating. These drinks mostly comprise of fruits, vegetables, and water. Some might include coconut water or even vinegar as both help in shedding extra pounds.

Some of the most useful kinds of smoothies or detox waters that you can add to your diet include spinach smoothie, berries detox water, ginger ale (non-alcoholic, of course), tomato, and apple smoothies. Be sure to drink these every single day, and you will not only feel your body slimming down, but your skin and hair would be glowing.

Waist Trainers/ Shaping Bodysuits

This may sound rather superficial to you, but you will be surprised by how well waist trainers work. The best thing about them is that these are comfortable to wear throughout the day and can be worn inside your clothes, which means that wherever you are, your trainers go with you.

You can either opt for shaping bodysuits, or postpartum belly bands if those are the only places you want to focus on. Remember, these bands and trainers can help you regain the hourglass figure quickly.

Workout Routine

Exercise is must, there is simply no going about this. Until and unless you move your body, you cannot get rid of the flab. There are quite a few exercise routines that you can make a part of your day even when the baby refuses to leave you alone. Here are some simple ones that will not only let you work out but also spend time with your little angel.

Walk the Baby

Not only will this exercise routine be easy for you to follow, but it will also allow you and the child to spend some quality time outside the house. You can either pick your little one and walk in the park or put the baby in the stroller and walk an uphill street. The latter is not going to be as easy as it sounds, and will definitely give you the right kind of exercise.


There are many varieties of planks that you can choose to do depending on your physical strength. Start with the most basic ones for as many seconds as you can lift yourself. Once that is achieved, you can increase the time as well as the types of planks you perform.

Baby Lifts

Baby lifts are something like lifting weights. You have to pick up the child and perform exercises like squats, lower leg lifts, and even step-ups if you can safely manage it with the baby. Try different types of exercises to see what works for you.

Start small but make sure you incorporate all the tips mentioned herein. Good luck!

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