How to Get Rid of the “Mummy Tummy”

How to Get Rid of the “Mummy Tummy”

Sep 08, 17

Congratulations on achieving this beloved milestone in your life. You are a mum! Your little bundle of joy must be the center of attention for now as nothing else seems important enough. If you have already been on a healthy lifestyle plan along with some easy to do an exercise routine, you will have realized that losing weight is not as difficult as getting free of that pesky belly pouch.

Moms who have to deal with a cesarean section are skeptical about waist trainers. Well, if you want to get rid of the postpartum belly, you need to bust weight trainer myths first. Once six weeks have passed after surgery, you need to start looking for a solution.

If you’ve been struggling with post pregnancy weight, stress no more, as that is never good for mothers. The best solutions come to those who look for them.

Here you will discover all the right exercises that are neither too time-consuming nor too difficult to manage for mothers. The one thing you will need though right now is a belly band designed specifically for postpartum times. These bands are life savers as they not only aid in getting rid of the unsightly flab around your midriff but also ensure a smooth healing for your C-section wound.

So what do you need to do? Here are some simple ideas.

Plan a Workout Routine

The very first thing that you need to do is take out some time from house chores and baby duties. Hand over the little one to your spouse/mum/friend and get to work on yourself. Half an hour a day is more than enough.

You need to understand that weight loss, especially trimming the waist require that you control your sugar intake along with exercise. Stop eating junk foods, processed foods, and sugary foods and drinks. Once that is done, focus on the exercise part. The following exercises are most effective for the belly pouch. Start with one and then continue incorporating all of them into your workout routine. You can perform as many sets as you can comfortably. 15 minutes is the start and 45 minutes, five days a week is enough to give you visible results within two months.

Top 5 Effective Exercises You Need to Know:


1. Planks

These are difficult, but you don’t have to push yourself from the first get go. Do the planks for 10 seconds the first three times and then increase the time each day until you get to a whole minute.

2. Lower Leg Lifts

Lower leg lifts directly help your abdominal muscles. This exercise is beneficial for belly pouches as they don’t put a strain on your body and are simple to perform. Start with ten reps and then increase from there.

3. Sprint

Sprint is a high-intensity cardio that ensures a quickening of the heart. You don’t have to do it for more than 4 minutes. But make sure you built up to it and not try it in the first attempt.

4. Squats

Squats will not only help reduce your waist size but also assist in reducing fat on your thighs. Start with 5 and go from there.

5. Weight Strength

Weight training is ideal for your whole body. You can lift weights while doing squats or other similar exercises.

Search for a Postpartum Belly Belt

As mentioned above a good belly belt is essential for effective ridding of the belly pouch. Not only should you wear it during the exercise hours, but also as much as you can throughout the day. They are super comfy and extremely productive. They push the skin back, helps tighten it and removes inches from your waist in time. Just make sure you put on the postpartum belly bands.

Best of luck!

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