Juices to Remove Belly Fat and Trim your Waistline

Juices to Remove Belly Fat and Trim your Waistline

May 11, 17

You may be anxious about the bulges of fat that have formed on your body making you unable to fit into that perfect dress on that special evening. You might even be highly conscious about slipping into your bikini as you wouldn’t want to flaunt a body that looks like you don’t care for it enough. However, doctors have greater concerns because deep belly fat can actually be quite dangerous for you in the long run, no matter how harmless it may seem.

Having fat around the midriff can lead to increased risk of heart disease, type 2 Diabetes and possibly cancer as well.

There are numerous studies that have shown that there is definitely an association between having a large mid-riff and these major diseases but there is still no real explanation as to why this is the case.

Medical experts speculate that it has to do with the excess of fat cells which are responsible for regulating metabolism. Also, the release of too much fatty acids by the fat cells in your body can lead to irregular sugar levels and insulin metabolism – all of this is why you should put in the effort into losing your belly fat.

Your belly is the easiest place to gain AND lose fat. If you begin watching your diet and exercising regularly, you’ll definitely notice the change in your waist size fairly quickly.

Note that there are no quick fixes when it comes to losing weight; there is no safe and effective cosmetic surgery that will cut away your belly fat and ensure that it stays off. The best way to lose belly fat and keep the area highly symmetrical initially, you need to opt for the more organic options in your diet and one of the best ways to do that is through having concentrated juice cleanses regularly.

Juice cleanses

Experts have mixed feelings about juice cleanses, while all agree that they help rid your body of toxins, not everyone believes in their effectiveness when it comes to weight loss.

Juice cleanses can help you lose weight in a short amount of time but it should be noted that most of this will be water-weight. Once you are off the cleanse, you will regain all the weight (and possibly more).

While juice cleanses are helpful when it comes to furnishing short-term weight loss needs, they aren’t the healthiest long term solution. They should not extend beyond a week. Your juices should also consist of more vegetables instead of fruits in order to keep your levels stable.

If you are opting to go on a juice diet, be sure to follow it with intense physical training that targets your core while maintaining a proper diet.

• Low-sugar juicing

Keeping your sugar levels low is vital to losing belly fat. Opt for juices that have vegetables as their core ingredient. These could include vegetables like kale, cucumber, celery, and spinach.

• Low-calories

Remember the purpose of you going on cleanse is for you to lose weight, so you can’t drink juices that are high in calories.

You can start off your day with a juice that increases your metabolism, provides you with essential vitamins and minerals that help in melting your belly fat faster.

Try sipping on these delicious juices first thing in the morning:

1) The Spinach Smoothie


• a handful of spinach

• 1 lemon

• a thumb of ginger

• 1 glass water

You’ll find that spinach is one of those foods that you will definitely have to include in your diet if you’re trying to lose weight. A whole cup of spinach only contains 7 calories. You may not be fond of the taste of spinach but you can blend ingredients into the smoothie that will drown out the bitterness of the spinach.

In this specific juice, the lemon and ginger give it the punch that it needs to counter its bitterness.

2) Apple Juice with a twist


• 2 apples

• ¼ of cinnamon

• A thumb of ginger

• 1 glass of water (depending on your desired consistency)

Apples are loaded with anti-oxidants. Consuming apples regularly cuts your ‘visceral fat’, which is the fat on your stomach and around your organs.

3) Tomato Juice


• 4 parsley springs

• 3 tomatoes

• ½ green bell pepper

• ½ cucumber

• 1 scallion

• 1 lemon

Tomatoes have a high content of vitamins and are very low in calories. A whole cup of cherry tomatoes only has around 27 calories. What makes tomatoes the best when it comes to weight loss is that they keep you full for longer so you don’t feel the urge to have more food. Tomatoes are also high in water content; according to Penn State University, the water we absorb from food tends to last longer in our stomach than actual water and water from other beverages.

These juices will provide you with that instant push you may need to help you get started with losing weight. Bear in mind that losing weight healthily requires you to be burning more calories than you consume – you can’t lose weight without any exercise and watching your diet.

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