Improve Your Workouts With These Simple Tips

Improve Your Workouts With These Simple Tips

Aug 11, 17

Everyone knows that exercise should be an integral part of your life. People exercise for different reasons, for some, it’s to lose weight, for others it’s a way relieving stress. Either way, everyone can benefit from making their workouts more effective.

Here are some tips that will improve your workouts and help you achieve your goals fitness goals faster:

  • There is such a thing as exercising too much

In all your glory of losing weight, you may be tempted to do as much exercise as possible to get in shape. Unfortunately, there is such a thing as exercising too much. Studies have found that workouts that last are 30 minutes long are more effective than ones that last 60 minutes or longer. The reason for this is psychological. The more you workout, the more satisfied your brain feels and this counters the physical effects of exercise. After working out for too long in the gym, you subconsciously tell yourself that your work is done, this is referred to as ‘ego depletion’. When you begin feeling good about the amount of work you’ve done, you seem to be more relaxed about what you eat and drink.

  • Look after your feet

All forms of exercise will put stress on your feet.  In order to continue engaging in exercise, you need to be looking after your feet. Having strong and healthy feet will make a big difference to your workout.
Make sure you are using proper sports shoes when exercising and that they fit comfortably. Your sneakers should be cushioned properly to give you the support you need for your workout.

  • Listen to less music

Up tempo music really adds to workouts because it gets you moving but at the same time, loud music isn’t good for you and can damage your ears badly. To protect your ears and to optimize the effects of music on your workout, avoid listening to music during other times. If you are someone who needs to be listening to music during the day to function then keep the volume down. Listening to loud, up tempo music throughout the day will reduce the effects of loud, fast-paced music during your gym sessions.

  • Find your motivation

Working out on its own can be quite a drag unless you’re a fitness enthusiast. The less you concentrate on your workout the more effective it will be. Find some other motivation that will make your workout feel like less work. If you’re a people-person you may prefer joining a group a class instead of being on your own. If you enjoy watching the news or a specific TV show, head to the gym at a time where you know you’re going to find a machine with a screen.

  • Use a waist-trainer

If you’re looking to get that hourglass figure then workout with a waist trainer. In order to get the most out of a waist trainer, you need to wear it for 3-4 hours a day. Wearing a waist trainer during a workout will tighten up the muscles in your core and the thermal activity caused by the waist trainer will melt inches off your waist.

Having a flat belly makes a significant difference to your overall look. A big belly can make you look fat even though the rest of your body may not be, which is why a waist trainer is so helpful. Your core exercises will be that much more effective with a waist trainer.  

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