Melt Inches Off The Belly With Exercise and a Waist Trainer

Melt Inches Off The Belly With Exercise and a Waist Trainer

Dec 22, 16

Starving ourselves to reach size 0 is no longer cool, instead we’re told to embrace our curves and flaunt an hourglass figure. But low rise jeans and bad eating habits often lead to a buildup of fat in all the wrong areas and many of us are left with muffin tops and rolls of belly fat.

To achieve the hourglass figure we can begin intense workouts with a strict diet regime but many people lack the discipline to follow such a routine. For those of us that are looking for a quicker way, we have the corset. Corsets have been trending for a while (we can thank the Kardashians and their Instagram photos for that). They were used in ancient times to shrink the waists of noblewomen and have made their way back to us, except this time they are much more comfortable and safe with lasting effects.

The purpose of wearing a waist trainerwaist trainer is to strengthen your core while retaining your posture. The fabric from the waist trainer causes perspiration which should help burn belly fat and reduce love handles. Using the waist trainer during proper workout will help you target areas of excess fat more effectively than wearing a corset and sitting on the couch.

Before you begin your exercise, let your body adjust to the waist trainer

When you first put on the waist trainer, you are going to have to give yourself some time to get used to it. The waist trainer can be uncomfortable for many women at the beginning so you are going to have to get familiar with how it feels. Don’t go by the myths associated with waist trainers and start using it.  Wear it for a couple of hours for the first day, then increase the number of hours to 3-4 hrs over a course of 6 days to a week.

If you are having trouble breathing, it means you are wearing a corset that is too small and is restricting your chest from taking in air properly. Do not force your body into a corset too small for you, exchange your corset immediately!


Like any workout, warm up your body by stretching out muscles. Find yourself some simple stretches for a 10-15min warm up. Make sure to stretch out your triceps, hamstrings, quads and especially your back. Working out your core involves strengthening your back too so make sure your back is warmed up.

Find yourself a routine that suits you

The following short circuit will help you strengthen your core from the comfort of your home without any gym equipment.  This would be great for women who are just beginning to work out and want to build up stamina before joining the gym.





Bodyweight Squat



Incline Push-Up*



Hip Thrust



Walking Lunge

20 total (10 per leg)


Standard Push-Up







melt inches with plank

You can replace the second round of pushups with a set of planks. Planks help target all the muscles in your core.

The traditional plank involves you getting on all fours on the floor and then balancing your body on your feet or your elbows (or even your hands). Hold the position for 45 seconds.

Once you have mastered the traditional plank you can take it a step further and attempt variations of the traditional plank like the side plank. This is more difficult because you will be holding your body weight on just two points of contact.

 It consists of you balancing your body on your elbow and the sides of your feet. Your core should be able to hold some of the weight in order for you to hold the pose. You can make it harder by trying more advanced variations of the side plank.


women piltes

Pilates is another option for you to strengthen your core. Pilates combines poses and breathing to help you work out core, legs, your butt and your back, while enhancing your flexibility and strengthening your muscle.

Go for Pilates with your girls, it’s always more fun working out as a group.


melt inches yoga

If you’re looking for something with even a lower intensity then you can opt for yoga. Yoga allows you to work out your muscles but in a gentler manner. Pilates and yoga both share some poses. There are specific yoga poses that target abs however, you would require some time to attain the required flexibility to pull off such poses correctly. Again, if you choose to work out with a friend, you’ll have more motivation to attend classes.

Relying solely on your waist trainer to lose inches off your wait can require a lot of time. Keep in mind that constantly tightening your corset may hold your muscles in place but can also cause your organs to shift and reshape. It’s healthier to engage in some easy exercises when using your waist trainer so the weight loss occurs more naturally and isn’t harmful.

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