Why Postpartum Bands Are a Must for Late Pregnancies?

Why Postpartum Bands Are a Must for Late Pregnancies?

Aug 04, 17

A woman can remain fertile till around the age of 40 and in some women, this external limit might even get extended to the age of 45, so there is definitely a possibility of a woman conceiving in her late thirties and early forties. These kinds of pregnancies are termed “Late Pregnancies”, because while the body still has time some to reproduce perfectly, the other bodily systems are in the process of slowing down due to the factors of aging kicking in, hence the term “late”.

As a woman enters in her thirties, the signs of aging start becoming visible. Some external signs of aging might include a few wrinkles on the face, fine lines & loss of sheen on the skin. And these signs signal the body’s diminishing power to control and refurbish what you do wrong with it.

As we are younger, things like not exercising, not having a good diet, smoking and failing to protect our self from the sun and pollution, do not seem to have a large effect on the way our skin looks and feels, but as we age, even small things have an exponential effect on our body.

 A Pregnancy is a natural occurrence for any female out there, but the way your body will respond and react to it depends a whole lot on your age at the time of conception. Women who experience late pregnancies, like mentioned earlier, have bodies that respond to small things in a big way, and it's hard to pull things back to normal once the damage has been done.

In a pregnancy, your lower belly bloats and stretches way more than normal and stays that way for a good period of nine months. After delivery, the weight of the baby pushing against your skin is gone and your belly recedes back while you are left with a high amount of sagging skin. When young, as you start toning your body back to its original pre-pregnancy shape, the skin also tightens up, and you are left with a flat, good looking belly.

However, after late pregnancies, even if you start exercising and eat a good diet, you might lose your excess weight and fat, but your skin, in most cases, will not shrink back to its original tightened self. This will leave you with a belly that has some not-so-beautiful looking creases and fledgling, loose skin.

To get back that great, flat pre-pregnancy abdominal area, with its usual tightness and feel, you would need to deliberately help your skin get to do all of the things, it would have done naturally, had you been younger.

Postpartum belly bands are a must and are highly beneficial in this regard because they keep your skin back in its place and act as the perfect mold. The skin keeps back, as you exercise and follow a healthy routine, and both of them, the skin and the fat, recede at the same time, helping you achieve your pre-pregnancy belly yet again.

Acting as a waist trainer for pregnancy women, postpartum bands also offer greater back support to women in their late pregnancies and help immensely in considerably lowering their chances of experiencing back pain throughout the trying times of a late term.

The most important factor that should convince every woman, who is undergoing a “late pregnancy”, to get her own postpartum belly band, is that the band will ensure that you regain your toned body back as fast as you can, because the more time you lose in pulling your loose skin back, the harder and longer it will be for you to do it afterwards. Sometimes women go so late in considering this, that no matter, what they do, their skin just doesn’t go back into its mold.

You don’t want to end up in that kind of a hopeless and precarious situation in your late thirties/early forties, just because of your laziness or procrastination? Do you?

Probably not, so it's best to get your very own postpartum band right before a month before you are about to deliver, to give you extra support during those strenuous and exhausting times and then, start wearing it right away just when the baby gets delivered, to ensure the best results and allow you to enjoy your new found motherhood joys to the fullest.

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