3 Ways to Avoid Falling into the Unhealthy Lifestyle Trap Again

3 Ways to Avoid Falling into the Unhealthy Lifestyle Trap Again

Jul 13, 17

It doesn’t matter how big of a fitness buff you are, every human is prone to laxness. We all know that eating the right kind of foods, exercising regularly and meditation and yoga are some of the best ways through which you can remain fit and healthy, but committing to all of these activities requires a constant push from your side day in and day out. Many of us who are fit and healthy find ourselves on the wrong side of the fitness curve, without even noticing how we got there.

The main thing at blame here is our own mindset which might offer or conjure up excuses like “Maybe just today I can eat this sugary treat and will eat healthy from tomorrow” or “I am too tired today, I will definitely start working out from tomorrow,” but as they always say, that tomorrow never comes and you have got to start today. Even a single day of unhealthiness and you have broken your mojo!

To not become unhealthy again or just unhealthy (If you have been fit all your life), you need to follow certain lifestyle mantras on a consistent basis until they become second nature and come instinctively to you.

And here are the Top 3 Ways to stop you from falling into the unhealthy lifestyle trap again:

Wake Up Early, Sleep Early:

The first thing we all do in the morning is that we wake up and if we can’t do that properly or on time, then the trance is set for the day and everything after that will not just be hard to overcome but seem like a drag.

People who have disturbed sleep cycles or are night owls tend to either wake up late in the morning or if they do wake up early, they force themselves into doing so, which marks the beginning of an unhealthy day. If you didn’t have a good night’s sleep last night, you are already compromising your health. Waking up early in the morning will help you have a high amount of time for yourself with little disturbances and it's also a perfect time to rejuvenate and exercise in the whole day. So if you don’t wake up early or if you wake up dazed, you are definitely risking your own health!

Not Scheduling:

Just like having a defined sleep schedule, you need to have a set routine for the time you are awake. The day is limited and it’s just got 24 hours, so you need to plan for everything that you know is going to happen or you plan or intend to do. For e.g. you like to exercise, and you gave it a slot at 6 pm in the day after you came home from work, so when the time comes, you would know that you have to hit the gym or the mat.

Having a routine also helps in understanding yourself better so for e.g. you allotted a time slot for exercise at 6 pm after work and you find that you are quite sapped of energy at that time which makes you feel like “Not exercising”, you can readjust your schedule and bump up your workout for some time earlier in the day – making your exercise routine more convenient. Schedule! Schedule! Schedule! This is your ultimate precursor to a fit, healthier lifestyle.

Get out of Toxic Relationships Anywhere:

Our health is our primary wealth and not safeguarding it will always have bad consequences. However, apart from physical exertions and actions, mental moods can also have a big impact on our health. More often than not, when we are sad or depressed or are faced with anxiety or fear, we tend to lose sight of our own health and how to take care of our body.

Toxic environments and relationships drain your mental energy right down to the wire. Even small things like a salary cut or sitting late hours in the office or even being in a trivial relationship can have damning effects on your health and lead to unhealthy lifestyle choices like binge eating, choosing junk food, skipping exercise and more. So get yourself out of toxic relationships as soon as possible to look, feel and stay healthy.

Being healthy is not just down to exercise or eating well, it's also, more importantly, about lifestyle choice which will ultimately dictate how your body is taken care of by yourself. So whether you want to keep that hourglass figure or those bulging abs right there, you need to make the hard choices fast and keep yourself from falling into the unhealthy lifestyle trap again.

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