5 Ways You Can Keep Your Metabolism Fired Up This Winter

5 Ways You Can Keep Your Metabolism Fired Up This Winter

Dec 07, 17

It seems somewhat weird to think that your metabolism slows down during winters, but it actually does. Since it’s cold outside, people prefer to remain indoors and eat more fattening foods that keep them fuller and warmer for longer. What’s more, since winters are also the time of the Christmas season, high carb foods, usage of alcoholic drinks and sweets increase considerably. Everyone is in a festive mindset, and almost everyone becomes slack about their nutritious diet. Hence the reason why by the end of winters more people seem to gain a few pounds.

If you too fall victim to the same scenario each year, now is the time to take conscious effort and make sure you come out at the end of New Year looking and feeling even better than ever!

Here are 5 ways you can avoid falling victim to unhealthy lifestyle and keep your metabolic rate high this winter.

 1.  Making the Right Combinations

Eating the right foods together is more important than most people think. If you eat wrong combinations, they end up adding more fat content to your system, and this results in your metabolic rate slowing down. Next comes the fact that certain foods are only meant to be eaten during the day or their own specific times, like fruits. If you know what you should eat with what, you can improve your metabolism.

Studies show that eating lean meats like chicken, fish, lean steak or turkey combined with sweet potato or whole grains would result in a fired up metabolism that digests foods pretty fast. What’s more, your insulin levels will also remain in control.

Another thing that should be kept in mind is that dairy needs to be taken in during daylight hours. This is because the nutrients in dairy items take time to break down and could lead to fat accumulation. Therefore if consumed at breakfast, lunch, chances of their storage in the form of fats reduce significantly.

2.  Add Matcha to Your Routine

Matcha is a kind of green tea. Research suggests that if you consume one cup of matcha tea, it is equal to about 10 cups of regular green tea and hence it increases your metabolic rate much quickly. It is also rich in antioxidants and helps with indigestion. In simple words, matcha is your way to a faster metabolism this winter.

The great thing is that since it is the winter season you can easily replace your cup of coffee with matcha. If you find it hard to leave your regular dose of coffee, all you need to do is make coffee once a day in the morning and the rest of the times you use matcha tea. It is readily available so you will not have a hard time looking for it.

3.  Drinks for High Metabolism

Did you know that drinks and soups up your metabolic games more than foods? The reason why this is the case is that when you drink up, the items get digested faster.

But, of course, there is a ‘but’! You need to be careful about the drinks you consume. Opt for green teas, herb teas, fat blasting soups and smoothies and detoxifying drinks. From fruits to vegetables, herbs to various leaves, you will find that your metabolic rate goes up significantly when you start choosing your drinks wisely. Be sure to minus out sugar entirely and if you must sweeten up the drink, do so with honey.

4.  Opt for Muscle Mass

You may already be aware of it, that when your body has enough muscle mass, fat storage is reduced. Another thing is that you can easily convert fat to muscles, but you will have to work on it. Studies show that the more muscle mass your body has, the more ‘alert’ your metabolic system will be. And this will help you shed those extra pounds quickly!

Muscle mass and weight loss are directly related. The more muscles you have, the faster your metabolic rate will be and the easier it is to get rid of the extra pounds.

One of the best ways to build muscle mass is to practice strength training exercises like push-ups, bicep curls with weights and hit the gym. Yoga and Pilates are also excellent for building those muscles right up. If you think you are unable to do this on your own, get in touch with a fitness expert, and they will be able to guide you as per your needs.

5.  HIIT Does It!

Yes, it does! Don’t believe it? Try it for yourself and see the difference within a month! High-Intensity Interval Training means that you work out for no more than 5-7 minutes, but it is equivalent to working out the entire day. Experts believe that when you perform HIIT, your body continues to be in the state of losing weight, even if all you are doing is sleeping.

All you have to do is a sprint the length of your street for no more than 4 minutes a day! It just couldn’t get any simpler than this. You can search up some more exercises to see what works best for your body type.

These 5 ways are going to show a very improved metabolic rate for you. Just make sure you practice these habits daily and consistently for some time to see any kind of change within your body.

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