Teas That Promote Weight Loss

Teas That Promote Weight Loss

Jun 16, 17

In the midst of trying to eat a balanced diet and exercising your butt off, there’s a little more that can help you through your weight loss journey – drinking the right tea!

Switch your coffee for some of these delightful beverages that not only taste great but will help you shed belly fat.

Make the following teas a regular part of your daily routine for a toned and healthy body:

Green tea

Green tea is known for a number of benefits with weight loss being one of the major ones. Green tea has the ability to relieve you of bloating and calm your nerves after the heaviest of meals. Drinking 2 or more cups of green tea speeds your metabolism, rids your body of toxins which boosts your immune system, boosts your fat oxidation and improves insulin activity. To reap the benefits of green tea, you really just require drinking 2-3 cups a day. Organic green tea is much more effective than green tea that is mixed with preservatives.

Matcha green tea will be your best option of green tea when you’re trying to reduce weight. Match green tea is powdered green tea, meaning that it has not been infused with water which is why it works better than regular green tea. It’s also bitterer than regular green tea, so you’re going to have to look up healthy ways to tone down its taste.

Mint tea

You already know that your appetite can be triggered by certain smells. Well, fragrances can also be used to suppress your appetite. The refreshing fragrance of mint does just that. Pouring yourself a cup of peppermint tea can help you quell any cravings that you might be having.

Black tea

One of the lesser known facts of black tea is the fact that it actually aids weight-loss. The polyphenols found in black tea can block the absorption of fat. The presence of lipase (digestive enzyme) is limited in the bodies of those that drink black tea regularly.

Black tea also contains high quantity of caffeine which boosts your metabolic rate. Your body uses up energy faster when your caffeine intake increases. Caffeine also helps in breaking down stored fat.

Oolong tea

Like green tea, oolong tea also has numerous benefits. It is loaded with antioxidants which boost your metabolic rate by 10% for 2hrs after you drink the tea. If you’re looking to shed some belly fat and some flab from your arms then you have to start drinking oolong tea regularly. Oolong tea contains caffeine, when combined with other contents of oolong tea can elevate fat oxidation. It also helps regulate blood pressure.

Rooibos tea

Rooibos tea is awesome for your immune system and it’s great for weight loss too. Research claims that you can lose 2.2lbs a month by just drinking a cup of rooibos tea daily. Rooibos tea has the ability to hamper fat-storage hormones which aid in weight-loss over time.

Rooibos tea’s greatest strength is the Aspalathin that it contains. Aspalathin lessens certain stress hormones in the body that trigger fat storage and hunger both of which are linked to heart disease, high blood pressure, metabolic syndrome and insulin resistance.

Skinny Tea for weight loss

There are numerous teas out there that contain a combination of teas that focus on losing weight rapidly. Skinny Tea does just that, it combines natural ingredients that help you shed weight in a matter of a few weeks. If you’re in desperate need to fit into an outfit for an event then you need to give Skinny Tea shot!

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