Post-Pregnancy Waist Training

Post-Pregnancy Waist Training

Feb 16, 17

Waist-training and corsets are the hottest trend for new mamas who want to do everything it takes to get their pre-pregnancy bodies back.

Waist training involves wrapping up your midsection with a waist-trainer, corset or belly band in hopes of getting a slimmer waist. Many women opt for wearing Spanx but they don’t actually help you reduce your waist, they just tuck in the bulges so you can fit into your dress.

However, waist-trainers can actually reshape your bodies and trim inches off your waist. The tightness of waist-trainers cause thermal activity and perspiration which prompts the loss of excess fat.

Hollywood’s sexiest mamas, Kim Kardashian, Jessica Alba and Ciara credit waist trainers in helping them regain their original bodies. Now non-celebrity moms are following their lead and jumping on the Waist-training bandwagon in attempt to get that perfect hourglass body after giving birth.

How to use a waist-trainer

Many women remain apprehensive about having their mid-section bound so tightly and whether they will be able to breathe or not. The correct way of using a waist-trainer after giving birth is to wear it lightly at first. Start off by wearing your waist-trainer for a couple of hours every day and keep it slightly loose.

It is important that your waist-trainer fits your comfortably, if you’re having trouble breathing after putting it on then it is too small and needs to be changed.

Once you get comfortable with the waist-trainer, you should be able to wear it for 8-10 hrs a day. To get the most out of your waist-trainer, exercise with it on.

Using a waist-trainer post-pregnancy

Women who are looking to use waist-trainers to lose their pregnancy weight should wait around 6 weeks after birth before they begin. After birth, your body will take around 4 weeks to dispel water retention that it had been holding during pregnancy. The new mom will also need to give time for her uterus to shrink back to normal which can take up to 6 weeks.

During pregnancy, hormones such as estrogen, progesterone, and relaxing are created by the body and loosen up muscles and the pelvic structure. These hormones remain in the body for about 6 months after giving birth.

Waist-trainers draw in these loose muscles and provide a support structure around the torso. They also reduce strain on ligaments and joints in the lower back, pelvis, and buttocks. The support given to these areas of the body, lets your body return to its pre-pregnancy body a lot more quickly.

Doctors agree that using a binding garment can help your lax abdominal muscles return to their original shape by pulling the muscles and skin closer together. They also claim that a waist-trainer does not need to be worn all the time; women should wear them when they are most active to stimulate thermal activity.

When you’re pregnant, it’s fine to let your abdominal muscles sag but after you give birth, you would want to correct your posture so your abdominal muscles do not stick out unnecessarily. Waist-trainers help you re-align your body enabling you to correct your posture and strengthen your lower back.

Using a waist-trainer, corset or belly band on its own probably won’t help you lose weight. You are going to have to adopt a strict diet plan and workout regimen to shrink your waist. But waist-trainers have functional benefits post-pregnancy, it provides your muscles with extra support which many women need post-pregnancy. The support the tight garment provides to your lower body makes it easier to be active, making it easier to bend down and lift heavier items.

Many women struggle with being active post-pregnancy; waist-trainers not only help you look good but help you function better too.

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