How to Wear a Corset under Your Wedding Dress

How to Wear a Corset under Your Wedding Dress

Jun 28, 18

Planning to flaunt your best assets on your big day? Cinching that waist by wearing a corset under your wedding dress could be the best way to show off a perfect hourglass body. However, when you are slipping a corset under your gown, there are more reasons attached to it than just looking smooth on the outside.

Corsets are a great support for your body. Besides cinching your waist, it instantly highlights every detail and cut on your wedding dress - which is the star garment of the day. It holds everything in place to make sure your gown looks well-fitted and stunning.

But can you wear corsets with different wedding dresses?

Indeed! party shop Singapore is the ideal place to find the best body shaper underneath your wedding dress and there are discreet ways if you follow
these interesting tips and tricks!

Find the perfect size

As obvious as this point is, women usually go wrong with this one. An ill-fitted corset can ruin the whole purpose of wearing it. You can check out the detailed style guides depending on your size and body type to ensure it fits perfectly.

A well-fitted corset not only fulfills the purpose of keeping your body well supported underneath your wedding gown, but it also makes hiding and handling much easier. Do your research and speak to experts if you need guidance on picking the right fit. Also, the style you choose for corset will mainly depend on your wedding gown. So keep those factors in mind.

Learn how to season your corset

This step is essential to avoid the last-minute hassle. Seasoning is the process of adjusting your corset to perfectly fit your body. Gently break into that corset before your big day to make sure it is comfortable. Since you will wear it for long hours, your corset should be comfortable as you move, eat, and sit. This will give you a more confident body language.

Order your corset at least two weeks before your wedding day so that you have plenty of time to season it and wear it until you are comfortable with it.

Pick the right gown

Not every gown will do a perfect job in hiding that corset underneath. Therefore, it is very important that you keep the shape, style, and size of your corset in mind while picking a dress and vice versa. Backless dresses, low-back cuts, and gowns with clingy and thin fabric may not hide your corset completely.

Choose your neckline smartly to avoid peek-a-boo moments. Strapless, halter-shoulder and mermaid silhouettes are some famous picks that work perfectly with a corset. Wear your corset when you try your dress before the wedding to see if you can disguise it under the dress.

It is crucial to take your corset with you when you try different dress fittings - if you haven't picked a gown style yet. This could give you a clearer idea of the type of gowns, styles, cuts, and necklines that works perfectly for your corset.

Carrying your corset is also important to judge the fitting of your different. See if it perfectly fits your cinched waist to show off your beautiful hourglass body.

Change the laces

Be very particular about your corset laces. If the ones you have or purchased comes with nylon laces, get them changed for flat satin ones. The round lace is naturally bulky and difficult to hide. The nylon makes it more prominent, and you are left with nothing but a hard-to-disguise lace you can do nothing about. As far as flat satin ones are concerned, they are flatter and can be easily adjusted and hidden underneath the wedding dress.

Don't keep the laces too tight

Again, it is all about your personal comfort. You don't want to look like you are in pain on your wedding day. While it is too tempting to season your corset to cinch your waist tightly, it can be painful.

Your inner garment on your wedding day should be comfortable. Allow it to adjust to your body shape and pull the straps accordingly. Wrapping shouldn't cause pain or discomfort. Give yourself at least an hour before you are ready to cinch it more. Don't do it right away or it could suffocate you. Let your body adjust accordingly and then tighten it up.

Final Word

Molding your body in its perfect shape before you are ready to put on your wedding gown is definitely a great idea. Corsets are great body shapers that keeps everything in control and gives out the perfect body shape on top of the gown.

Just be very careful about picking the right size and seasoning your corset. The fit can make or break your special day. Do your research, compare your options, and make the best choice!

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