Cutting Carbs and Weight Loss – What’s the Link

Cutting Carbs and Weight Loss – What’s the Link

Oct 12, 17

This may sound like an impossible feat, but permanent weight loss is not only possible, you can do it within a few short months. The number one thing that you need to understand is, there are tactics through which you not only can shed the pounds but also keep them away forever. These include everything from rethinking carb intake to counting how many calories you consume per day. Of course, without exercise things would become rather still and not move in the direction you seek.

Not really sure what is being talked about? Here are all the answers you need about low carbs, calorie counters and getting rid of the extra pounds permanently.

What does Low Carb Mean?

For years people have believed that if they consume fewer amounts of carbs or carbohydrates, they will be able to lose weight and gain the body shape they desire. This is where the idea of carb counting emerged from. People keep in check the amount of carbs they consume in every meal and watch out for what they eat. The less amount of carbohydrates are taken in, the more pounds they would be able to shed.

Carbohydrates include foods that are sugary, refined or starchy, in simple words food items that contain empty calories and lead to weight gain. Hence the idea that if you avoid taking in too many carbs, you will be able to cut down on fat accumulation in your body.

But does the process actually work? Depends on how well you are able to follow it.

For most people not consuming some of their favorite foods like flour, rice, or pasta is next to impossible. And technically very difficult too, because these are the primary base source of all food items.

Cutting carbs is still possible though. What you can do is ensure that carbs are present in only 1 meal plan of the day. For example, if you are taking carbs for lunch, then you avoid them during dinner and breakfast. This way you will only be consuming a limited amount of carbs each day, and this would ultimately lead to ‘minimal’ weight gain.

Studies show that people find it challenging to leave carbs altogether. They provide the body with instant energy and help in feeling fuller for longer at times. What’s more, people who do try to diet by cutting carbs end up binge eating all their favorite foods, because resisting is not everyone’s strong trait.

Calorie Counting?

Calorie counting is somewhat different than counting carbs. This type of diet plan means that you consume fewer calories than you burn.

Mayo Clinic suggests that if you burn 3500 calories more than you eat, then you will be able to lose one pound. To follow a healthy routine, cutting out 500 calories per day would help you in shedding 1 pound per week.

Compared to carb counting, calorie counting is relatively stress-free. You would not have to keep in mind what food you eat, but the amount that you take in each day, or cut out each day. There are quite a few calorie counters available online and downloading them on your phone is very simple. All you will need to do is fill in your requirements, and you will quickly manage to reduce the amount of calorie intake for each day.

One thing that nutritionists suggest is being aware of what you eat. This means that even though you continue to have fast food, sugar, and starch, you do so with care.

For example, instead of packaged snacks or eating out every single day, cheat only once a week. Cook at home instead as that will help in selecting foods that have high nutrition count and will help strengthen your body instead of fattening it.

Another thing that can be done is that you can combine calorie counting with carb counting. You become careful that no more than one carb item is present in your meals that already has restricted calorie count too. This way, instead of losing 1 pound a week, you will be able to shed 2-3 pounds.

The idea is not to starve or deprive yourself of your favorite food items, but rather providing nourishment. And cheat days can get you through your cravings too. So diet smart, instead of becoming too ambitious. You want to lose weight permanently, and that will only work when you change the way you eat altogether rather than trying to diet in a way which makes your body crave for more.

Some Other Aspects that Help

As mentioned before, restricting what you eat is not going to be the only thing that helps. You will need to invest in some other things as well.

Here are factors that will help you lose weight and get that perfect hourglass figure everyone seems to aspire to have.

Fitness wear

Did you know that donning on fitness wear regularly helps your inches go down? Yes! Be it leg shapers or waist trimmers, sports bras or workout leggings, you will be surprised by how well they help you. The best part? You can wear them throughout the day.


Exercising is a must. Come up with a workout routine that you can follow 5 days a week with diligence. It could just be walking, jogging, swimming or hardcore cardio if that is what you prefer.

Try all the information mentioned above and see what works best for your weight loss system.

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