Top 5 Exercises to Get a Rounder Butt

Top 5 Exercises to Get a Rounder Butt

Sep 21, 17

Do you know what’s annoying for people trying to lose weight? Thunder thighs, ho! Yes, those who have 'bulky' lower bodies find it extremely difficult to get rid of the fat around their thighs and butts.

However, what you need to understand is that getting rid of them requires some tact. You can’t just perform any exercise and expect the fat to diminish on its own. There are certain workout routines and of course some diet changes that you will need to bring about to slim down your thighs and get them back in shape.

Another worrisome thing for people who are losing weight is that they lose skin elasticity. What’s more, years of fat accumulation gives rise to jiggly booty. To ensure that your butts remain rounded, firm and lifted, you need to invest in some good exercise routines.

Here is a collection of all the information you need to make sure that thunder thighs and shapeless butts are not a problem for you. Read on to find out what you can do to overcome this issue.

Some Things to Remember

Before giving you the workout routine you need to firm up your thighs and rear. There are some basic things you need to remember to keep your body active, lean and toned. Here is the list for you.

  • If you are trying to lose weight after pregnancy, make sure you start at least 6 weeks after C-section and 2-3 weeks after normal delivery.
  • You will need to monitor your calorie intake. You just cannot continue eating processed, sugary food items and expect to get rid of the extra fat anywhere. So make sure you avoid all kinds of fast and junk food along with packaged and processed items.
  • As per research, as long as you minus out 500-1000 calories from your diet in one day, you can quickly shed weight and keep it off you.
  • Opt for food items that provide moderate amounts of energy density like fruits, veggies. Adding lean proteins, legumes, whole grains, and nuts will also help in not only losing but maintaining weight loss.
  • You will need to work out regularly (at least 5 days a week) with focused routines. If you miss out on exercise often, your efforts will go in vain. So choose workouts that you can easily do, or at least enjoy. This way you are likely to continue them for longer periods and do them every day without excuse.

Workout Routines to Get a Rounder ‘Backside’ Guaranteed

As mentioned before, certain types of exercises focus on thighs and butts. Yes cardio like swimming, walking, running help with weight loss, but they do not particularly target the area you are aiming for and might not give quicker results.

One more thing that is going to greatly aid your efforts to reduce thighs and rear is the use of butt lifters, butt shaping jeggings and slimming thigh wraps. You can wear them throughout the day as they are comfortable and make sure that your body stays firm in all the places you want to get rid of the fat.

Here are the exercises that will help you shed the extra pounds and gain a firm bod.


This activity is perfect for the entire lower body. You will have a great time exploring the outdoors and yet be able to shed the extra pounds. If you don’t have the time to cycle outside, get a cycling machine as it is perfect for lower body weight loss.

Step Ups

This exercise is simple and targeted at the butts and thigh. You don’t actually need to step up on stairs, but can use them if need be. Just take a stool or standard chair and perform rounds of step ups. You will notice a difference within a month when combined with exercises mentioned below.

Lateral Band Steps

For lateral band steps, you will need a band. Put this on around your thighs and get going. This is another simple and highly effective workout routine for your legs as well as butts.

Plié Squats

Keep your toes diagonally facing outwards and perform the squats with your feet wide apart. Make sure your back is completely straight. Start with five reps and increase them every day for an entire month.

Side Lunges

Side lunges too are very simple. The best part, they are not very hard on the knees or legs so you can start with 10 reps and increase them from thereon.

Inner Thigh Pulses

Inner thigh pulses may seem difficult at the beginning, but once you get the hang of it, you will start enjoying it.

Incorporate all these exercises in your routine and see the difference within a month! Not to forget, focus on what you eat to get even better results.

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