9 Simple Changes in Habit That Help with Weight-Loss

9 Simple Changes in Habit That Help with Weight-Loss

May 26, 17

We’ve all heard of the exercises and dietary changes which can help you drop the pounds but there are also some simple changes that can go a long way.

Here are a few that will surely help you lose some of that excess weight:

1) Poor eating habits – Bad diet decisions will definitely cause you to gain weight but so do your eating habits. Don’t eat late at night, allow your body to digest your food. Avoid nibbling on your food while you’re cooking and don’t finish off your children’s meals; these are just extra calories that you don’t need.

2) Plan your mealsPlanning meals in advance may feel like a lot of work but it really is a one time job. Take out a weekend and jot down a detailed plan on what you will be eating during the week and the groceries you will need. Planning ahead will prevent you from stuffing a lot of unnecessary calories down your belly.

3) Shop on a full tummy – Shopping while you’re hungry will only urge you to look for fatty and sugary foods your body craves when it enters a state of starvation. Prepare a shopping list in advance to stop yourself from any impulse buying.

4) Eat at regular intervals – Having small meals at regular intervals will prevent you from piling on calories through binge eating. Don’t let your body get so hungry that you are forced to overeat.

5) Sit down and eat on a plate – You need to savor you the food you eat. Food is more enjoyable and filling when you are having it sitting down and when it's placed on a plate. When you are conscious about what you are eating, you tend to fill up a lot easily.

6) Eat slowly – Munching your food too fast doesn’t keep you full for very long so chew slowly and savor every bite. Drinking water with your meals also fills you up so drink plenty as you eat.

7) Don’t snack after dinner – Snacking after dinner is where you gain so many of those extra pounds. Brush your teeth right after dinner as it should stop you from eating after dinner.

8) Have filling snacks – If you eat healthy snacks such as protein bars, a bowl of fruits or nuts as opposed to a chocolate bar or a bag of chips, it will be filling and nutritious at the same time.

9) Have breakfast – The importance of breakfast cannot be emphasized enough, after hours of starvation you need to have a healthy breakfast to energize you in the morning.

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