The Pregnancy Arm Wings - Answers for Effective Riddance

The Pregnancy Arm Wings - Answers for Effective Riddance

Sep 14, 17

Being pregnant is one of the most joyful experiences for women. The idea of becoming a mother is something that cannot be rivaled with any other feeling in the world. But with good things, come a few stressful situations, like the excessive weight gain and sagging skin. Most expecting moms gain weight all over their body particularly in areas like their thighs, butts, bust, and arms. Getting rid of this weight is not only possible but can be simple if you take a few particular measures.

The worst thing perhaps to deal with is loose skin. Pregnancy deprives the skin of its perfect elasticity. What makes thing even more damaging is the weight loss that takes place. Your skin might become loose and even start ‘hanging.'

Many ‘new moms’ complain of being unable to get rid of their “arm wings.” But before getting into how you can get rid of flabby arms, you need to know why they occur other than pregnancy.

The reasons why flab accumulates on the arm include: Intake of sugary and processed food items

  • Intake of sugary and processed food items
  • Lack of proper exercise
  • Hormonal changes in the body

If you get rid of these factors, you can quickly overcome the arm wings. Rest assured they are completely removable as long as you commit to the task. Here is how you can make your arms lean and strong.

Losing the Fat Post-Partum.

First things first - you need to lose the excess weight that you gained during pregnancy. For this to happen, you need to check the food you eat. Does it comprise of items that are full of nutrition instead of processed carbs? Likewise, are you making sure that you are exercising daily?

One thing that you need to do to get rid of the arm wings is to start wearing arm training bands. Not only do they help in reducing the flab but they can also restore the elasticity of the skin.

Another thing to start is the use of warm water with lemon. This is one of the most effective weight loss methods. All you have to do is mix half a lemon in 1 glass of warm water and drink it up. Adding honey to the mixture also helps. Just make sure it is the first thing you drink in the morning.

Intake of Protein

Protein is said to aid in weight loss, build muscle mass and allow you to have the energy you need to exercise for longer hours. From eggs to yogurt, beans to lean meat, all these food items are excellent sources of proteins. So if they aren’t already a part of your diet, make them today.

Exercises for Flabby Arms

There are quite a few workout routines that you can follow to get rid of the flabby arms. Here are some that you can easily do while taking some time out from caring for your little angel. Be sure to start slow and increase the intensity as well as the time period as your resistance increases.

Weight Training

Weight training is one of the most efficient ways to lose the flab around your arms. You simply need to get weights that you can easily carry, but they should have a tiring effect on your arm when you flex them. Depending on your ability, perform exercises that aren’t too strenuous. Once you have developed stamina move on to some difficult ones.

Lateral Raise

This exercise is, particularly for the arms. It is easy enough as you can sit on the chair and do it. 15 minutes are enough for starters.

Biceps Curls

Like lateral raise, bicep curls are also effortless. All you need are weights that range from 3-10 pounds. Sit on a chair and perform the exercise every single day to see dramatic effects.


Swimming lets you get rid of fat from all over your body. Since the arms are working hard, you can lose the flab and regain elasticity.

To lose the arm wings, you will need to dedicate some time and effort to it. Not to forget, as long as you are wearing the arm shaper, exercising will show quick results.

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