The Best Apps for Weight Loss in 2017

The Best Apps for Weight Loss in 2017

Jun 09, 17

Weight loss struggles are real and anyone who has ever tried to fit into an expensive old couture dress will know that. We are constantly surrounded by unhealthy food options and our busy sedentary lifestyles leave us with little to no time for exercise.

Being overweight is an affliction of over one-thirds of the American population according to the Centre for Disease Control. Obesity as a national problem puts people at the risk of various diseases and health problems like cardiovascular disorders and diabetes.

These days there is a phone app for everything and all sorts of problems can be tackled through them. Whether you wish to find out the nearest bar, get a date, or know the species of your desk plant, you will find an app for it. Similarly, there are many amazing apps designed for weight loss that bring innovative workout regimes and diet plans to your fingertips. Armed with reminders, calorie counters and pointing systems, these apps help big time in keeping you on track for optimum weight loss.

1. Calorie Counter and Diet Trainer by MyFitnessPal: It’s hard to count each calorie you intake but not with this app. Calorie counts are important for weight loss. The app has a directory of over 5 million foods so you can easily save your meals. You can also connect it with other apps to download recipes or workouts and share your saved information over your other devices.

2. LoseIt!: This app creates a personalized weight loss regime for you according to the data you enter. Your food intake, exercise done and targets can all be saved and their insights can tell you which foods are helping you in achieving your targets and what needs to go.

3. Weight Watchers: This app has its own weight loss plan which you can bring into your workout and diet. Along with that you can share your insights and journey with the community using the app.

4. Noom Coach: This app is your personal weight loss coach right in the palms of your hand. It has programs which are created by doctors which can help people manage their conditions like hypertension. Its focus is on allowing people to master their health and habits. Noom provides daily plans which one has to follow every day and it also lets you count your calories.

5. Fitness Buddy: When you feel bored with your workout, try out Fitness Buddy, an app that’s full of thousands of workouts to keep you interested and sweating. There are over 1000 HD videos of all types of exercises that can be carried out with many different types of equipment. You can also track your performance through it.

6. Nike + Run Club: For all the running lovers, this app is the ultimate way to run and share progress along with competing with other runners. Each run is tracked and the app gives feedback in real time. Inspirations from famous athletes are also available.

7. Endomodo: All outdoor fitness activity is tracked with the app’s GPS so that you can know your speed, distance and calories burned. The app can also be given your personal goals for weight loss and fitness which the app’s coach can then help the user achieve.

By using these apps, you can finally make sure that this year you do lose the fat which you have been running away from. Other tools that make your weight loss journey easier are waist trainers which help combat the stubborn belly fat and give you the hourglass bikini body you’ve always wanted. When paired with good nutrition and exercise these trainers are very effective which is why curvy celebs like Kim Kardashian also use them.
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