How Physical Fitness Contributes to a Better Sex Life

How Physical Fitness Contributes to a Better Sex Life

Apr 27, 17

Many of us find it terribly hard to gather the motivation we need for exercising on a regular basis but if exercising meant having an improved sex life along with a higher stamina and better climaxing, who wouldn’t be more inclined to give it a try?

Our physiology and science has proven that there is a direct correlation between physical fitness or exercise and a good sex life. When we exercise, our brain releases endorphins which are very much similar to our sex hormones. These hormones have a prominent effect on our bodies. They lower the blood pressure, reduce the heart rate, improve digestion, reduce the levels of the stress hormone cortisol and relax the body over all. They also boost libido, better known as the sexual urge so that one feels more up to have a little party in the bedroom.

Physical fitness brings many sexual benefits with it, one of these is on the cardio level. Cardiovascular exercises like running or playing football increases the heart rate, calling for an influx of beta-endorphins. This new, energetic blood is then pumped to all the parts of the body including our sex organs, hence carrying out these activities almost has a doubling effect on most people’s sexual desire.

Strength exercises are also a good way to boost a low libido. This is because they stimulate growth hormones that create a surge in the body’s testosterone levels which results in arousal. When strength training is included 2-3 times a week it has been shown to boost sexual arousal.

Another great exercise that doubles up on giving you a sexy physique and promoting sexual health is yoga. Dating back thousands of years, tantric yoga was used to awaken sexual desire and it is still in practice now. By focusing our mind and tuning in deeply to our senses, we can tap back into our sexual energies and effectively bring about a revival in our sex lives. Additionally it also improves flexibility which comes in handy when experimenting with different positions and styles of having sex, which are also categorized in the Indian book of Kamasutra.

Over all, other physical activities are also impactful in improving a person’s self-esteem which is highly important in having a healthy sexual relationship with one’s partner. Regular physical activity maintains a good level of energy betters our stamina, keeps our weight in check and our bodies in shape, which are all important contributors to higher sexual energy.

According to a 2008 study at Florida Atlantic University, men and women who were regular exercisers rated their sexual performance and desirability much higher than those who didn’t exercise. In both the sexes, the effects of exercise were great on sexual health, however a little different from each other. Men reported increased sexual function and better orgasms where as women felt more sensitive and sensual which increased the effectiveness on sexual stimuli.

This also works the other way, meaning that couples can burn calories while having sex if they engage in a long fun foreplay and a mixture of physically challenging postures. A thrilling session can burn as many as a 100 calories in just 30 minutes. Along with that you will also build muscle strength, a good stamina and see an increase in the body’s metabolic rate. Sex, if done right with high energy levels and lots of engaging positions can be as good a workout as any other especially if the cooling is off and you sweat it out.

There are many benefits of exercise on both physical and mental levels which are commonly understood and often remembered, but its sexual impact is also strong and very beneficial for the relationship and emotional wellbeing. So the next time the laze ghost prevents you from getting off your bum remember that you’re not just doing it to get a sexy hour glass body but also to have a super sexy time. And if that’s not enough to motivate you then just go sweat it out with your partner for a longer than usual time and see how you feel lighter, energized and more relaxed.

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