How to Retain your Skin’s Firmness During your Weight Loss Journey

How to Retain your Skin’s Firmness During your Weight Loss Journey

Jan 27, 17

Most of us want to get a desirable body and while many of us might have different perceptions of what that look is, one theme is common among all of us i.e. weight loss is a key to getting one. Some of us might want a bigger bust, while the others would like a tantalizingly slim waist but all of the extra flab at the wrong places is impeding our fitness goals.

There are a number of ways to successfully reduce unwanted weight which includes eating a healthy diet, exercising, meditating and yoga among others but even if you settle on a fitness regimen that suits you and you want to start your weight loss journey, there is big problem that you might not know now but it will surely come to haunt you later on. The problem is of loose skin which is leftover as the body sheds weight while the skin retains its original surface area, resulting in sagging that looks horribly bad.

The problem originates because all of the weight loss options focus on just lessening the fat underneath the skin and do not double up to tighten the skin as well. If there is any loose skin on your body after you have lost a considerable amount of weight, then rest assured, it will be incredibly hard to get rid of it. You have to make sure that the skin keeps tightening up and corresponds to the shedding of fat below. Here are some great ways to enable you to retain your skin’s firmness during your weight loss journey:

Scheduling the amount of weight you lose over a period of time:


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When most of us start our weight loss journey, our motivation is on an all time high and we tend to work harder and faster to lose all of the unwanted flab as early as possible, but losing weight too fast will not allow your skin to have enough time to tighten and adjust accordingly.

The recommended amount of weight to lose per month is around 2 kilograms, anything drastically above that and you might see some creases developing on the targeted area, making it look uglier instead of providing beauty and shape to that area. Take it slowly and build up gradually. Don’t aim for losing more than 3 kilograms each month.

Muscle Up:


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Fat is a loose foundation for skin to rest on and losing it invariably will make the skin saggy and lose. To neutralize the effects of losing flab on your skin, you need to build up lean mass i.e. strengthen your muscles in your targeted area. While it may be difficult to build muscles in place such as abs and the lower abdomen due to the amount of strenuous exercise it requires, but it will allow your skin to tighten as per your body’s requirements more easily than it would have done otherwise.

Stay away from caffeine and tobacco:


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The harmful effects of tobacco and caffeine are known widely but the effects of over consumption of both of these on skin are not given their due attention on a regular basis. Tobacco and caffeine damage skin cells and can cause unwanted wrinkling on most parts of your skin. Staying away from both of these harmful stimulants is immensely necessary for retaining skin tightness and providing the body to gain more from the healthy efforts you are making to rejuvenate towards an enticing hourglass figure.

Use external support mechanisms:

While most women use waist bands during pregnancy to help them evenly balance out the immense weight on their abdominal area and spine, waist trainers are also an excellent option for women and men alike to help in retaining the firmness of their skin while losing substantial amounts of weight.

These external support mechanisms allow the pressure to be exerted externally on the skin of the problematic parts like waist where most the vulnerability of skin sagging is at its most dangerous levels. This mechanism stands to especially helps plus size people to get that hourglass figure without worrying about generating a bag like skin or creases after weight is shed.

Adopting a healthy lifestyle that is based on adopting these habits and applying the methods meticulously is the first step towards gaining an hourglass body that is complemented perfectly by a healthy, firm and healed skin, making you look enticingly younger, beautiful and confident for the ages.

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