How to get a great hourglass figure for Plus Size Women

How to get a great hourglass figure for Plus Size Women

Jan 05, 17

When we start talking about a great body and hourglass figures, the first thing that comes to mind is getting rid of the extra flab in the wrong places and directing the oomph to the places where it really matters. Plus size women are often ignored in this regard as people continue to focus more on their weight loss journey and crunches and lunges than on how beautiful they can look if the regime is tweaked to suit their needs.

Plus size women have a lot of advantages in the first place going for them like a bigger butt than most people which they don’t need to lose out on in the journey towards weight loss. What really matters here is to get a body that is slimmer and more toned at not only the waist and midriff but also retains its size at the right places after removing the extra and unwanted flab.

To get a figure that everyone would die for and leave people swooning over you every time you cross their path, here is an amazing regimen tweaked to work wonders for plus size women and give them that endearing feeling that most other fitness regimens won't:

Flatten out the Creases:

Overlapping skin due to excessive flab is something everyone wants to get rid of. If a plus size woman needs to look more appealing, she has first got to do away with the unwanted creases on every part of the body. Toning the body and giving it a tighter look is what should be the main aim here.

With waist trainers and butt lifters accompanying you, go for physically rigorous routines like walking for extended periods, cycling or even swimming to start ironing out the creases you might have developed over the years. As some weeks pass, you will see you skin unfold and tighten on its own. The skin is an organ and definitely reacts to what goes on underneath it.

Adopting a Great Diet Plan:

Diets don’t mean to starve you to paleness and leave your skin bereft of all that good and wholesomeness. For starters, don’t go for a big jump in terms of weight loss led by reduced eating and nutrition intake. Instead, make it a point to lower your calorie requirements in smaller chunks, allowing your body to settle gradually without taking too much toll on your health.

2 pounds a week is recommended to make your journey easy and comfortable. You’ve accumulated high bone mass, reducing weight won't make the bones smaller that easily. Give your bones some time to loosen up and make the necessary adjustments to accommodate your new desired look.

Reducing your waist:

After your creases have been flattened and your diet is supporting your needs, it's time to take care of the details and make that hourglass figure, which some time ago looked next to impossible, your new reality.

Start off by strengthening your abs now as they will enable your waist to take on a more firm look and will also help in reducing the waist size a few notches, just enough to fit perfectly within your desired silhouette. Waist trainers and belly bands will provide the outer support and make sure that things remain in shape while concentrated exercises like lunges and squats will pave the way further.

Great things require a solid and firm foundation to take hold, otherwise your efforts can wither away quite easily. For women who are plus size, their bodies have the propensity to swell easily so strengthening your routine around which you built your hourglass figure is highly important to keep things in check and make sure that you see yourself anew this year.

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