How to Get an Hourglass Shape with 5 Simple Lifestyle Tweaks

How to Get an Hourglass Shape with 5 Simple Lifestyle Tweaks

Mar 22, 18

How many times do you look at yourself in the mirror and wonder how do people have the perfect curves? Well, a fuller bust, narrow waist, and wide hips help you get a better posture of elegance and appear more confident. What’s important to note is that an hourglass figure can also increase your sex appeal effortlessly.

So for those of you who think that the hourglass body figure is only for Hollywood A-listers or celebrity models walking down the ramp then it’s high time you change your mind.

Of course, achieving an hourglass figure is not an easy task. Most of us quit halfway through the journey and only stick to temporary fixes such as wearing a slimming corset.

Yes, you can seek help from waist trainers to fit into your clothes and accentuate that hourglass shape. But you can make 5 simple lifestyle tweaks to achieve that dream figure for real. Wonder what you should do next? Continue reading to find out more.

1. Going the distance:

The best and most effective workout that will allow you to reach this milestone is running! Set a time and run a certain distance for that time. Eventually, keep on increasing your time every day as you get more used to this type of workout.

Running does not mean that you exhaust yourself. The proper way to increase your metabolism and sculpt the lower body is by running longer distances but doing so at a lower intensity.

All cardio exercises, in fact, reshape or sculpt your body by getting rid of extra fat. To uplift yourself from the boring everyday jogs, you can also look forward to something more creative like dancing or rope jumping or rowing with friends to make the workout look less like an exhausting exercise and more like an enjoyable task!

Doing these activities at least three to four times a week should be sufficient for a start which can then progressed to an intense cardio effect for better results.

2. Planking:

Whether you want to get a smaller waist for the perfect hourglass body or you just want to lose a few inches off your round belly, planks can get the job done .

Planking might look easy but it provides a wide range of health benefits. It strengthens your upper body and engages the core. To make the most of planks, make sure you perform the exercise regularly and maintain the correct posture.

All you have to do is get into a push-up position on the mat. Keep your torso balanced and your spine should be straight. Hold the plank for as long as you can comfortably and do not forget to inhale and exhale slowly and steadily. If balancing body weight bothers your wrists, you can clasp your hands together.

Planking not only trims your waistline but engages your core. Once this is accomplished then shaping the rest of your lower body becomes quite simple. Moreover, along with the perfect hourglass shape, you would notice an elegant posture.

3. Stomach vacuum:

Stomach vacuum is another great exercise that can help you achieve your dream hourglass body. It is effortless to perform anytime, anywhere whether you are seated at an office desk or are lying in your bed at home.

You can efficiently manage this exercise by lying down or sitting up straight and inhaling as much air as possible. The next step is to exhale fully, bringing your stomach in as much as possible.

This exercise works your abdominal muscles. If performed regularly, you would notice that your mid-section becomes flatter and stronger. This move is especially useful if you have a great deal of flab in the mid-section.

4. Strength training:

Strength training is not just great for building endurance or strengthening all the major muscles of your arms, midsection, and lower body. You need to add weight training to your fitness routine if you want to get a well-toned, lean physique.

The good thing about strength training is that it includes a vast range of exercises such as mountain climbing, lunges, squats, and crunches which can be performed with little to no equipment. That’s right. It is not essential that you go to a gym. In fact, you can perform strength training moves at least two to three times a week in the comfort of your home using your own body weight as resistance.

You can achieve better results by combining weight training with cardio. Remember that maintaining a correct posture during weight training is critical.

5. Diet:

It is quite an acceptable fact that no matter how hard you work out or how many miles you jog every day none of your efforts are going to bring any noticeable change in your body if you don’t fix what you eat .

Your nutrition is the most critical part of your strategy, and if it is not balanced, then there is no use in tiring yourself or getting exhausted. And by diet, we don’t mean that you should stop eating at all as because your muscles require energy to function.

It is advisable that you keep a good check of the calories that you tend to consume in a day. Moreover, try to take more protein than fats and carbohydrate as it is the protein that helps in building and developing your muscles. Alongside following a healthy diet, it is also quite sensible to cut down on smoking and drinking that tend to push you towards the building up of fats inside your body.

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