5 Types of Planks to Get that Hourglass Body

5 Types of Planks to Get that Hourglass Body

Apr 20, 17

To help you get the perfect hourglass body you desire, you need to shed pounds off your waist while sculpting your hips and thighs. You need your curves to be in all the right places while toning the rest of your body.

Try your hands at this simple routine consisting of advanced variations of planks that exercise all your muscles and a twisting action that helps shrink your waist.

How it works:Do this routine thrice a week doing each exercise back to back without any rest in between. You need to perform the circuit 3 times with a break of only 30 seconds in between circuits.

Time:The routine should take you around 15 minutes

Equipment: Mat

1) Side Plank Lift:

A - Lie down on your side, balance your body on your elbow, forearm, and foot that is against the floor. Push your hips into the air to align your ankles, hips, and shoulders. Tighten your abs and buttocks.

B - While balancing your weight on your elbow and the side of your foot, push your hips towards the floor. Hold the pose for a few seconds and then resume your original position.

Set: 3

Reps: 15


Don’t shuffle your hips front and back, you need to be moving them up and down.

Make sure your body is aligned with your shoulders, hips, and ankles at all times.

Your grounded elbow should be in line with your shoulder to help you balance without hurting yourselves.

2) Plank with Hip Drop

A – Get in the traditional forearm plank posture with your elbows parallel to your shoulders and your feet as wide apart as your hips. Keep your quads, buttocks and core tightened, creating a straight line with your body from your head to feet.

B – Keep your body steady, slowly lower your hips to the left. Return to the original position. Drop your hips to the right and resume your original position.

Set: 3

Reps: 15

3) Twisting V-up

Lie on your back with your arms on your sides. Tighten your core and elevate your leg to a 45-degree angle, as you hold your leg up, push the upper half of your body off the mat. Twist your waist and reach your right arm to touch the outer side of your leg. Return to your original position and repeat. This time raise your right leg and reach out to your left arm to complete 1 rep.

Set: 3

Reps: 15

4) Side-Plank with Leg Lift

A – Get on your side, balance yourself on the arm that is against the floor. Push your hips into the air while keeping your core tight.

B – Tighten your torso, lift your top leg, keeping your leg straight at all times. Make sure your hips do not drop. Return to the original position.

Set: 3

Reps: 15


Avoid letting your hips drop. Make sure your shoulders and ankles are always aligned. Don’t let your torso sway as you lift your leg.

5) Plank with Leg Kick

A – Once again, begin in the traditional plank position, resting on your forearm, with your shoulders and elbows parallel to each other. Ensure that your quads, core, and glutes are tight the whole time enabling you to create a straight line from the shoulders to your feet.

B – Raise your left leg up to around the same height as your hip then kick your raised leg out to the left. Bring your leg back to the center and lower your foot. Switch legs, and do the same on the right side. This counts as 1 rep.

Sets: 3

Reps: 15

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