How to Get an Hourglass Figure?

How to Get an Hourglass Figure?

Feb 09, 18

Marylyn Monroe had it, Beyoncé has it, Kim Kardashian has it, and even Scarlet Johansson has it, but most others just dream about it. Can you get an hourglass body just in time for the summers? Of course, you can!

Well, we are not talking about any impossible hacks or putting yourself under the knife. And it is not a mirage. The perfect hourglass figure is very much possible, but it requires real dedication, hard work and focused energy to get that body shape.

Want to know the secret? The answer is pretty simple - diet, exercise, and shapewear – mainly waist trainers. Yes, you heard that right. There are things you can do to get that curvy body you so dream of having. Read on to find out more.

The Basics of Hourglass Figure

Before getting into the how of hourglass figure you first need to know the ’what’ of it. An hourglass figure is one where you have shapely hips and glutes, a prominent chest, well-defined shoulders and sculpted abs.

Believed to be the most beautiful figure and coveted by every woman in the world, you may be shocked to know that in reality only about 8.4% ladies actually have an hourglass figure. Mostly in the US, women have either an apple shaped figure or a rectangle shaped figure. Those who think they are hourglass are sadly mistaken, at least in most cases. You can only be called an hourglass figure if you have:

  • Well defined waist that is 9” or even more small than the bust size
  • Shapely legs
  • Bust and hips almost the same size
  • Bust that is large and full

The generally agreed upon hourglass measurements are 36/24/36. But these can be different for different sized women. Now that you know what hourglass figure actually is all about, you can get to the ‘how’ of attaining it. Here’s an easy to follow diet and exercise regime that will get you closer to your dream figure.

The Diet

When it comes to diet, forget all the processed, packaged and junk food. These things store fat inside of your body, and hinder your progress in acquiring that perfect hourglass figure. Please understand that there is a difference between curvy and fatty. So yes, you can’t have these items if you want to get that desired body shape. If you can’t live without them, you can have it once every 15 days or so. But no more than that.

Switch your diet to fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, whole grains, legumes, beans, lean meats, eggs, and oats. Also, keep yourself well hydrated. Drink two liters of water every single day without missing out. This is essential.

One more thing that you need to do is cut down on alcohol and cigarettes. Not only they are poisoning your system, but they are also causing you to bloat, retain water as well as fat in your body. In simple words, they don’t let you get that hourglass figure. So quit these entirely and if you can’t, reduce them to very little in your life.

The Exercise

Next comes exercise. Don’t for one minute believe that you can lose weight without exercising or even reduce inches without working out. You may not be in need of weight loss, but you may need to sculpt those abs or firm up the flab in order attain the hourglass figure, so exercise is a necessary evil.


Planks are some of the best kind of resistance exercise for all over the body. You can try different varieties of the planks and see what works best in your favor. The simple plank, the side plank and the side plank with leg lift are some of the most effective ones that even beginners can ease into.

Strength Training

Lifting weights allow you to build stamina and chisel those muscles all over your body, mainly your abs. You can perform a number of exercises using dumbbells so that not only do you maximize your exercise routine but also increase your stamina. Make sure you do lunges and squats for shapely legs.  


Hit the Gym at least 2-3 times a week to speed up the process. This would allow you to build muscle mass faster and tone up quickly.

The Shapewear

When it comes to wearing the right things, there is basically one thing that you need to mainly focus on, and that is waist trainers. Experts believe that when trying to achieve that tiny waist associated with the hourglass figure, nothing works better than a wait trainer. The thing is, even diet or exercise can’t work as fast as waist trainers. They stick to your waist, provide warmth, heat up the muscles and enhance the process of fat reduction.  

There are quite a few kinds of waist trainers available out there. You can select whichever best suits your needs. The great thing is that you can put the waist trainers on throughout the day whether you are exercising or not and they will continue to push your stomach muscles back. This way, even if you are not doing anything, your waist will continue to inch in. Within a short period of time, you will notice that your inches have reduced.

Just make sure you get a size that fits. If the waist trainer is too tight, it will cause irritation on your skin. If it is too large, it will not provide the kind of suction your muscle needs. Therefore, you will need to be cautious when ordering your waist trainer online.

Now that you have are armed with all the information about how to achieve an hourglass figure, the only thing left to do is implementation. Start by making a list of how you will begin. Pick a day, set yourself a day and date and get started. Within no time, you will see that you are attaining the hourglass figure you have always dreamed of. Good luck!
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