How to Dress for a More Hour Glass Looking Figure

How to Dress for a More Hour Glass Looking Figure

Mar 23, 17

Women are always trying to look their prettiest selves while enhancing their figures to add a bit of sexiness. Ever since the hourglass figure became all the rage, ladies have been in the pursuit of getting their bodies in shape to flaunt and amplify their curves. An hourglass body naturally has a fuller chest, hips, and thighs with a well-defined waist, making it stand out.

Exercising, diet and lifestyle are all important components that must be fulfilled to achieve this shape but there is another weapon that women can use to their advantage to further enhance a shapely body, and that is clothes.

The way we dress plays an enormous part in how our bodies look. The shape of a woman’s body can be made to look boyish, slightly feminine or curvy through the cuts, silhouettes, design and prints of the clothes that she wears. These dressing and style tips are super effective in boosting bodacious bumps and augmenting the curves that were getting ignored.

1. Fitted pieces always. If you can get pieces tailored to your body shape, that’s the best option but if that’s not possible then always buy clothes that fit you well all over the body, especially on the waist as that is the pivot around which the hourglass shape takes form. Everything from casual t-shirts, to blouses and dresses, should be your size, particularly the arms and shoulders as these areas often get ignored and can turn your look from sexy to slouchy. However, do not squeeze yourself into clothes that are too tight either, as that will make you look tacky.

2. Wear light materials over bulky ones. Light materials like chiffons, silks and soft knitted fabrics are the best to enhance curviness as they drape along the body’s shape. Avoid bulky materials like wool or tweed unless very well-tailored, or boxy designs as they will make you look larger. Also, stay away from stiff textured materials like denim, twill, corduroy and chunky linen as they will not fall over the body and be cause for lots of heaviness.

3. Avoid turtlenecks Wear V-necks. Turtlenecks are the worst for curvy women. Your neck is the skinniest part of the body and showing it off creates a natural flow to your body’s curves. When the neck is covered up, there is no middle area left that separates your head and your body, making it appear larger than it is. Long, vertical necklines elongate the upper body, which makes you appear thinner while adding attention to the bust. Deep oval, sweetheart and jewel necks are also good.

4. Wrapped and belted clothes. Wrap dresses and blouses and belted tops like jackets are like a best friend to women who want to enhance their curves as they pull the fabric in at the skinniest part of the waist. However, very short women should avoid this style as it’s also height crunching.

5. Fitted pencil skirts. Form-fitting pencil skirts will boast the body and put emphasis on the curves, especially on the hips and the butt. Adding a great belt with that will further highlight a tiny waist. A line skirt design is the best for adding to the hourglass look.

6. Fitted stretchy pants. Avoid loose and baggy pants and instead opt for a more fitted style in a stretchy fabric. This does not mean wearing very tight jeans as that will make you bulge out in unwanted places.You can find more info on different styles of pants here: spodnie damskie

7. Avoid ruffles and layers. Layered clothing helps to add weight and hiding problem areas, so if you want to highlight a certain part of the body or the entire shoulder to thigh area, try to avoid ruffles, layers or any primps here. Unless you want to make a smaller chest or butt look big, you can wear soft ruffled blouses or a peplum skirt. Simple sleek cuts are enough for already curvy women to get you the attention where it’s needed.

8. Try a waist trainer. Wearing a waist trainer under the clothes creates a marked difference in the way the body looks. Waist trainers add bounce to the breasts by pushing them up while pushing in the stomach and pulling the waist in. It also flattens bulging love handles and literally sculpts a perfectly proportioned hourglass shape. Waist trainers are helpful, both, for daily use, and special occasions. Besides giving the body the desired shape right away, waist trainers also pave the path for a more consistent figure by training the waist with regular use to become smaller. Women who have practiced with a trainer have lost inches off their stomach through committed training which includes the likes of the Kardashian sisters and many more.

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