Fitness Tips to Upgrade your Workout Routine this Winter

Fitness Tips to Upgrade your Workout Routine this Winter

Nov 09, 17

Training outside in snow and rain is a constant challenge for fit people. Winter is one season when most people just don’t have the motivation in them to stick to overcoming changes in temperature and air quality. People sleep in because of their cozy and warm beds, others just don’t want to move or change layers of clothing in the weather that makes them shiver.

This is an excellent time to remind oneself that even though it seems like a bigger task to workout in winters, it totally pays off during the end of it when the ice starts thawing and you feel super amazing because of the progress you have made. To make your challenge easier, here are some tips on how to modify your workout in winter.

Outdoor Workouts

The best way around embracing winters is to find activities that you can incorporate into your workout outdoors. This could be going for a run, downhill skiing, etc. You may stick to working out indoors, but in this weather, you might cave in and slow your pace. Stepping out and getting your blood pumping can really help warm you up for your core workout routine.

It’s the Time for New

Every fitness enthusiast has at least one exercise which he or she keeps putting off, for whatever reason. Winter’s may just be the right time to engage in that. Another popular reason for a lot of people to become lazy with their exercise routines during the cold season is that they become bored.

Having a routine that involves more focus and the aim to perfect is one way to keep yourself immersed in your fitness regime. You can take cues from yoga, kettle bell training, and even CrossFit. It all depends on what you prefer.

Go Faster

If you want to bulk up, you have to increase the pace of your workout. Shorten your rest periods from 3 to 5 minutes to 21 seconds between reps. You want to focus on less sets and more reps. It builds your strength and helps you bulk up through the common theory called the ‘Neural Metabolic’ continuum.

Try Circuit Training

This is the best way you can give enough attention to every muscle group in your body. It is a combination of strength training and cardio training. In the process, you are able to burn a lot of fat and calories. The best part about this is that it allows you to play with different exercises and come up with a combination that suits you best.

You can even go with as much equipment as you prefer and can also invite a gym buddy so that you have enough stations for everyone. Of course, you must remember that you cannot give too long breaks between exercises. The idea is to keep your muscles ready, your heart rate up, and with that the maximum results you can possibly get.

Start at Home

Before every exercise routine make sure that you warm up at home. The thing is before you embark on a full-blown fitness routine in weather that’s cold and dark, you need to first wake your body and mind. Consider this a mini workout before you head to the gym. Do a few jumping jacks and high knees.

Focus on Longer Warmups

When the temperature starts to drop, your joints and muscles take a bit more time to heat up. The mini warm-up that you do at home does not suffice long enough till you get to the gym. So you have to extend your warm-up time once you get there. One of the reasons most fitness enthusiasts incur injuries during this season is because they never do this. The best kind of warming up moves is one where you don’t need any equipment, like the standard CrossFit warm-up.

Is Cardio Enough

One of the things that most people like to get from a workout is enough sweat. Unfortunately, that’s not easy during winter. You may be doing your usual amount of cardio, but not working up the sweat. One of the reasons this is important is because it gets you going for your core workout. You can either hit the sauna before the gym, or check in to a yoga class.

Start Counting the Calories with Your Workout

During the holiday season, it is kind of easy to cheat on your nutrition plan. With cookies and desserts being the highlight of the season, you don’t want to lose track of everything that you consumed. Most fitness fanatics go on autopilot with their diet because they are used to making healthy choices as they shop for groceries and the meals they cook. But it is easy to be caught off guard in the holiday cheer.

Another great way to enjoy your cheat day is to be extra strict with your calories in the beginning so that when you really attend that holiday party, you are able to munch on whatever you please.

New Fitness Gear Helps

You will need new fitness gear to back up your workout this season. Trendy activewear not only makes you look great but equips you with the right protection you need to exercise in different weathers. For many people, the monetary investment does work wonders in motivating them.  

Up the Water Breaks During Workout

It is super easy to get dehydrated during the colder months with your full intensity workout regimes. It is also difficult to notice when you get thirsty. You may not be sweating as much, but your body temperature is always shooting. This shows just how crucial it is to keep yourself hydrated during the workout sessions. Therefore, it is recommended that you go for 3 to 4 water breaks during a routine.

And there you have it, all the things you need to upgrade your routine for fitness this winter. You can always buddy up with a gym partner too. It’s one of the best ways to not feel like you have to drag yourself to the gym every day.

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