3 Crazy Weight Loss Gimmicks that won’t give you that Hourglass Figure ever!

3 Crazy Weight Loss Gimmicks that won’t give you that Hourglass Figure ever!

Mar 02, 18

Everyone aspires to have a great body as it boosts your confidence and makes you develop a better body image of yourself, all the while making you healthier & fitter physically. But in recent years, many popular weight loss programs have gained credence among the populace leading people to make uninformed choices that can put their health at stake.  

Most of these weight loss myths revolve around the common myths of developing certain eating habits to get that perfect figure. However, you can cause irreversible harm to your body even if you adopt them for a short time.

Losing weight or unwanted inches should be a long-term goal. Remember that you are trying to bring a particular change in your body, so its better that your practices are mandated by strategies that work rather than being led by unsubstantiated fads.

Here are some dangerous weight loss methods that you should certainly avoid if you want to remain healthy & ultimately get that hourglass figure you desire:

Restricting your food intake to the point of Starvation:

A lot of people, especially the young population wrongly believe that you can lose unwanted weight and fat by eating lesser and lesser with each passing day. But what they don’t realize is that your body needs a certain amount of nutrients to run and function correctly, and if you don’t provide these nutrients in the required quantity to your body, you are risking severe internal trouble & the development of eating disorders like anorexia.

Yes, eating less will reduce your weight, but in the worst manner possible. There is a fine line between losing weight and starving yourself, and you need to identify it. Hastening the process is never a good idea as the process of proper weight loss takes time and directed effort.

Make sure you change your eating habits and chart out a proper meal plan for you according to your body type if you are really interested in losing that unwanted flab from your sides or abdomen.

When it comes to calories, active women should aim for at least 1200 to 1400 calories per day according to nutrition experts. And those of you who are hitting it hard in the gym might need slightly more.

You won’t see any progress if you are exercising when caloric intake is low. This is because your body shuts down your metabolism and begins to conserve energy. And as you can guess, consuming fewer calories not only deprives you of nutrition, but it sets you set for larger binges later.

Using Diuretics or Laxatives

This so-called weight loss short isn’t just ineffective – it’s dangerous as well.

Firstly, your body needs water, and the use of diuretics and laxatives will only lead to dehydration and electrolyte imbalance. The logic behind the use of diuretics is that it eliminates excess water in the loss of a few pounds in a short period of time. Similarly, laxatives stimulate bowel movements, and you could feel a bit lighter after losing excess water weight.

The critical thing to realize at this point is that the water weight you lose with the use of laxatives or diuretic pills is not the same as losing fat with exercise or a healthy diet. When it comes to losing weight, remember that you’ve got a whole lot of ‘smart’ tactics to choose from. And picking the right weight loss method can mean the difference between losing those pesky pounds and gaining weight.

Diuretics and laxative pills are the craziest gimmicks out there right now so make sure you avoid them at all costs. Excessive use of these drugs can result in muscle cramps, dehydration, increased heart rate and even death!

Drink enough water and if you want to feel full without adding extra calories to your dinner plate, add fiber-rich foods to your diet. The good news is that fiber-enriched veggies not only can correct constipation and reduce bloating, but it can help regulate your appetite. Fiber promotes gut health and can even assist in managing blood sugar levels after a meal. Fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and beans all contain high amounts of fiber.

 Indulging in the Use of Weight Loss Supplements:

One of the biggest hoaxes of our times are the commercials on TV that show obese men and women magically transforming their bodies into hourglass silhouettes through the use of certain supplements. Most of these supplements make grandiose claims on how they “Assist” you in your weight loss aspirations; however, they are seldom backed by concrete evidence or studies. In recent years, many cases have been reported of people who developed serious health issues due to indulging in supplement abuse of a similar kind.

Never take such supplements based on their face value if they don’t have much to support their claims.

What You Should Do Instead!

Weight loss is a rigorous journey that requires proper discipline, determination & above all, knowledge of what’s right for your body. Only things like adopting an adequate diet plan developed by a certified dietician, wearing a waist trainer while following a strict exercise regimen and freeing yourself of unhealthy activities like smoking and alcohol consumption can provide you with excellent results. And that too will only happen when you don’t just follow these healthy habits for a while, but make them an active part of your lifestyle.

Don’t follow the myths no matter how enticing they may sound because if you do, you will be pushing yourself further away from your dream of getting that hourglass figure that everyone relishes to look at and admire.
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