Swim to Get That Hourglass Body You Desire

Swim to Get That Hourglass Body You Desire

Dec 29, 16

You are constantly recommended to do squats, crunches, and pushups in order to make your butt bigger and trim inches off your core. While your goal of that perfect hourglass body will motivate you, you may want to try changing up your workout routine to stop it from becoming mundane and repetitive.

Swimming for fitness is the best escape from a hot, sweaty workout that leaves you panting. Unlike most workouts, swimming is actually relaxing. It is much gentler on your joints as opposed to a workout in the gym and it allows toning of your entire body in a much shorter time. Concentrating on your butt and core will help you achieve that hourglass body you’re longing for. The increased demand for oxygen causes your muscles to work harder while increasing metabolism as well.

Swimming for just 2 ½ hours every week will do wonders for your body provided that you are engaging your body effectively and controlling your diet.

Swim to lose weight

The Mayo Clinic states that in order to lose weight you need to be shedding more calories than the amount you take in. An hour a day of doing laps in the pool will help you lose about 500 calories. If you do this for a week, you can lose 2lbs per week provided you drop 500 calories from your diet too. Therefore it’s compulsory for you to be watching what you eat even if you’re working out regularly.

Swim to make your butt bigger

The Classic Breaststroke


Anything that gets you to clench your glutes will help you sculpt your butt. The frog legs action used in the breaststroke works out your gluteus muscles as you pull in your legs in and then bring them out again to form perfect heart shapes. Do 2 slow laps of breaststroke to warm up your body when you first get into the pool.

Squats and Jumps in the water


Alright, you are still going to have to do some squats but it won’t be as exhausting in the water. Get yourself into the classic squat position in the shallow end of the pool, squat deep and then jump up. The water resistance will make it harder for you to jump, which means your butt and legs are going to have to put in the extra effort. Repeat this 20 times.

The Frog Kick


For the Frog Kick, your legs are pretty much doing what they do in a breaststroke. Since you are focusing on toning your gluteal muscles, don’t use your arms to help you move in the water, let your butt and legs do all the work. Point your arms out vertically and place one hand on top of the other. Stretch your legs out, point out your toes and make a Y. Squeeze your legs against each other as you bring them in towards your belly and then whip them back out again. The squeezing in and whipping your legs back out will help you move in the water.

The Freestyle Kick


The freestyle kick used for both freestyle and backstroke works out the gluteal muscles and the muscles in your hip to tone both your waist and butt. To get the most out of the freestyle for your butt, do it without using your arms and focusing just on the kicks. Point out your hands and your toes, kick like you would usually, except this time don’t bend your knees. Let your butt and your thighs do all the work.

The Dolphin Kick


Unless you’re a trained swimmer, you probably don’t do the butterfly stroke very well. It’s the least fun of all the strokes and is so much more work. The dolphin kick in the butterfly stroke, however, is great for shaping your core, butt, and hips. The dolphin kick involves you using core and your butt to create a wave. To do a dolphin drill correctly, stretch out your arms and place one hand on top of the other. Make sure your body is streamlined. Now raise your chest up and transfer the power from your core to your hips. As the chest moves up, the hips should move down and vice versa. Focus on making a ‘power wave’ with your core and your hips. The source of power in a dolphin kick is your abs, not your legs. The power is created with your abs and is then transferred to your legs through your hips. Do some dolphin kicks and trim inches off your waist and sculpt that butt.

You should be well aware that waist trainers and butt lifter work more effectively when you’re working out regularly. Find enjoyable, healthy ways to work your booty and strengthen your core. Swimming is a great activity to shape your body, improve overall health while being a lot of fun.

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