Should I Wear A Waist Trainer To The Gym?

Should I Wear A Waist Trainer To The Gym?

Jan 26, 18

Thanks to celebrities and reality TV stars, waist trainers are in the limelight for all the right reasons. Even though you can see them everywhere, it's sometimes hard to decide whether or not you might benefit from wearing a waist trainer to the gym.

Of course, there are questions about waist trainers and ladies are curious to know if wearing one would help them with their workout or core training. If similar issues have been popping in your head, you are not alone.

Here we will discuss the nitty-gritty about waist trainers to help you make a better decision.

Waist Training - A Brief History

This isn't the first time that waist trainers have become so popular. It was during the 1900s that they first gained popularity in Europe and America.

The idea first spurred with corset invention - later it was replaced by the girdle. During those years, wearing a corset was a matter of pride. It wasn't worn inside the clothes but on top and was considered a fashion statement.

Wearing a corset over your clothes brings attention to a curvy, smaller waist. As the idea gained popularity, women started wearing cinchers and girdles as undergarments as well. In fact, it was a must-have for women who loved pulling off a youthful, curvaceous figure.

Today, shapewear has made a comeback in the form of waist trainers and Spanx to give you a smoother figure. Now you can find celebrity models and TV stars flaunting their waist trainers while working out at the gym.

What It's Like To Wear a Waist Trainer during Exercise

Wear a Waist Trainer during Exercise

Honestly, the tons of benefits associated with wearing waist trainers is precisely why so many women are fascinated with this classic invention. Women look for instant results, and that's exactly what waist trainers offer you. Wearing a waist trainer evidently slims down your waist and improves your posture.

Waist trainers may limit your flexibility (this effect is temporary anyway), but they will surely sculpt the figure. And that's not all. There is a long list of amazing benefits of why you should wear a waist trainer to the gym.

Strengthen Your Back and Reduce Your Risk of Injuries

Wearing a waist trainer is a great way to improve your posture and strengthen your back without causing any injury during the process. No more slouching because the nicely fitted waist trainer helps sculpt your figure and forces you to maintain a better posture.

Prevents Lumbar Injuries

Improved posture also helps avert lumbar injuries. This is especially beneficial for people who have to stand for longer hours or have to do a lot of lifting and bending for work. A waist trainer offers the much needed physical support that will eventually result in better endurance.

Instant Slimming Results

It's essential to pick a waist trainer that fits you perfectly. And wearing the right one will ensure you get immediate slimming results. Waist trainers help you get that hourglass curve by cinching your waist. They also help eliminate flabby fat and muffin top on your belly. If you wear the right waist trainer, you can slim down your waist up to four inches.

For this one reason, waist trainer makes a great garment to wear to the gym. Your curvy waist will give you a boost to work harder to maintain a slimmer, sexier figure. A more defined waistline can be the ultimate motivating factor that helps you indulge in hardcore weight training.

For best results, try your waist trainer before buying it or be very sure about the measurements to get the perfect fit.

Improved Workouts

Yes, wearing a waist trainer can improve your workouts and therefore, it's a great idea to wear one when you are planning on indulging in a hardcore workout session.

Not only a correctly fitted waist trainer is great for your posture, but it also helps strengthen your core. A waist trainer, in short, should be an essential part of your workout gear. It is primarily designed for providing you firm compression when you perform the vigorous movements.  

A waist trainer will help you sweat more which will, in turn, make your workout more effective. The waist trainer fabric naturally stimulates thermal activity and encourages your body to produce more natural heat. When you perspire more, it slims down the area more efficiently. In short, it offers you better results without putting extra efforts.

A waist trainer is a great workout garment to perform exercises such as jogging, running, walking, aerobics, racquet sports, strength training, and circuit training. It is highly recommended that you add strength-building workouts in your sessions to target the important muscles in your body especially your core.

Tips for Exercising with Waist Trainer

It is essential to understand that waist trainers are fitted and can become a little restrictive as far as your body's flexibility is concerned.

The following tips can help you make the most of your waist training while exercising.

  • Make sure you wear a tank top underneath the waist trainer to keep your skin protected and to produce more sweat. Wearing waist trainer directly can create friction due to excessive sweating and can lead to acne.
  • Waist trainer is an excellent garment for weight training. It will keep your back straight and your abs tight and will produce more heat during a workout for extra sweat.
  • Avoid wearing a waist trainer if you are doing the high-intensity Anything that elevates your heart rate a lot can make breathing difficult for you. Any restrictive garment - including a waist trainer - can be a little risky for high-intensity workouts.
  • Some people like to wear their waist trainers even when they are not working out. While it can offer excellent results, avoid wearing waist trainers for more than eight hours in a day. That’s right. Allow your ‘skin’ to relax and breathe.
  • Wear waist trainers at the hook where it is tight but also comfortable. Do not push your body to its limit. You don't want to be out of breath or feel too restricted during a workout. If your waist trainer is too tight or uncomfortable, adjust the hook or take it off.


All the benefits of wearing a waist trainer to the gym are attainable if you do it right. Remember, the idea is to invest in a high-quality waist trainer. This factor is crucial as it determines the durability, comfort, and effectiveness of your waist trainer. Also, allow your body to get a little used to waist trainers. Start wearing them for about 20 minutes each day and once your body gets accustomed, you can wear waist trainers to the gym. This way, you will surely be pleased with the efforts.

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