How to Get an Hourglass Figure If You're Skinny

How to Get an Hourglass Figure If You're Skinny

May 24, 18

Being skinny used to be a massive rage back in time. Now, things have taken a 180-degree turn. A skinny or thin body is unappealing and most women use accessories like push-up bras, butt lifting panties to highlight their best assets.

In today's time, only a curvaceous body or an hourglass figure is feminine. In fact, it is every woman's priority.

Wide hips, a fuller bust and a tiny waist, these are what we call the three main attributes of an hourglass figure. To be more precise, the bust size and the hip size are just about the same size and ideally, the waist size is about 9 inches smaller than the bust. The narrow waistline looks similar to an hourglass, hence the name hourglass. It is also sometimes called an X-shaped body figure.

Now, how can you get one? That's one million dollar question and we tried to simplify this for you as much as it was possible.

Let's now talk about the measures which will help you achieve a drool-worthy hourglass figure!

What Is Your Body Type?

First, it is important to analyze your body type. You must and should know your body capacity and whether it can withstand the workout routine required to attain the perfect hourglass figure. For instance, if the ribs around your waist are wide, you can work on flattening and toning the abs.

The Weight Basics:

It is equally difficult to gain and lose weight. You don't have to stuff yourself with every food item within your sight. A big time no! Make sure, you gain weight in a healthy and sane way. This means you should stay away from unhealthy and refined carbs. To be specific, you must increase your protein intake to get that hourglass figure.

It is recommended that one must have 6 small meals per day instead of the 3-meal schedule. Don’t forget to include all food groups to ensure that your body gets its fair share of nutrients.


Focus on having a big, healthy and nutritious breakfast . Make it a point to consume a load of protein as it helps build the muscle. Eggs, for example, in any form would give you the proteins. In lunch, try to incorporate fruits like apples, banana or pears alongside a handful of nuts. At dinner, you might need to focus on protein intake again. So, play with your food to make it fun and try different combinations such as lean meat, beans or eggs. In between these portions, snack on healthy stuff like fruits or protein bars and that’s how you will reach that 6-meal schedule discussed earlier.

Also, it is important to note that a diet high in fiber content will help in improving the digestive mechanism of your body. This, in turn, would keep your stomach all lean, fit and fabulous. Include dairy in your diet to prevent calcium deficiency. You can easily get this through Greek yogurt, low-fat cheese or skim milk. If you are someone who dislikes dairy, then wild fish (such as salmon) and lentils would do too.

The Exercises:

Keep in mind that your focus has to be towards that of flattening your waist and toning hips and thighs. So, to strengthen your core and flatten the waist, incorporate crunches, sit-ups, and planks in your workout regime.

As for the buttocks, opt for squats , weightlifting, and barbell lunges. The heaviness of the barbells will help shape the buttocks.

Even if you’re thin, you need not fret. Increase the protein intake and pop on a waist trainer and it will do the trick. Besides this, an intense lower body workout will also speed up the process of gaining that curvy hourglass figure.


This is a must if you are in pursuit of a sexy hourglass figure. Cardio not only helps you burn calories but also facilitates the toning of your hips and the thigh area. Ideally, you must do cardio for at least 30-40 minutes every day to meet the daily calorie burning target. But if you’re skinny, then you got to cut on your cardio duration as it would result in the loss of curves.

Water Is Your Best Friend:

Make sure you track your water intake ; we cannot stress this enough! Especially, when you exercise, you need to replace the fluid lost due to sweating so that the process of detoxifying your body does not stop.

Make sure you drink enough water before and after the workout. It is advised that one must drink at least 8-10 glasses of water every day.

Good luck with the voluptuous journey!

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